Eddie's P.O.V
"Eddie.....I'm pregnant" Patricia says. I stood there in shock absorbing what Patricia had just sagte to me. We stood there for five Minuten in awkward silence and I finaly choked out "Your....pregnant?" "Ugh!" She groans "We stood there for ages and that's all Du can say!?" "Patricia this is serious!" I yell at her "You could get kicked out of school!" "Don't Du think I know that dufus!" Patricia yells back "What am I gonna tell my parents?" I hesitated for a moment "You mean are parents?" "Huh?" she looks at me in confusion "What do Du mean our Parents?" "Look Patricia, I know we're too young and stuff but marriage is the the only way we can get through with this so will Du marry me?" I say worriedly "No dufus! We're 16! I'm NOT getting married Neanderthal!" she says easily "Fine!" I say "Then I will stay with Du an help Du raise OUR child." she hesitated for a moment "Look Eddie" she finaly says "I'm not gonna ruin your future so Du don't have to-" I cut her off "No Patricia I don't care if Du throw a tantrum oder whatever I'm staying and that that." "Eddie" she says "I'm not gonna ruin Du by-" I cut her off again "No Patricia I'm staying" there was a moment of silence. Then she finaly sagte "Alright fine. But this doesnt nessisarily mean we're back together" "Deal" I reply back as we leave my room and into the dinning room. We both take are seats and start eating, Usually the dinning room is very loud but it all seemed quiet, to quiet. Amber broke the silence and sagte "It's okay Patricia and Eddie we all know your secret" Me and Patricia immediately look at eachother, Patricia was the first to talk "what are Du talking about Amber?" "About how Du guys broke up duh, what did Du think I was talking about?" Amber asks "N-nothing" Patricia stutters "Anywase me and joy need to get going, right joy?" "Huh?" Joy looks up "Oh yeah me and patricia need to get going bye guys!" "Bye" we all say just before They leave Mara burst out "Patricia pregnant with Eddies kid!"