Trudy: (enters and see's blood all over, broken glass, plates, and cups all over the kitchen) oh my! What happ-
Fabian (from his room): (screams)
(Fabian's and Eddie's room)
(Eddie is covered in blood and scratches)
Fabian: how did that happen?
Eddie: I- I don't know.
Trudy: (enters) what happened? (looks at Fabian then Fabian points to Eddie and she looks at Eddie and screams)
Vincent: (enters) what's- (sees Eddie) oh my!
(Fabian, Alfie, and Mick ate eating at the tabelle when all the girls enter)
Patricia and Joy: where's Eddie? (looks at each other madly)
Fabian: he got beat up last night)
Mara: my who?
Fabian: no idea. But I think it happened in the kitchen. Look.
(all the girls walk over and see the mess in the kitchen)
Piper: oh my.
Nina: why was he in here?
Fabian: we have no idea.
Amber: who could have done it?
Alfie: Rufus?
Nina: maybe.
Amber: Jerry?
Nina: maybe. But why would those 2 be mad at Eddie?
Mick: King Tut? I mean he did say he was going to make Eddie pay for letting Senkhara out.
Patricia: but King Tut's a ghost. He couldn't hurt Eddie like that.
Alfie: maybe king Tut went inside Eddie and made him do it.
Joy: that only happens in movies.
Alfie: but Du guys always sagte to me that ghost were only in movies. And look at what Du think now.
Piper: good point. (sits Weiter to Alfie)
(Nina Sits Weiter to Fabian, Patricia sits Weiter to Piper, and Amber and Mara sits between Mick and Alfie)
Mara: I was suppose to help Eddie study today. How can I do that now?
Mick: Du can go back to me.
Mara: to be fare I'll have to do Jerome.
Mick: dang it.
Nina: wait, that might be a good idea.
Mick and Mara: it is?
Nina: Du could get Jerome to tell Du what he was doing in the mommy sarcophagus.
Mara: good idea. I'll call Jerome. (exits)
(King Arthur House: Jerome's room)
(Jerome Is laying back on his bett and mohn is in his room standing on the other side of the bett feeding Jerome)
Poppy: why do I have to feed you?
Jerome: because my eyes hurt.
Poppy: are Du blind?
Jerome: well-
(Jerome's phone rings)
Jerome: can Du answer it?
Poppy: why can't Du answer it?
Jerome: do Du want me to spill the beans?
Poppy: (sigh) fine. (picks up phone) hello? (waits for answer) oh Hey Mara. (waits for answer) its poppy. (waits for answer) Jerome's vizion is messed up. (waits for answer) yeah. (waits for answer) okay. Mara wants to know if Du can meet her for studying.
Jerome: YES! YES! YES!!!
Poppy: I think he sagte yes. (waits for answer) she wants to know when Du can come.
Jerome: um… what time did I get Home yesterday?
Poppy: I think 11.
Jerome: 11:30 then.
Poppy: 11:30. (waits for answer) okay bye. (hangs up) Du got an hour.
Jerome: don't worry I'll get up in 30 minutes.
Poppy: what about your vision?
Jerome: it will be better then.
Poppy: are Du sure?
Jerome: I'm positive.
(Vincent enters)
Vincent: let's see what Victor has been doing. (see's the bottle of tears of gold) tears of gold! (picks up the bottle and drinks some and spits it out) yuck! Oh yeah. I need to put it in the elixir. Then in the cup. Where ever that is. Hmmmm…
(Eddie's and Fabian's bed)
Patricia: (enters) filling better?
Eddie: Well I'm covered in scratches and bruises that burn like the sun and bleeding all over. What do Du think?
Patricia: guessing its not a walk in the park.
Eddie: Mehr like a walk in hell.
Patricia: do Du remember what happened?
Eddie: not a thing. I mean-
(Eddie's vision in the kitchen)
(Eddie is cutting himself with knifes and smacking his head all the glass and windows)
Eddie (King Tut's voice): this should teach Du to think twice before Du let Senkhara out Osiren!
(back into Eddie's and Fabian's room)
Eddie: - oh no!
Patricia: what?
Eddie: I just remembered what happened.
Patricia: what?
Eddie: K-
(Trudy and officer Belvidear enter)
Trudy: Patricia can Du step out for a Minute please?
Patricia: sure.… (exits)
Eddie: what's going on?
Trudy: this is officer Belvidear. He wants to ask Du some questions.
Officer Belvidear: can Du step out too Trudy?
Trudy: okay. (exits)
Officer Belvidear: so how did Du get in this contusion.
Eddie: I-I don't know.
Officer Belvidear: it's okay Du can tell me.
(they hold their gaze until Weiter scene)
(Mara opens door to find Jerome at the door)
Mara: oh hello Jerome.
(Angle on Mick spying)
Jerome: hello Mara! Let's study.
Mara: okay. Your early let me get my books. (goes up stairs)
(Anubis appears)
Anubis: Anew.
Jerome: Anubis! Why are Du here?
Anubis: just checking on you. Anything new?
Jerome: nope. I have no idea where to find the mask of Anubis oder any of the other items. (has a flash back of going into Nina's bett when taking out the box and seeing the mask of Anubis) wait. I know where the mask of Anubis is.
Mick: (gasp)
Anubis: good job Anew. Get it. (disappears)
Mara: (comes down stairs) okay let's get started Jerome.
Jerome: Okay.
(Mick exits into his room and Mara and Jerome exit into the living room)
(Amber, Nina, and Piper's room)
Nina: (on bett Lesen the book Jasper gave her) what are Du do dolled up for?
Amber: Alfie.
Nina: his dating Piper.
Amber: not for long. (exits)
Senkhara: (Appears) hello Chosen one.
Nina: Senkhara!
(Fabian comes up behind the door)
Senkhara: Du need Victor right?
Nina: why would I?
Senkhara: to save the world. Didn't Du read it?
Nina: yeah. But we don't even know who the Anew is.
Senkhara: but Du will soon. Now do Du want to help me find Victor oder what?
Nina: fine.
Senkhara: lets go. Osiris, let us in.
(the house starts to shake and a feuer hole is in the floor under Senkhara and Nina and they fall in)
Fabian: no Nina! Don't!