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 How cute of Percy calling on his mom.. ^^
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This Helden des Olymp foto might contain zeitung, papier, magazin, tabloid, rag, zeitschrift, lappen, and boulevard.

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Title: Bücher and Half-Bloods
Rating: C (the characters snap at each other and have goes, but not much)
Type: Adventure, hopefully humour, a bit of romance…
Characters: Piper McLean, Jason and Thalia Grace, Leo Valdez, Annabeth Chase, Connor and Travis Stoll, Chiron, Grover Underwood, Tyson and Clovis
Synopsis: What happens when the PJO characters get only a brief synopsis of the Son of Neptune and during the scramble for more, find out how much they can actually find a bizzare way of keeping connected?
Disclaimer: If I was RR these guys would be Lesen the whole thing, not chapter 1.
A/N: To...
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 Percy Jackson (He was born to play PJ)
Percy Jackson (He was born to play PJ)
'Sup fanpoppers! This is MY dream cast. Don't go making rude Kommentare because I chose a particular actor/ actress that Du don't like. Go make your own dream cast. Who's stopping you? Hope Du like it!

Percy Jackson: Logan Lerman

Annabeth Chase: Alexandra Daddario

Grover Underwood: Brandon T. Jackson

Thalia Grace: Paloma Kwiatkowski

Luke Castellan: Jake Abel

Jason Grace: Alexander Ludwig

Piper McLean: Lacey Chabert

Leo Valdez: Jake T. Austin

Hazel Lévesque: Kelsey Chow

Frank Zhang: Ryan Potter (Thank Du to hatelarxene!)

Octavian: Sterling Knight

Rachel Elizabeth...
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Disclaimer - If I owned Percy Jackson then it would be notably less awesome, but Clarisse would have been one of the seven, so I guess that's a plus?




"Once Du fall for someone's personality, everything about them becomes beautiful." - Unknown



He always knew she was. If Clarisse wasn't powerful then she couldn't be the daughter of war. But he never understood just how powerful she truly was until the battle in Manhattan, when Silena was killed and Clarisse should have crumbled beneath the weight of her grief.

But she didn't crumble. Instead she channeled her grief...
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this reminded me of how demigods die so young oder even ur Liebe ones . this song makes me cry it so beautiful, i hope u like it.
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