Helden des Olymp Meet and Greet

Amphitrite posted on Sep 15, 2010 at 01:22AM
Hello, new members. I'm Amphitrite, and this thread is where you can introduce yourself and let us kow you're here. As with all new members I would suggest you check out the rules and, if you need anything feel free to PM...So, let the welcoming begin.

Helden des Olymp 4 Antworten

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ngweien said…
Hi, um what exactly do we write?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr HecateA said…
big smile
You say "hi I am *insert username* my fav PJO character is *insert Beckendorf (OKAY, OKAY your favorite character)* etc, etc.

YEAY! It's going to be way easier to give muffin baskets now!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ngweien said…
Ok then, Hi I am ngweien and though I don't really have a favourite character, I guess the best fit would be Percy. Don't know about heroes of olympus though.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
Behold everyone the single oldest forum topic in this club!