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Hi I'm Aphroditeskid21 and this is my Second FanFic so i hope you enjoy comment away i don't care about spam. so go nuts!!!

Title: Book 1 "The Child of Roma" in the The Heroes of Roma Series.

Rating: T

Type: Action, Love, Drama, Comedy,

Characters: Sean, Reyna, Jason, Gwen, Lupa, and Hazel. Probably many more not going to add all names.

Synopsis: "The Child Of Roma" is the Introduction to the Heroes of Roma Series. this is a series based on the Titan war but from the Roman Camps side. the First book starts when the Second book of the PJO Series starts. Sean is Introduce to this huge magical world that he will have to get used to. Enjoy

Synopsis: "The Trojan Sea Monster" is the second book of the Heroes of Roma Series, it shows Sean and his Friends going on a Journey to kill the Monster and Discovery more on his arch nemesis that he will face soon.

Disclaimer: I do not own "The Heroes of Olympus Series" or the "Percy Jackson Series" so yup go RR

Series Synopsis: This story is a new child of the Roman camp his name is Sean and he is the Son of a Jupiter in this 4 book series we will go on 4 quest and have fun so enjoy

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OMG!!!!!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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Cant wait until its out!!!(::)
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Post ASAP!!!!!! I can't wait!!:)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aphroditeskid21 said…
Hey guys it's Aphroditeskid21 here I am working hard on this, and every since I read The Lost Hero Ive had this Idea, so I hope you like it and I’ll post a new one everyday around 7pm. unless i wanna post early i will let you know if i do.

Book One
“The Child of Roma”
By Aphroditeskid21

Chapter 1
Birthday Party

I never wanted to be a hero or anyone with special powers or a exciting life I wanted a life that’s normal. But I always new that wasn’t my destiny my mother told me that. I’m Sean Rush and this is my story. I’m 16 and live in Arizona, my mother Kristina has raised me since my father left me when I was a baby. I never knew who he was or why he left me and mother, but I always wanted revenge on him or I resented him. That’s what my shrink says at least, oh did I forget to mention I go to a shrink every Friday after school, Great way to start the weekend, right. So right about the time when I turned 16, stuff started to be weird. I’ll start my story there I guess. It was August ninth my 16th birthday I was there with all my friends, we started the party off with swimming, I don’t like swimming but I do like jumping in the air into the pool, then after that we ate pizza and drank Pepsi. Then Dancing we danced until like 11:30 at night until the girls went home my best guy friends stayed and chilled with me. Jason Grace he was a 11th he was cool but always seemed odd, then there was Alex and Devon they were in my grade 10th. So we stayed up until 2am or so and played Halo ODST, I was killing them all, they all sucked because I was the only one with the game they all hade halo 3 still. Then we Dosed off to sleep. My dream that night was very weird I was in front of this Giant white Cabin it had some weird writing on it Latin maybe, I could read it in my dream though it said B. U. N. K. E. R then write before what the Bunker number it was I was interrupted by a Wolf. It was a Reddish brown wolf looked like it wanted to eat me. Then it whispered.
“Prepare yourself, Everything is about to change. Jason will guide you through”
“ What? How in the hell can you talk to me?” the wolf turned around and started to walk away. Then out of know where it turned around so fast and snapped at me with it’s teeth right next to my face. I woke up screaming and everyone looked at me odd, except for Jason he looked like he knew what was going on.
“ Sorry sorry guys I’m okay just a bad dream” I looked at Jason when I said this with a glare like some how it was his fault and he look at me a apologize face. Odd so I went to bed and dreamed a normal dream, about girls and me with superpower. I woke up and saw that everyone but Jason and me were in the room my mother I guess went to work and Devon and the rest of the guys left early because there parents came and picked them up early. Jason was watching TV then turned to face me and said.
“morning sleepy head, how was your uh sleep” I grumbled out of my bed and yawn and responded.
“it was good after that bad dream” he looked at the tv when I said that.
“well that’s good” he fake smiled at me”
“uh whatcha watching, the history channel” he smiled and looked at me.
“yea, there talking about when the Greeks were defeated by the Roman’s” he said with a huge grin. “what do you know about Roman Mythology, Sean.” I thought what a odd question but okay.
“umm not that much” he looked down at me finally and said.
“Do you know of the Gods?” he said all seriously.
“uh not really I guess Neptune right and Pluto all the planets right.”
“some are names of Planets, the biggest planet it also the king of the gods”
“Jupiter? Really”
“indeed” he said then looked back at the TV. I always thought Jason was serious and weird but this was very weird so I got up and walked into my room alone. I started to get dressed for school then all of a sudden I heard Jason Scream, but like a battle cry and I heard another noise it was like a animal being killed so I hurried getting dressed and ran into the other room. I saw Jason with a golden sword fighting a dragon in my living room, he was elevating in midair and fighting the dragon. He stabbed it right in the chest and it fell down and turned into a golden dust. Jason ran to me and said.
“Hey you okay? I thought it might of hurt you, well that’s good Lupa would of killed me. He made a hand gesture where he put his hand and swiped it across his forehead. I was to in shock to speak, then like a little girl I pasted out.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr wisegurl said…
Very good:)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Apollo4life said…
OMG that really good and i bet Devon is a demigod so your only posting this on fridays and when are u posting your SoN fanfic
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aphroditeskid21 said…
Everyday Apollo
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wisegurl said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr redhawks said…

