Eddies P.O.V
'were over!' those words repeated in Eddie's head like an annoying song that Du hate. He still couldn't Belive that patricia had broke up with him over something so stupid!
"Hey yacker" Eddie says as Patricia comes down stairs for their datum "you look great"! "thanks, Du don't look bad yourself slimeball" Patricia says with a smirk. "shall we?" Eddie says while grabbing Patricia's hand. "we shall." replied patricia. Eddie guided her out the door and opened the cab door motioning her to get in, patricia waked into the cab and sat down Eddie sat next. "So..." Eddie says with a grin "were finaly Alone..." Patricia picking up his signs leaned closer and whispered In his ear "were not really alone the cab drivers still there dufus" Eddie chuckled a little then whispered "who cares?" Patricia looking a little annoyed sagte "I care, I mean don't Du think it's gonna be awkward if we're making out infront of someone?" "Nope" Eddie Antworten easily. Patricia shooting dagers at Eddie Antworten at Eddie "what if the cab driver was mr.sweet, would Du be all comfy cozy?" Eddie looking a little worried Antworten "yacker what's your deal?" "My deal!" Patricia says hastily "What about you! Making out in the cab! Who does that! I bet thats how Du treat all Du old slutty girl friends!" "Patricia! Will Du calm down thats not how I treat my girlfriends I treat them all differently!" Eddie says yelling at patricia. "So Du treat them differently I bet Du use all your girlfriends just to make out isnt it!" Patricia snarled "No! That's not it at all I-" Eddie was cut off Von Patricia "Save it Edison! We're over!"
~Flashback over~
Eddie hadn't reliesed he had been crying so he quickly dried his tears and ran out of his room.