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ConnerandTravis posted on Jul 23, 2012 at 05:31PM
Hey guys, I'm bringing this back. I would like a co-author so if your not too busy, send a message to me please? It would help me out so much.

Characters/User-names: R.R characters

Nico: ThreeDaysGrace3

Leo: FlamingValdez1

Jason: Sparks3

Piper: Aphroditegirl4

Annabeth: Wisegirl9

Percy: SeaweedBrain1

Travis: PranksRUs4

Thalia: HuntressOfArtemis9

Frank: PartTimePachyderm8


Connor: WeAllDidIt5

Characters/Usernames: Other(My characters)

Caleb,son of Hermes: BlameItOnHim4

Lila M daughter of Demeter: GardeningRules78

Maria L, daughter of Hephaestus : Builder45

I do not own R.R characters. I own Mike, Lila, and Maria.
Again, as I said before, I would like a co-author. If you want the 'job', send me a message of a sample writing you have done or are doing. You do as you wish. Proper grammar must be there. Spelling isn't much of a big matter since I suck at spelling

Rated: E

The curse words will be like this ~~~~ or if they are in another language, I and whoever I will be working with, will put it in as that language.

Comment, enjoy or not. To the fans who were there when I started this, hope you enjoy the new one.

Thanks to all my fans. I probably wouldn't have done this if it weren't for you.

Co-writer: NympsOfOlympus

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
First post I guess. Here goes nothing

Sparks3 logs on

ThreeDaysGrace3: I can't believe Frank was such a rat!

Sparks3: What happened?

ThreeDaysGrace3: Frank told Chiron and Mr.D that we were chatting online and Chiron had to delete it. That snitch.

Sparks3: I was having fun too! We never celebrated my birthday though. :(

ThreeDaysGrace3: Man up Sparky. Nice new username though,

Sparks3: You too Bones.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Where's Perc?

Sparks3: Out with Annabeth. Piper?

ThreeDaysGrace3: Boarder patrol. Leo?

FlamingValdez1 logs on

FlamingValdez1: Whats up? Just made my new account.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Speaking off him.....

Sparks3: Nice name Valdez. How's Maria?

FlamingValdez1: H O T HOT!

ThreeDaysGrace3: I hate hot.

Sparks3: Is that good or bad?

FlamingValdez1: Bad :( Leo can't date Maria.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Wow, I care so much.

Sparks3: See ya Valdez, Diangelo

Sparks3 logs off

ThreeDaysGrace; See ya Flames.

ThreeDaysGrace logs off

FlamingValdez1: Poor Leo. Forever Alone. :(

FlamingValdez1 logs off
Vor mehr als einem Jahr jordan333 said…
Cool your really funny post again soon please
Vor mehr als einem Jahr percabeth1000 said…
haha nice post soon!!!!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr BlackNova13 said…
I like :-D POST again soon!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wisegirl778 said…
can I be Thaila???
Vor mehr als einem Jahr kkw1700 said…
haha forever alone.... LoL
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
ThreeDaysGrace3 logs on
Sparks3 logs on
HuntressOfArtemis9 logs on

HuntressOfArtemis9: Really guys?

ThreeDaysGrace3: Yeah really Pines

Sparks3: What's so bad about it?

HuntressOfArtemis9: Chiron's gonna flip out!

ThreeDaysGrace3: That's IF he finds out.

Sparks3: We should lay low. Like under the radar. Use the chat room every so often.

HuntressOfArtemis9: Way to go Sparks!

ThreeDaysGrace3: He actually said something smart :O

Sparks3: I take offense to that.

HuntressOfArtemis9: Don't make me come to CHB and whoop your ~~~................again!

ThreeDaysGrace3: Lighting Jr, chill. Pines, where are you?

Sparks 3: Lightning Jr.?

HuntressOfArtemis9: Florida.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Adios Mi Amigos.

Sparks3: Lightning Jr.?

HuntressOfArtemis9: See ya

ThreeDaysGrace3 logs off
Sparks3 logs off
HuntressOfArtemis9 logs off

Vor mehr als einem Jahr Heritage112 said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr percabeth1000 said…
post soon!~!!! plzzz
Vor mehr als einem Jahr CrazyTridentSon said…
May I request an OC, Chatter
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
Wisegirl9 logs on
SeaweedBrain1 logs on

Wisegirl9: Ugh, I can't believe Jason and Nico made another chat room and I can't believe I made another account!