I'm willing to bet Devon is a monster.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aphroditeskid21 said…
Good Theroy both you, but one is correct and one isn't
Vor mehr als einem Jahr PercyJackson7 said…
loved it, as always you rule, keep posting please, because if you didn't. we would all die
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Apollo4life said…
Who Aphroditeskid you mean me and rehawk's theory on devon?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aphroditeskid21 said…
Yes Apollo u or red are correct on the devon theory
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Apollo4life said…
Can i call you Aphro Aphroditeskid
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aphroditeskid21 said…
Chapter 2
Mr. Brown's Dog

When I came to I woke up in my sleeping bad and my house was back to normal and it was like nothing happened and there was Jason sitting on my couch watching, The history channel. Jason seemed like nothing happened, but that’s not possible I new it happened, Right? Yes right it happened so I pretended to not know anything.
“Hey Jason, Morning man I had the strangest dream.” he looked down and said.
“ I would imagine after last nights screams” then looked back up at the TV. He was actually trying to lie to my face about the Dragon thing breaking my house and almost killing us.
“uh right, well yea it was you and me I woke up and said to you the something and then I went to change and then a dragon attacked us and you killed it with your golden sword”. he smiled and then laughed and said
“uh a golden sword cool”
“yea, what you watching, History Channel.”
“yea, there talking about when the Greeks were defeated by the Roman’s” he said with a huge grin, this was exactly like it was before, there is no way it was a dream. I got up.
“I’m going to get dressed be right back, then we can head out for school.” I said and walked away. I actually go dressed this time, then something happened that didn’t happen last time, Devon was here. Devon stepped out of my bathroom in my room and I jumped.
“Devon, man Jason said you left already” he looked tired and out of energy.
“Naw man, I said I was going to take a shower” I looked at him, his hair wasn’t wet there was no indication that he had taken a shower. So I ignored it and got dressed and left with Jason and Devon to school. I lived two blocks from our high school, Phoenix High School was our school, the Phoenix was the mascot, we always lost our basketball games and football games, but we were good outdoors man like archers and fencing. Jason was the best at all these things. He was the best fencer and Archer and rock climber. I beat him in swim, but that’s it. We finally got to school, me and Devon went to Latin class with Mr. Brown and his pet dog that always sat in class. Jason went to gym and looked at me very worried or scared, then he left. That was weird I thought then Mr. B’s Dog barked at me and it never has before but It barked at me and then barked at Devon. I thought this Is a weird day. Then Suddenly the Dog Attacked me, I pasted out. I dreamed a Wolf and the same wolf from my dream last night. It turned into Mr. B’s dog then morphed back to the wolf. It spoke to me again. Trust your senses be good young one and trust Jason not Devon.”
“what are you taking about” I was so confused trust Jason not Devon why?
“you have to trust your sense’s you are one of the Big Three Sean” then the wolf charged towards me and tried to attack I charged instead of running away and let my insticts take over. I charge the wolf and THEN!

