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Fangirl521 posted on Nov 12, 2014 at 12:25AM
As much as I love the heroes of olympus we already have, we need more! Here you can design your own hero of olympus... Here are the only requirements:

Parents (mortal and immortal):
Short story:
Greek or Roman:
How long at camp:
Species (satyr, nymph, demigod, etc.):
Why are they a hero of olympus:

Also, if there is someone in the book who isn;t a hero of olympus who should have been please \do this for them. (Nico and Reyna are heroes of olympus)

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Casey-Jackson said…
Name: Casey Jackson
Age: 13
Parents: Poseidon and Unknown Mortal
Short Story: Hera decided that the seven needed some help on their quest so she plopped a random powerful (and somewhat violent) demigod on the Argo 2 to help with their quest and wiped the memories of her mortal parents so she could never go home again.
Greek or Roman: Greek
How long at camp: Never been
Species: Demigod nope just kidding I'm a DINOSAUR
Why they are hero of olympus: She wiped out an army of Earthborn to save Hazel (her bestest friend on the Argo) and unleashed her water powers at the perfect time so she could save Nico from drowning 'cause he don't have no time to learn how to swim and Percy was eating blue cookies so...

This is a hero that has the same name/age/personality as me just way more boss and I Swear on the River Styx I am not Percy's biological sister Jackson is a very common last name. This is not me. I could not be that cool. I had a weird dream once and a backstory came out of it. (Though in the dream my name was Felisha Robertson. (DON'T. EVEN. ASK.))
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Fangirl521 said…
Lol... that's actually really funny...