Helden des Olymp Disney versions of HoO characters/ Disney Umfrage

WinterSpirit809 posted on Jan 04, 2016 at 05:26AM
I did this poll awhile back but I quit and I decided to do a forum.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr WinterSpirit809 said…
Mine are:

Percy: Ariel (shallowly because of his ability of water)
Annabeth: Belle (smart and carefully judges which reminds me of Annabeth)
Nico: Hiro Hamada (Both lost their siblings which made them thirsty for revenge until stopped by friends)
Leo:Elsa (Don't judge, but both had tried not using their powers, had regret for what they did with their powers to loved ones and they run away from their problems)
Jason: Hercules (Both had tried hard to get approval and to find out who they really are)