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Great loved it
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aphroditeskid21 said…
Chapter 3
Devon the Big Brown Furry Monster

I woke up to Devon leaning over me, I was in the middle of the football field now. Devon was different. Devon now had Fur like a Bigfoot creature or bear, he also had hooves instead of feet, his face was deformed now. In a dark voice he said.
“Get up Halfblood” I didn’t know what he meant by that but I complied.
“Umm Halfblood? What’s that suppose to mean” I said his face got amused.
“you don’t know HA HA” he started chuckling I interrupted his laughing.
“What don’t I know” he stopped laughing and looked at me.
“who your father is, you don’t know yet, And they thought you were a threat HA HA” I got furious, I was a threat to what I didn’t know but I’m threatening damn it.
“what are you?”
“I’m a Satyri Nesi” he said sternly
“Uh okay, what the hell is that and who am I threatening” he looked at me and got a Madding face.
“Wouldn’t you like to know, Soon Pandora will kill all of you Halfbloods.” Then suddenly he threw a punch at me I dodge rolling onto the ground and then saw a golden sword. It was Jason he busted through the door and pointed his sword at the beast. He stood still and Confident and said.
“ I am Jason Grace son of Jupiter, Prepare to be Monster Dust” Devon pulled out a branch sword, and Jason slashed at him then the monster was hit by the tip of Jason’s sword the monster was melting a gold dust, and the last words were.
“Soon The Box Shall be open” Adrenaline rush came to me I was about to tip over.
“What was That, why are you so calm and your son of Jupiter what’s that mean.” I was feeling overwhelmed, I couldn’t process it.
“That was a monster, my Father is Jupiter and because I have Trained for this” he said so seriously. “Follow me.” I followed him. “ How much do you know about Roman Mythology Sean” he asked this in my dream.
“The Roman gods like Neptune and Artemis and Juno I don’t know them all man” I complained.
“Artemis is Greek but yes Neptune, and Juno are Roman” Then it hit me, the biggest planet it also the king of the gods”
“Jupiter? Really”
“indeed” Jason and me had that conversation early he was son of Jupiter King of the Gods.
“Jupiter is Your dad? Then that means your dad’s a god” he looked at me like I just finished a giant puzzle.
“and soon we will find out who your father is but we have to go to your mother and tell her it’s time for you to go to The Eternal City”. I thought I’m not leaving my mother.
“The Eternal City? Where’s that?”
“can’t tell you yet but I can tell you this You are a Demigod, our oracle told us about you and said you will be a great hero” he grabbed my shoulder and gave me a brotherly feeling. He told me to go back home and talk to my mom about this, and said that she might know who my father is. We walked together down the block and enter my home to.

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awesome man cant wait for the next chapter
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awesome keep it coming
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Woah that's all I can say right now.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aphroditeskid21 said…
Thanks and i Am going to be EXTRA NICE and Add another chapter tommorow around 4pm Michigan Time
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Great chapter!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aphroditeskid21 said…
Chapter 4
The Truth