SeaweedBrain1: I can

PranksRUs4: Where are they?

Wisegirl9: I have no clue

SeaweedBrain1: I think Nico is stalking Leo and Jason's cabin caught on fire. So Jason is staying in the Big House.

PranksRUs4: I think Caleb has something to do with that.

Wisegirl9: Caleb McCartney?

SeaweedBrain1: Newest Hermes kid? Kid who runs the shop with you and Travis?

PranksRUs4: Athena's girl, yes. Peaguasus dude, He isn't new. I AM TRAVIS!

Wisegir9: Heard he gets revenge on people or play pranks on people.

SeaweedBrain1: Wait, I thought Conner's account was that.

PranksRUs4: Connor and I share this account. I gotta close up shop. See ya Annabeth Percy.

PranksRUs4 logs off

Wisegirl9: Night Percy.

Wisegirl9 logs off
SeaweedBrain1 logs off
Vor mehr als einem Jahr bookworm118 said…
ermm....its okay..
Vor mehr als einem Jahr meredog said…
Lol I love it!!!! Can u make one where Percy gets high on coke or something?? That would be to funny!!!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wisegirl778 said…
Can I be... Abbigail daughter of athena?!?!?!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
I am not just one person. I am multiply people on a chat-room. So give the username and I'l add her to the list.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr CrazyTridentSon said…
OceanTrident2442- Alvin son of Poseidon
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
Hello! I wouldn't mind co-authoring, though I've never wrote a story on fanpop, but I usually have one of the highest grades in English (BUT I AM NO NERD!!! Say that and go to Tartarus!). I will try to post as many times as I can cuz I love writing and reading (sriously, I read LOADS! I swear!!!! Whenever I'm bored, I read!!!)
In this message (i wrote it quickly) I didn't bother with the ponctuation and on and on, but If i write the story I will!!!!
Please answer soon!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
Hullo peeps! I'm the co-writer! This is my first chat:

Sparks3 logs on

Sparks3: Hullo? Anybody here?

SeaweedBrain1 logs on

Aphroditegirl4 logs on

SeaweedBrain1: Yup! I'm here!

Aphroditegirl4: There's something suspicious going on...

Sparks3: What's the problem?

Aphroditegirl4: It's those Stoll brothers.

Sparks3: Exuse me? They're always suspicious.

SeaweedBrain1: No, Piper's right. They didn't pull a prank or stolen the camp store since ages.

Sparks3: You mean they're preparing something big ?!?

Aphroditegirl4: Pretty much.

SeaweedBrain1: Oh gods, no. Last time that happened, they made a stinky potion.

Aphroditegirl4: Uh oh.

Sparks3: I'm not sure I want to know the rest...

SeaweedBrain1: They opened it in the middle of the night in the camp arena.

Aphroditegirl4: Let me guess. No sword-fighting practise for a few hours.

SeaweedBrain1: No.

Sparks3: Phew.

SeaweedBrain1: A week.

Sparks3: What are they planning now?

PranksRUs4 logs on

PranksRUs4: Where's Fire-Face?

Aphroditegirl4: Fire-Face???

PranksRUs4: Leo.

Sparks3: What do you want with him?

PranksRUs4: Us? Nothing.

SeaweedBrain1: ...

Aphroditegirl4: Hard to believe.

SeaweedBrain1: Rectification: Impossible to believe.

FlamingValdez1 logs on

PranksRUs4: Hey, Fire-Face! Wanna join us at the canoe lake for the time of your life?

Sparks3: Don't go!

FlamingValdez1: Why not?

SeaweedBrain1: Don't you see it, man? It's a trap!

PranksRUs4: Nah, it isn't. We found an awesome magical item. And it's only 50 drachmas!

Aphroditegirl4: 50 drachmas? That's a rip-off!!!

FlamingValdez1: But it could be really sweet... Okay, I'm coming!

PranksRUs4: Meet you at the lake!!!

PranksRUs4 logs off

FlamingValdez1 logs off

SeaweedBrain1: Well, we probably won't see him for a long time. Bye!

