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Perseus54321 posted on Apr 22, 2011 at 03:15PM
I don't think we have enough of these here. It's simple, just put down

Godly Nationality (Greek or Roman):
Godly Parent:
Short Story (optional):

I'll go first

Name: Damon Charos
Hometown: New York
Godly Nationality: Greek
Godly Parent: Hades
Weapon: Mort (his sword, means death in French)
Personality: A silent type, you'll either find him fighting monsters, dueling, or on his laptop that he sneaked into camp
Appearance: Black eyes and black hair

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Alex13126 said…
Oh I love these!!!
Name: Alex Chance
Age: 13
Hometown: Miami
Godly Nationality: Greek
Godly Parent: Hermes
Weapon: Silver knife named Αποφασισμένος
Personality: Loud and outgoing, the type that loves to pull pranks, graceful and can steal or hack into anything she wants. That's a daughter of Hermes for you!
Appearence: Bruntette hair that reaches her shoulder, icy blue eyes, super skinny, long legs, elfish features, thin green highlights
precious211 commented…
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr psalm1003 said…
Name: Athena Chyros
Age: 15
Hometown: Orlando
Godly nationality: Roman
Godly parent: Neptune
Weapon: Knife, called photas which means light in greek
Personality: Soft voice, but outgoing and talkative. Loves reading or swimming, depends on mood. Sort of clumsy.
Appearance: Dark hair that goes to waist, green/blue eyes, on the short side, and muscular. Eyes sort of slanted, happy features.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr wierdo2 said…
Name: Kale Flinch
Age: 15
Godly Nationality (Greek or Roman):Greek
Godly Parent:Demeter
Weapon: celestial bronze shot gun
Personality:kind hearted, sarcastic,girl crazy,likes hunting
Appearance: dark brown hair(short) deep tan

Vor mehr als einem Jahr Mehavior101 said…
Name: Jtyesha Mclean
Hometown: Miami
Godly Nationality: Greek
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Weapon: Bow And Arrows
Personality: Bipolar, loyal, caring. But serious and independent, loves fighting, singing and music.
Appearance: 5"6' medium waist, long black hair with blonde highlights, hazel eyes, bright pink lips, pointy ears.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr titiana98 said…
Name:Alexandra Nivae
Immortal parent:Hecate
Godly nationality:Greek
Hometown: Albany
Weapons:magic charm bracelet. Each charm represents a different weapon (sword, shield, bow ecc). She just pulls the charm off and it becomes real. She presses the weapon on the bracelt and it becomes a charm again.
Appearance:wavy, strawberry blonde hair. Big brown eyes. Freackles. Pretty. Dresses mostly in denim shorts and hoodies.
Personality:sweet and happy-go-lucky

I sort of did it already on the other demigod creator thing. Thought she came out well and figured I'd write again. *shrugs* just a thought...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr titiana98 said…
Sorry I just realized the gender was sort of useless!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr prounknown said…
Name: Huby Mcgnalle
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Immortal Parent: Apollo
Godly Nationality: Greek
Hometown: Texas
Weapons: A dagger, but if it isn't with her ,she'll use anything on sight
Appearance: Short straight black hair, about 180 cm, light brown eyes, likes to wear skin-tight jeans, shirt and tie.Pretty, I guess.
Personality: Often mistaken for a child of Athena, likes to sing, LOVES to fight monsters, always gets into fights,turns angry real quick but feels wonderful the next second.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr heyitssophiel said…
Name: Ariella (Aria) Cavanos

Age: 16

Hometown: A small Italian neighborhood in Toronto

Godly Nationality (Greek or Roman): Roman (Nobody else is, geez)

Godly Parent: Pluto

Weapon: Matching Stygian iron sword and dagger; she also has the same ability as hazel, to manipulate the mist, only her imagination is so powerful she can sometimes make her illusions real.

Personality: May seem shy or cold at first, but she is actually very funny, kind and honest. She is VERY sarcastic at times and is very competitive. Her intelligence matches that of a child of Minerva.

Appearance: Aria has beautiful, dark red-brown hair that curls gently and falls to her waist. Her eyes are a lovely, emerald green, with rings of startling blue around the pupil. Her facial futures are dainty and elegant, and she's just the right amount of curvy. Some people mistake her for a child of Venus, which is a big mistake. She's about 5'5 and usually wears ripped jean shorts and her Camp Jupiter t-shirt, which she made into a crop top that reaches just past her belly button and has no sleeves. She ripped up the back skillfully. Her favorite shoes are combat boots or converse, and she LOVES beanies and bandannas.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr Demi-godGirl said…
Name: Callista

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hometown: Newyork

Godly Nation: Greek

Godly Parent: Hermes

Weapon: Dagger/Sword/Bow and Arrows

Personality: Caring, outgoing, loner, fierce, independent, sarcastic.