I walked into my house with Jason to find my mom cooking in the kitchen. She was cooking eggs and bacon for her breakfast before work I was assuming. Jason asked my mom if there was enough for both of us and I slapped the back of his head, giving him a forget about the food, look.
“Mom, who was my father” she immediately stopped what she was doing and sat down on the kitchen table.
“Sean, your father was a great man but I don’t know where he is and who he was” the same answer as usually. But this time I wasn’t taking it.
“Mom, I know that my Father was a God” I said very quietly and lightly. Her eyes widened and she took a deep breath and said.
“How, Did you tell him Jason, Is it time?” time for what? I thought.
“Yes I told him two monster came after him today” he said like it was no big deal but my mom thought differently.
“WHAT!, when was this” my mother freaked out and stood up all dramatically. Jason told her about the Dragon and Devon. She was a little mad that Jason didn’t know about Devon sooner but Jason said he wasn’t a Protector he can’t sniff out monsters like regular Protectors which were supposed to be Fauns. When the Oracle told them that I was Special and was meant to be a Great Hero the sent the Best fighter to pick the Hero up, and that’s me.
“So why I am so Special” I said
“I don’t know, most likely you will have a quest soon or your Father could be very powerful, maybe both”
“hmm, so mom you really don’t know who my father is” she turned away and walked into the other room she said just a minute. She came back with a picture of me and my father and my mother I was a baby it was right after my birth. And in her other hand was a Coin with Latin on it, “Greatest Hero” it said with a Face on it and the other side a Man and his son with a lighting bolt down the middle. Jason looked at the picture more then the coin he look at the coin and quickly looked away, I think he knows something he doesn’t want to tell me.
“Sean this is a Picture of your father” she said lightly like she hoped this day wouldn’t come. The guy was tall, handsome, had a beard and a serious face. He was smiling and holding me happily, like he won the lottery.
“ I don’t know what his god name is but his name here on earth was Julius” my mother said.
“hmm, okay so when do I get to go to The Eternal City, Jason”.
“I’m not sure I guess I’ll be right back”

I walked away from Sean and his mother to Iris message Lupa and tell her to go the Wolf house to test Sean. I pulled out a printed picture of a Rainbow and tossed the drachma toward it and said.
“Lupa, The Eternal City” I waited patiently and saw the image appear and there Lupa was.
“Child what is it, is the package ready for delivery” she joked
“Yes Lupa, I’ll bring him to the wolf house right away”
“you have done well child, Bring him immediately, I will be waiting.” the image disappeared.


When Jason left my mother spoke.
“Sean, I know what happens next, you will be tested to see if you are strong” her face full of concern. I hugged her.
“I will make it mom and will be back here visting, ill show you mom” I smiled, she fake smiled back at me and said
“Sean, your father gave this to me for you, it’s a powerful weapon he said and perfect for you” she pointed the coin and I thought what are you talking about it’s a coin. Jason came back into the room and said.
“We have to go, It’s time Tina” he said to my mom. She hugged me reasurely and said
“Remember what I told you, trust your insticts.” and with that we Left and took Jason’s car and headed North.
Three hours later and we were pulling into a park walking up to a Huge Mansion, with a gateway in front that said in Latin “Wolf House”. I walked into the House and was ready for my test.


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 Chapter 4 The Truth (Sean) I walked into my house with Jason to find my mom cooking in the kitchen.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Poseidon3 said…
Awesome! I wonder who Sean's father is.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wisegurl said…
*cough* Neptune *cough*
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aphroditeskid21 said…
Why do you say that wisegurl
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Poseidon3 said…
Yeah. I was thinking it might've been Jupiter, cause the picture had a lightning bolt but we'll see.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aphroditeskid21 said…
Poseidon on the coin it has a lighting bolt not the picture and that's a great theory
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Poseidon3 said…
Oh yeah. Hey,since you like the Romans so much I've been wondering why your username is Aphroditeskid121, not Venus'kid121
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Wow!!! That was really really good...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Aphroditeskid21 said…
Well my mother is actually Aphrodite in real life so yea
Thanks Red I really like when you comment man i look at you and HecateA as the orginal people on this website

