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kaylap1410 posted on Mar 31, 2011 at 01:44AM
I saw this on the Glee fan club and thought it was fun. One user inserts a coin, then the next user tells what comes out of the vending machine that was used or has to do with Heroes of Olympus or Percy Jackson that the user before gets. Then that user inserts a coin and so on.

There is a poll for you guys to vote for who you think comes up with the best stuff. If you are new the the forum you must add yourself because I can't add you. Thanks! link


kaylap1410: $Inserts coin$

Otherrandomuser:You get Jason's Coin
$Inserts coin$

Anotherpersonwhoisahugefanofthis: You get the minotaur horn!
$Inserts coin$

List of iteams everyone has...

Talkitive4Thalia has: Katropis, Mrs. O' Leary, Piper's gold backpack

PartyPonny has: Apollo's car, OW! banner, percy to read your book, Artemis's chariot, a Spanish Dictionary you can used in attempt to talk to Leo in Espanol, blue candy, flying Burrito, penguin pillow pet, Weiners' tray, get on an automatum

Kaylap1410 (hey that's me!) has: Aegis, Annabeth's book on Architecture, Medeas sunscreen, Son of Neptune, letter from Athena (contained the book I put in and 200 drachmas), punching Percy's mist girlfriend, Khufu, Polyphemus' sheep, hug from Grover, guide to camp half blood, exchange places with someone for a day, Annabeth's Camp Half-Blood necklace, master serum, sonic arrow from Apollo, statue of hippie Zeus, hellbound, a box of chocolates that taste like cardboard (damn Silena why did you have to offer them! Haha! I meant darn :), Percy's saltwater fountain, iris message from Percy, chariot, Kampê's sword, Jason's pet storm sprit, Coach Hedge's special blowhorn, hotel game card, kronos' scythe, Zeus's master lightning bolt, to go to camp half-blood, a Monster Donut bib, poster of Tristen McLeen, Crispy Cheese N' Weiners, called Beano for a week, a wand from Hecate, Zeus Master Bolt, tour of Camp Jupiter with Hazel, Reyna's sword

Jas55jar has: meeting Percy, Seymour

Percyrulz has: medusas head, Leo Valdez as boyfriend (no way so does Biancadi. Who knew Leo was such a player!?), mockingjay pin, Zeus' lightning bolt, Nico as a boyfriend (oh now you're the player!), choice of song and can play any instrument, Athena does your homework, movie ticket to King of Sparta premiere, Calypo's moonlace, tyson hug, a place at the Roman camp of your choosing, the Grey sisters as your personal chauffeurs, mellie the aura as ur personel assistant, lukes socks, the capture-the-flag flag, backbiter, Luke's sword, Jason's memory, to eat the food in the dining hall, Person's shield from Tyson, Lightning Theif collectors edition

Psalm1003 has: Annabeth's Yankee cap, riptide, golden fleece, Percysicle, metal dragon, bottle of leth juice, Athena does you homework, Rachel's hairbrush, hydra, annabeths backpack, shoes of shame, Mrs. O'Leary's dog whistle, sandwich by May Castellan, hunter's tent, trip to Mt. Olympus, rainbow! tysons hippocumpi, Pipers outfit, Clarisses' broken electric spear, wine by Mr. D, a Death to Barbie T-shirt, the cannon that Percy accidentaly blew up a bus with, a chocalate figurine of a god (thanks for eating it though! Gods psalm!) nico's black jacket(severeal sizes too big) (I like wearing big jackets. They're nice!), pen that turns into ............ a knife, some chocolate bunnies that the Stoll's put on Demeter's roof, going on the arch with Annabeth, living for 65 years

Biancadi has: play date with Tyson, trip to roman camp, king/queen of gods, Leo as BF, Percy's blue birthday cake, arachie's string,hades figurine, ares limo, poem from Apollo, Coach, Hedge's megaphone, date with god/goddess of your choice, Annabeth's Dad's plane, boar head, Hades's Realm of Darkness, statue of Gabe Ugliano, Grey Sister's eye ball, claimed by hades, Paul's Prius, Grover's reed pipes, get out of hades free card, Annabeth's owl earrings, Dam snack bar with your favorite character, Annabeth's teddy bear, hair clip that turns into a hunters bow, Percy's watch, You get to see the first Chapter of The Son Of Neptune, spend a day with Biannca

Alex13126 has: party pony t-shirt, potion from Aphrodite, hug from pretty much everyone big, btr album?, Tyson to teach you how to forge weapons and stuff, voo-do doll of Drew, Hepahestus's pirate (did you mean private HecateA. IDK I just don't remember a pirate ever) broadcasting system, Hepahestus mythomagic figurine, a makeover from aphrodite, Leo's boat drawing, a ziploc of zmbrosia, a freh quiver of limited edition gold bronze aaaaand silver arrows yes all three in 1 quiver, gross space food, cereal made from Demeter herself, fight Mr. Crabby, Apollo's iPodslap whoever, be a hunter without giving up boys