SeaweedBrain1 logs off
Sparks3 logs off
Aphroditegirl4 logs off

**********************************10 minutes later************************

PranksRUs4 logs on
Seaweedbrain1 logs on
Sparks3 logs on

PranksRUs4: Ummm.. Jason! Please don't fry me, but...

Sparks3: I don't like 'but's.

SeaweedBrain1: That sounded wrong.

Sparks3: Whatever. What happened with Leo?

PranksRUs4: When we gave the magic item to Leo, he started to blow like a ball. I think there was a curse on it.

SeaweedBrain1: Oh jeez, you think???

Sparks3: Don't be suprised if you find yourselves without eyebrows tommorow, Stoll brothers! I will avenge Leo!

Sparks 3 logs off

PranksRUs4: Oh, gods. That dude dosn't need to get his toga in a twist!

SeaweedBrain1: You'd better go deflate Leo. With some fire-protecting armour.

PranksRUs4: Oh ha ha, very funny. Well, see you, Percy!

PranksRUs4 logs off
SeaweedBrain1 logs off
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
SeaweedBrain1 logs on
ThreeDaysGrace3 logs on

SeaweedBrain1: Hey Nico! Where are you? I haven't seen you for weeks!

ThreeDaysGrace3: Don't despair. I know you adore me and everything.

SeaweedBrain1: Um, no.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Is there capture the flag tonight? And roasted marshmallows?

SeaweedBrain1: Yup. So I take it you're coming?

ThreeDaysGrace3: I suppose so.

HuntressOfArtemis9 logs on

HuntressOfArtemis9: I cannot believe that Lady Artemis is making us do this! Arg!

ThreeDaysGrace3: What's the problem?

HuntressOfArtemis9: My lady has gone off to chase a particular beast, but she ordered us to come to Camp Half-Blood for two nights!

SeaweedBrain1: Awww, don't worry, Thalia. There's capture the flag tonight. It would be campers vs. hunters, right?

ThreeDaysGrace3: It'll be a blast.

HuntressOfArtemis9: We'll crush your male faces, Jackson!

SeaweedBrain1: That'll never happen, Pinecone Face!

HuntressOfArtmeis9: Just you wait and see, Shark Dung!

ThreeDaysGrace3: Hey! Don't you dare call Percy that!

HuntressOfArtemis9: This isn't your fight, Death Breath! You won't even be there!

ThreeDaysGrace3: Yes I will, , Punk Pine!

Wisegirl9 logs in

HuntressOfArtemis9: What did you just call me, Styx Camper?

SeaweedBrain1: You haven't got a chance, Needle Brain.

Wisegirl9: What a charming welcome. Really, I thought you were more mature.

SeaweedBrain1: Oh, hullo.

Wisegirl9: What is this all about?

SeaweedBrain1: thehuntersarecomingtonightandthaliaisscare­dth­ati­wil­lpu­nch­her­fac­ein­sid­eou­t

Wisegirl9: What??? I don't understand!

SeaweedBrain1: I mean: The hunters are coming tonight and Thalia is scared that I will punch her face inside out.

Wisegirl9: Oh, please, can you stop those ridiculous insults? The children of the Big Three are supposed to be wise, right?

ThreeDaysGrace3: Wasn't in my job description.

Wisegirl9: Arg! I give up.

Wisegirl9 logs off

SeaweedBrain1: Well that was fun!

ThreeDaysGrace3: Thalia, are you coming here via Apollo Bus Airlines?

HuntressOfArtemis9: I think so.

SeaweedBrain1: Well, I'll go tell the naiads to prepare for a bus crash in their lake!

HuntressOfArtemis9 logs off

ThreeDaysGrace3: See you at the campfire.


ThreeDaysGrace3 logs off
SeaweedBrain1 logs off

Hope you liked it!

Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
ConnerAndTravis, do you post next? :D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…

BlameItOnHim4 logs on
GardeningRules78 logs on
Builder45 logs on

BlameItOnHim4: It's awesome time

GardeningRules78: Caleb, your so annoying.

Builder45: No he's right about something.

BlameItOnHim4: Your such a dork Lila.

GardeningRules78: No I am not!

Builder45: Guys stop fighting!!!

Wisegirl9 logs on
Aphroditegirl4 logs on

Wisegirl9: So how's Jason?