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Wait?? I am? Well, yeah I guess.....Yeah...But, RoHeHa was the one who made it and then Amph. was the second one to come on here and then me and Hecate.....But I am pleased that you find my opion important...
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well the other people don't come on anymore so i feel you and HecateA are the Elder Leaders haha
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Chapter 5
The Test

“Go in” Jason ordered with a very serious face, the most serious I’ve seen yet.
I walked into the Wolf House alone feeling confident and concerned. The first thing I saw what a statue of a Wolf with two baby’s sucking on the Wolf’s nipples. Weird was the first thing that came to mind, the second was that's Lupa i saw it all the time in Mr. Browns Class. Then a Growl came from nowhere I looked around looked up the stairs nothing so I walked around. I saw another statue of a goddess naked with a bow and arrow it was bronze and very well done. Then another Growl I followed It to another room where there was a Wolf, not a Wolf Statue a Wolf. The wolf was staring at me and growling silently.
“Child, Who am I” I immediately thought you’re the wolf that scared the crap out of me in my dreams. Then it came to me, Lupa the statue over there feeding the baby’s.
“Lupa” I said as confident as ever.
“hmm, interesting many don’t know of my name, impressive child but are you as strong as smart”
“Yes Lupa” I said with a military attitude I felt ready for my test, at least I thought I did.
“Goood, you will have three test here Child. Test one face a easy monster” then in the corner of my eye I saw a door open. I saw a Lion with super sharp teeth and way bigger then a actually lion. So I pulled out my coin and flipped it. Then there was a Golden sword in midair, I caught it and waited. The lion came out and growled then spat out fire. Lupa then shouted “Fight!”. The Beast charge as soon as Lupa barked out her Order. I ran towards the Lion thing and it began. I ran towards the beast and it shot fire right at me. I ran and slid right under the fire and was directly under the beast. I stabbed the beast right under it and ripped out it’s heart. The monster turned to dust.
“AHH! What’s next Lupa” I showed off the heart and smiled arrogantly. Lupa smiled in a amused way.
“the next Test child is going to be much of a challenge but I think only you can handle it” uh oh I thought. “send out the Hippoi Diomedios”. I knew what that was I learned it in mythology class. Four man-eating horses owned by the Thracian King Diomedes. Heracles was sent to fetch them as one of his twelve labors to the gods. I waited for it to appear. Then it came out and it looked mad it look at me like a fat kid does with cake. Lupa Barked again “FIGHT!” it started again. I charged the beast, the horse flew up and shot back down towards me and kicked me right in the gut. I thought my rib was broke. I still charged it, it came down for another kick but I grabbed the leg as soon as it shot toward me. I climbed the top and screamed.
“FOR ROMA!!!” I stabbed the horse and it screamed in pain and fell to the ground and I fell with it. I fell right on the rib that was most likely broken and it hurt really bad. Lupa Growled, I thought she was saying stop whinnying baby.
“get up Child, one last test” I stood up strong.
“lets do this” I said weakly
“very well, your last test is me, you must defeat me.” she smiled amused
“Very well lets begin” I tried to sound confident but I was wounded and tired, there was no way I could win this.
“FIGHT!” she ran towards me and tackled me to the ground she tried to bit me but I punch her right in the snout, she whined in pain. I slashed at her but she jumped up and clawed my left cheek, three little cuts bleeding from my face.
“come on, hero haha” she was toying with me. But I heard a man’s voice in my head.
“Sean, you must stab not slash son” I listened to my father and tricked Lupa. She came at me and I faked a slash and stabbed her right in her side. She whined again and then tackled me and bit my right hand, I dropped my sword.
“you are very strong, Son of The Elder three for certain, you are welcome into my army Child Haha” she got off me.” Come Jason will be happy you passed.
“where are we going, Lupa” I said very weakly.
“to the City of course you passed you are worthy” we walked out side and I saw Jason there sitting down waiting for Lupa and I.
“Jason, grab on we shall go to the city through me” he groaned and said
“what about the car Lupa” she smirked
“ I said grab on Jason, you to child” then i grabbed Lupa's tail and then we twisted through time and space and we were in front of a Giant Gateway. On top it said in Latin “The Eternal City” through the gateway was many children younger the oldest one I saw was about my age 16, 17. I saw 14 bunkers and a The Colosseum and a Leaning Tower of Pizza and much more I was excited to see it all.