POJO45 has: Leo's hammer & breath mints, memory potion

Eyallo has: coke bottle, May Castellan's Medusa, Mellie as your assistant, Annabeth's book on architecture, a punch in the face, courtesy of Ares, Daedalus' laptop, a free meeting with the fates, to date piper or leo your pick

AmazingPercy has: trip to elysium & free ticket to day spa, claim by Venus, riptide, cleaning shell, son of Neptune, Leo's tofu tacos, Seymour

PJacksonHead has: Tyson's shield, happy the dragon, summon any character, Leo to fix the vending machine, Blackjack, King of Sparta DVD, sword in Demigod files, hot chocolate from the hunters, SMART board, Daedaluses' laptop, Grover's acorn thing, be on the OW! channel, blue carnation Aphrodite gave Gleeson Hedge, bessie, see the what percy's doing in CCS, the Grey Sister's one eye, personal storm to control (lightning not included) courtesy of zeus, archery lessons from apollo while driving in his sun chariot, Hera's cows at your command for one day, the gold ring that Piper stole from the department store, Percy`s blue easter basket, the chocolate bunnies the Stolls used to decorate the roof of Demeter's cabin, Percys moms candy store uniform, dance with an Apollo kid, leading a campfire song, Leneus' Laurel Plant, meet Artemis who teaches how to hunt, Percy's Reebok's, Tyson's half eaten PB&J, Lightning Theif graphic novel, wolf from Artemis, rub Zeus' toes, seeing SoN in action

NicoDiAngelo4 has: Bianca's green hat, Calypso's flowers, BMW, King of Sparta poster, date with Apollo camper, Nico, trip on Princess Andromeda, date with Nico, McDonolds with Nico (both children of hades!), purple T, visit and get to know the demigods that died in the Titan war, visit Mt. Olympus even though it is closed, Leo's Ray-Ban sunglasses, Nico's skull ring, Daedulus' laptop, a guided tour through the underworld by Nico, Nico figurine, custom-made punch-glove arrows, to show percy the world of fanpop

HecateA has: wand from Hecate, Mrs. O'Leary puppy, Percy's shrine, "Lamer", take Zeus' spot for the day, meet mentor Hecate, Medea's sunscreen, all of Nico's Mythomagic cards, Aphrodite memory loss potion, ride on the tunnel of love, sausage, sword made by Leo, Gabe Ugliano's statue, hermes thermos of winds, Silena's shroud! may she rest in peace, percy's broken sand dollar, slapping Hera

Starlight1o1 has: Brick from wolf house, Leo's helicopter and remote control, Percy's Minotaur horn, Medusa' sunnies, a tattoo is SPQR on it, grovers uncle ferdinand statue, Poseidon's triton (weapon), a smalll replica of zoe nightshades constellations, to be rick riordan for the day, a sneek peak chapter from the son of neptune, sword lessons from ...........percy, coupon from campstorehug from Clarrise, Apollo Mythomagic card

JasonWolf15 has: Annabeth's mac

Peracbeth2136 has: circe's cage of rodents, early copy of Son of Neptune, George and Martha for a day, a stick from hoover dam, an allowance from Aphrodite, Herme's bottle of multivitamins, moonlace, Mr D is your slave for the day, the jasons broken coin, the Necklace of Harmonia, a small replica of golden fleece, the minotaurs ax, beckendorfs canned peaches, free copy of any RR book

Kittycat19 has: cure May Castellan from madness (are you a doctor?), entry ticket to camp half-blood, briares, free prophecy from Rachel, nicos sword

Kidofhades19 has: Percy's watch

Lightning98 has: oracle's necklace, demigod Percy pushes down stairs' lunchbox

Emily_is_COOL has: Luke's flying shoes

jessie0147 has: magical backpack that Midas turned to gold

theonlyexeption has: good luck from Tyche the fortune goddess, a gigantic dog biscuit

redhawks has: a visit to Olympus, a chat with any soul you want, falling in love with Grover, little scroll with Percy's Great Prophecy on it, Vitamins that Hermes gave Percy, Percy's water fountain

JBfan445 has: a date with Nico or Leo, Sand Dollar, CHB yearbook, Percy's picture in Chiron's office, first chapter of SoN, Neptune's fishing hat with Lightning Theif in Annabeth's POV, Piper's snowboarding jacket, Mrs. Dobbs as math teacher for a week, Arion

percysmile has: stay in any CHB

LeoValdez has: borrowing Leo for a week

penguin098 has: cursing person of choice

Jasonfan44 has: Argo II picture by Leo, Frank's spear that summons Bone, Chiron's wheelchair, Octovian's ripped teddy bear, Reyna's dogs

percabeth-bcz7 has: CHB T-shirt with signatures from all of the seven and Annabeth (if she is not part of the seven) and Nico
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