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* My sources:
-My take on the New Information (article Von Amph)
-Book Information (article Von me)
-Character Info from the new Heroes of Olympus site (article Von the one and only Amph)
-Myth and Heroes (by Amph)

**Special note: Credit for the theories who are between *'s goes to Amph

So we don't know her last name, we don't know who her Olympian parent is, but we still know some things about Piper.

1. Her father is Cherokee
2. Her eyes change color "like a kalaidescope"
3. She is 15
4. She is, oder is under the impression that she is, Jason's girlfriend
5. The three runner-ups for her mom (because her...
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This is just my picture of what the characters would look like. Feel free to Kommentar your opinion! Thank you! I wasn't able to provide pictures, so if Du would like to see how the actors/ Schauspielerinnen look like, you'll have to look them up yourselves (Sorry about that!). Thanks!

Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson

I thought Logan was the perfect fit for Percy, fitting that skater boy look Piper described him as and having a trouble maker smile. And that's who played him in the movie. Duh.

Claire Holt as Annabeth Chase

I don't know why, but Claire had always come up as Annabeth. Annabeth was described...
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i ko this is not piper, jason, leo n the other demigods in the prophecy, but prophecy sound like this.
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All rights belong to thelostherofan1not me. Wonderful video of early known couples.
percy jackson
Heroes of olympus
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