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 Chapter 5 The Test (Sean) “Go in” Jason ordered with a very serious face, the most serious I’v
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Yeah, really keep them coming! I love them! Your writing has gotton a lot better, and so has you grammer.

Wow, I'm an elder member! Whoooooooo YEAH!
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Khione Thank you for the snow day now I will write another Chapter for my fans thanks to pure happiness from your blessing Khione thanks. Red thanks a lot I guess practice makes perfect
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when's the next chapter?
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Yeah, post soon man. This storys awesome!!
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Chapter 6
The Eternal City
When I first arrived at the City I thought it was cool. Jason showed me around he showed me the Rock Climbing wall that randomly shots arrows at you and spikes shoot out of the walls, it was sweet. Then there was the Arena, it was a exact replica of The Colosseum in Italy. Then there was a Mercury Store and Leaning Tower of Pisa like in Italy, that was the eating lounge I guess. Then Jason shoed me the 14 Bunkers, they were all colored and decorated differently and in a giant U shape. Jason said the 12 Olympians and 2 minor god bunkers one for girl, one for boys.
“Which one is mine man?” I said with excitement.
“Sorry man I’m not sure who your dad is but you can stay in my cabin if you like there’s lots of room, Bunker 1” he pointed towards his bunker. It was a huge temple it had a eagle in the dead center of the top. It was white and gold and Enormous, I’m sure there was room for me.
“Thanks man, so when do I find out who my daddy is?” I said Jokingly and then the sky Rumbled.
“Sorry dad, don’t joke around with the gods man they get mad sometimes” Jason said.
“oh my bad, so umm anyways, when do I get to know who my father is?”
“I would guess tonight around the camp fire man, if not soon”
“okay sweet, so can I put my stuff in your cabin now or later” he looked down and grabbed one of my bags for me and said.
“come on man lets go” he smiled and walked towards Bunker one, I followed. We walked up the stairs and into the bunker and first thing I saw was a statue of a man with a eagle on him it was also gold and white, It was cool looking. Two hours later. It was dinner time now and getting dark we walked up into the cafeteria (which was Leaning Tower of Pisa) and saw that it was Pizza night, SWEET!.

More chapter tomorrow

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 Chapter 6 The Eternal City (Sean) When I first arrived at the City I thought it was cool. Jason showe
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im going with either pluto or apollo
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What do you mean? Like Seans dad
Vor mehr als einem Jahr UnoriginalName said…
I am going to say that he is either a child of Jupiter or Pluto, not Neptune because he doesn't like swimming. I am edging towards Jupiter because he seems to have a social life, although Jason was required to go with him and that monster was a monster. My original idea was Apollo, but that was shot down. I also thought that he might be a child of Romma, but I realized that his dad is the god. In fact, I had a lot of theories that were shot down.

*Child of Aphrodite (just from your name, and a bit of the picture, but that was shot down within 10 seconds.)
*Child of Apollo
*Child of Romma
*Child of Mars (I have no idea)
*He died (still could happen) and he gave that coin to Jason(That lasted for 5 seconds, I came up with that while reading a chapter)
*Child of Neptune (could still happen)
*Child of Bachus.

There were more that I can't remember, but yeah. And yes, Redhawks, you are most defanately an elder.
Does anyone know why Lupa has 8 nipples? I saw (a picture of) that staute in my social studies class last year.
ANYWHO, teriffic idea mastered to perfection.
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