Appearance: Long, dark brown hair with grass green, ocean blue, light purple, blood red, raven black and blond highlights. Dark, blue eyes with flecks of gold, green and orange. Elfish features. Freckled cheeks. Tanned skin. Thin, but muscled. Light pink lips. Silver and gold earrings.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr PiperMclean7732 said…
Name: Noah

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Godly Nation: Greek

Godly Parent: Artemis

Weapon: Bow and Arrow, celestial bronze and imperial gold sword called άγριος λεπίδα which means firece blade

Personality: Tough on the outside sweet on the inside, fierce, gives out trust easily but its hard to get it back, kinda quiet. She can be extremely competative, very hard core.

What she likes to do: Noah loves to read fiction. She is often fighting with Clarisse (whom she hates). Or in the training arena with Annabeth or Piper. She loves visiting the forest, or the underworld. She is often nice to new campers. She sometimes can look like a dryad blending into the trees at times. She blames her mom for that! She is the best archer (besides Chiron of course) and third best swordsman (behind Jason and Percy).

Appearance: Dark brown, wavy hair that goes up to her elbows, tan skin, green, startling eyes, 5 ft 7 in, skinny but extremely strong, has one streak of hair thats multicolored that she got from her godly mentors. She wears a silver tank witha moon on it, dark washed shorts that are ripped, combat boots or silver converse. She is extremely preety that sometimes people ask if Aphrodite blessed her(which she did) but replies, " No, she blessed me to one day find true love. She didnt bless me eternal beauty."

Short story: Before Noah went to CHB she was trained by gods/goddesses. Noah is at Camp since she was 11. Her dad died because of a monster attack on her 1st birthday. She is best friends with Hazel. She was at Camp Jupiter for 10 years falselly thinking her parent was Diana. She figured out when she was 10 and a year later went to CHB. She is the girlfriend to Nico (they have been dating for 3 years.)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr PiperMclean7732 said…
She is one of the strongest demigods alive because of being trained at a young age and being the ONLY daughter of Artemis.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BoxHed669 said…
Aaron Barnes
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hallsville, Missouri
Godly Nationality: Greek
Godly Parent: Ares
Weapon: Doesn't really have a specific weapon
Personality: Doesn't like people. Period. He lets his sword do the talking rather than doing it himself.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr olympianglory said…
Name: Rowen Forrest
Age: Um, 3000
Hometown: Nowhere in particular.
Godly Nationality (Greek or Roman): Greek
Godly Parent: Ares
Weapon: Sword, but she's great with a bow.
Personality: Harsh, hard to befriend, and very prideful. If you do know her, she'll be a very loyal friend. Not someone you want as an enemy,
Appearance: Long, dark red hair, down to the small of her back. (Basically, long.) Green, almond-shaped eyes, with gold around the edge. Cruel-sh smile, and her eyes say: I would kill you, but you;re not worth it. Fair skin, freckles around her nose. A fire pendant around her neck.
Short Story: She was born in Athens, roughly 3000 years ago. She's a hunter of Artemis, and loathes boys. Best friends with Thalia.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr MakaylaMiller04 said…
Name: Makayla Miller
Hometown:Never have lived anywhere
Godly Nationality:Greek
Godly Parent:Ares/Mars
Weapon:Bow but is better aiming with a spear
Personality:Can be nice but is mostly mean, if you get on her bad side your gonna get hurt pretty badly,is always prideful like her half sister Clarrice(cabin leader)
Appearance:has mixed skin tone,has dark brown eyes and her hair is dark brown and goes down to her shoulders, has a cross neckleace, always has a smirk on her face and when she is happy always smiles
Short story: Has been an orphan ever since she was a child, her best friends are Nyssa from Hephaestus Cabin, Will Solace from Apollo cabin, Piper McClean from Aphrodite cabin, and Thalia Grace from Artemis cabin/Zeus cabin.And her boyfriend in Leo Valdez<3.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Siberio said…
Name: Edward King
Age: 19
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
Godly Nationality: Greek
Godly Parent: Chaos (Primordial)
Weapon: Black and blue Longsword - Silver Hidden Blades

Personality: Is a mostly nice guy, but he doesn't like being looked down upon. Not even the Olympians get on his bad side, since he is the only son of Chaos, the first primordial deity he is on the same power level than Tartarus and Erebos and those guys. He treats everybody with respect, and likes to be respected.

Appearance: He's 6'2, slim but muscular. He has messy white-silverish hair. A slight tan. His mom is from Illinoise but he was raised in Japan, so he doesn't look asian. He has heterochromia, his left eye is electric blue, and his right eye is a warm brown. tapes his fingers every morning with black athletic tape.

Short Story: Was orphaned since age 10, his mother was killed by a hellhound. But when he found out about his powers, no monster aproached him if they valued their life. He has the powers of creation and destruction, he can create and destroy anything at will. He can control anything physical. He safely grew up in Kyoto until age 15 when he moved back to and found out who he was. Since then he stays at camp, and tries to live a happy life with his friends. But the Olympians are terrified of him, they want him dead because of his power. Zeus can't believe there is someone more powerful than him, and he wants him out of the picture.