Helden des Olymp The Copper Age ( An after of Heroes of Olympus fanfic )

Joak-24 posted on Sep 22, 2014 at 01:38AM
Rating: """M""""­;: Easy there, this fic IT’S NOT A LEMON or anything like that, the M is mainly for the language and possible not-for-child’s things/topics, but with 16 years you should be fine

Type: Action/Survival/Post-Apocalyptic/Drama-not­-dr­ama­/Ro­man­ce(­? We’ll see

Characters: Nathan (OC), Jodie (OC)

Synopsis: Only a few months after the victory of the Seven against Gaea and her sons, the Angel of Darkness rises, bringing with him the end of an Age. Forty years later, the remaining men and demigods struggle to survive in a devastated world, where other survivors are only the minor threat.

Disclaimer: If you think I create Percy Jackson and stuff, what the heck dude, like, really. Go see a doc. Rick the “cliffhanger master” Riordan created the universe and a big bunch of characters, but you already knew that, and I am only adding stuff and characters to his amazing universe

A/N: So guys, I am making this because I want to, so I will not request x number of comments or reviews in order to upload the next chapter, I shall post a new one once per week (because that’s the time I need to write a hole chapter). Of course, reviews and constructive critics are INFINETELY WELCOMED, so… yeah… enjoy(?
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thanks man! Glad Du like it Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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It's really good!

I think only we are going to comment
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Thanks again, and yes, it look like that... anyway, I will keep posting, even if only Du read it Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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Kill Frank and if you want Jason too
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I read The blood of Olympus!