Aphroditegirl4: Alright.

BlameItOnHim4: Oh no it's the prissy girl club. Except for Maria.

GardeningRules78: I wish I could virtual slap you Caleb. Heyyyyy Annabeth and Piper.

Builder45: Hey Annabeth. Hey Piper. Thanks Calbs.

Wisegirl9: Hey Caleb, Lila, Maria.

Aphroditegirl4: Are Caleb and Maria a couple? Hey Lila.

BlameItOnHim4: No we are not! Maria is just the only person who doesn't get on my nerves. I got to go.

GardeningRules78: Yeah me two.

Builder45: Me three

Wisegirl9: Me four.

Aphroditegirl4: ME five

BlameItOnHim4 logs off
GardeningRules78 logs off
Builder45 logs off
Wisegirl9 logs off
Aphroditegirl4 logs off
FlamingValdez logs on

FlamingValdez: Anybody here? I just got this stupid virus off of my computer. THANKS TO STUPID PERCY! No one is here and I am now sad. :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(((­(

FlamingValdez logs off
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
Okay I'll do the next on REAL soon, I swear! Just drafting...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr extremeriordan said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
I just write something as a go along.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
I can't post for 4 days, normally. I'll post ASAP, though!!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
Okay, here it is!

Wisegirl9 logs on
PranksRUs4 logs on
Aphroditegirl4 logs on
ThreeDaysGrace3 logs on

Wisegirl9: Hey everybody. It's Percy's birthday in a week.

Aphroditegirl4: Really?!?

PranksRUs4: PRANK TIME!!! :D

ThreeDaysGrace3: Um, please, no.

Wisegirl9: ANYWAY. I was thinking of organizing a party here, by the canoe lake.

PranksRUs4: I don't like the 'organizing' part.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Chiron will never let us.

Aphroditegirl4: I'll charmspeak him.

Aphroditegirl4: Perfect! For the entertainment...

PranksRUs4: Exploding donkeys!

ThreeDaysGrace3: Undead warriors killing each other and reviving!

Aphroditegirl4: A make up tent!

Wisegirl9: A make up tent??? What's wrong with you, Piper?

Aphroditegirl4: Sorry. I guess Aphrodite is giving me girly thoughts. But it's a secret.

PranksRUs4: Ooooh... BLACKMAIL!!! :D

Aphroditegirl4: You wouldn't blackmail me, Travis? Or is it Conner?

PranksRUs4: Um... No, I guess not.

Wisegirl9: I think charmspeak works through computers, too.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Right. What would we have for the food?

PranksRUs4: Double cheeseburgers!

Aphroditegirl4: Cute little cupcakes in shapes of hearts!!! Sorry, that was Aphrodite again!

Wisegirl9: Low fat yogurts.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Low fat yogurts, Annabeth??? No way. A party is made to have FUN.

Wisegirl9: You obviously haven't calculated the number of calories absorbed in a party, have you?

PranksRUs4: No, we have other things to do!

Aphroditegirl4: The dryads obviously won't cook for us.

ThreeDaysGrace3: So how do we smuggle the food in?

PranksRUs4: Oh, don't worry! You just need to talk to the right satyr, with a few drachmas plucked in his hands...

Wisegirl9: We don't need to know the details.

ThreeDaysGrace3: What music?

Aphroditegiel4: A love ballad! ARG, SHUT UP APHRODITE!!!

ThreeDaysGrace3: But how do we finance the whole thing?

Aphroditegirl4: My dad could give me extra pocket money.

PranksRUs4: The amount you get isn't called pocket money!

ThreeDaysGrace3: You're envious!

PranksRUs4: Am not!

Aphroditegirl4: Well, I'll go to the exchange point for currencies for divine and mortal money! Bye!

Aphroditegirl4 logs off

PranksRUs4: So. Who do we invite?

ThreeDaysGrace3: Not the wine dude.

Wisegirl9: The wine dude?

ThreeDaysGrace3: Dionysus.

Wisegirl9: You don't want him hearing that.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Too late. I called him that the first time I came to camp.

Wisegirl9: ...

PranksRUs4: For the presents, we were thinking of a Flask that will throw him in the sky, and then making him fall back in the canoe lake! And then, we would all be like 'Suprise, you're alive!'

