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Well I guess Im a little late when it came to Lesen mark of athena, but trust me, Im like the biggest Percy Jackson fan, ad the ending for MoA literally killed me.


Percy will meet everyone who died in the first season such as Luke and theyll all help him and Annabeth storm the gates.

Annabeth will die I reckon in the 4th book, and Percy will get pretty angry and destroy everyone in the final book.
Zhang will make the decision to pull percy back from tatarus as one person needs to shut the door on each end (which may be annabeth on the tartarus end.)

Reyna and Leo get together
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video starring Logan Lerman and Dean Collins that reminded me of Jason and Percy XDD
percy jackson
Heroes of olympus
jason grace
logan lerman
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Well i luv wat this person made, so i wanted to Zeigen u guys.
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