Helden des Olymp The Punishment [ The gods go to college]

wildchild_rids1 posted on Nov 17, 2012 at 04:33AM
Here's a preview of what it's gonna be like -

"Everyone appear " roared Zeus. One by one everyone appeared and before the even finished appearing the fight's had already begun in the following way -

*Poseidon Vs Athena who were fighting about whose better. Posiedon was summoning huge waves at Athena while she ran at him with a sword.

*Next pair was Aphrodite and Artemis, they were fighting about love, Artemis was obviously against it. It was basically a cat fight - Artemis as sitting on Aphrodite's shoulders and pulling her hair .

and then there were

* Ares and Apollo who were fighting for fun [obviously].

" Enough!" Screamed Zeus and the whole room shook with thunder .

" Are you not gods that you're behaving like children ? Actually why not be children ?exclaimed Zeus with a British accent .

" Awesome joke , Zeus! " said Hermes who appeared just a moment ago .

As Zeus stared at Hermes, then he turned towards Athena and asked "Seriously ?" .
" You aren't joking are you ? '' said Athena staring at Zeus .

'' What ?!! What do you mean'' said the others.

'' Athena is right .... i ain't jokin' no more '.... and did i forget to mention you all will be leavin' tomorrow to COLLEGE" said Zeus in an american accent .

'' What ? down below ? what about our powers ?"
questioned Posiedon .

'' Yeah what about 'em '' ?? said Ares.

Meanwhile Aphrodite faints , ''Get up lady , stop the drama ....!'' said Artemis .

'' Only a- a true loves kiss can save ! Ares help !! " said Aphrodite

" Get a life will ya ? " said Artemis in disgust

" And did i mention -" said Zeus in an Irish accent when Apollo interrupted

" Stop with the accent will ya ? continue ! " exclaimed Apollo who was getting tired of Zeus's different accents

" As i was saying , you'll leave tomorrow and by tomorrow i mean in five hours and then... i'll be free , free , free . " echoed Zeus

" Peace out " said Hermes and rushed off

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