ThreeDaysGrace3: You do realize Percy's gonna douse you in water?

Wisegirl9: Bye!

Wisegirl9 logs off
ThreeDaysGrace3 logs off
PranksRUs4 logs off

Sorry if it's a bit late. I hope you liked it!!!
last edited Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Artemis253 said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
awesome. You get a long post and then a small post.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
Artemis263 Thank you! It's nice to have comments!

ConnerandTravis Could you please do the next post? I'm not very inspired or feeling funny right now...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
Sparks3 logs on
HuntressOfArtemis9 logs on

Sparks3: SISTER!

HuntressOfArtemis9: Jay!

Sparks3: Who's Jay?

HuntressOfArtemis9: You are!

Sparks3: YAY! Are you coming to CHB?

HuntressOfArtemis9: Yes JayJay

ThreeDaysGrace3 logs on

ThreeDaysGrace3: Life sucks

Sparks3: Good morning to you too!

HuntressOfArtemis9: Looks like someone is being extra moody

ThreeDaysGrace3: Hey Pines and Lightningboy

Sparks3: I miss the old chat room :(((((((((

HuntressOfArtemis9: Me too.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Si senorita and senor.

Sparks3: Si. I miss Leo's tutoring

HuntressOfArtemis9: Oh no, is annoying boy going to be at camp?

ThreeDaysGrace3: He's gone until the 24th of October. Por que?

Sparks3: What?

HuntressOfArtemis9: No habla espanol.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Why? You just did Pinewood.

Sparks3: Ohh

HuntressOfArtemis9: YES! Leo's not going to be at camp when I get there!!!! PARTY!!

ThreeDaysGrace3: Anybody else find this scary?

Sparks3: Si senor Di'Angelo.

HuntressOfArtemis9: Got to go! Lady Artemis is calling me.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Yeah, I got to go too.

Sparks3: Me three, got a date with Piper.

Sparks3 logs off
HuntressofArtemis9 logs off
ThreeDaysGrace3 logs off

Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
I'll try to post later in the day...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
Sorry I didn't post for ages! First of all, I've added Frank and Hazel, because Jason is Roman, so why can't other Romans and the Seven, come chat too?
So Frank is PartTimePachyderm8
And Hazel is PreciousRock3

PreciousRock3 logs on
SeaweedBrain1 logs on
Wisegirl9 logs on

PreciousRock3: Did anybody see Frank this morning?

Wisegirl9: Don't think so.

SeaweedBrain1: Oh, I did. He was talking to a satyr. I think I understood that your boyfriend wanted the satyr to smuggle some noodles in camp.

PreciousRock3: Oh, gods, no.

Wisegirl9: What's so tragic?

PreciousRock3: He had sworn on the River St*x to take a diet and run three kilometres every morning at dawn!

SeaweedBrain1: No offence, Hazel, but I can't see Frank jogging for 3 km just after getting out of bed early.

Wisegirl9: Maybe he forgot?

PreciousRock3: No, he couldn't have!Ah, that son of a Titan!

PreciousRock3 logs off

***************************************Tw­o hours later*************************************­***­***­***­***­***­

Wisegirl9: Percy, have you seen Frank or Hazel lately?

SeaweedBrain1: No...

PartTimePachyderm8 logs on

SeaweedBrain1: Hey, man! Where were you?

PartTimePachyderm8: Is Hazel on this chat room?

Wisegirl9: No, it's safe here.

PartTimePachyderm8: Phew! Dude, I am so tired.

SeaweedBrain1: What happened?

PartTimePachyderm8: Hazel was storming towards me, with chunks of emeralds and rubies levitating next to her. Next thing I knew, she was throwing them at me. Holy Mars, she aims really well! Why was she so mad?

Wisegirl9: Your false diet and so-called morning jog irratated her.

SeaweedBrain1: Frank, why did you risk swearing on the River St*x???? D:

PartTimePachyderm8: Well, I thought that, seeing as I was Roman and romans never swear like that, I would be spared.

Wisegirl9: That's super risky.

PartTimePachyderm8: Anyway, I changed into a cheetah and ran away from Hazel. Since the last two hours, I've been hiding froml her. Ouch. I have no ideas diamonds hurt that much.


SeaweedBrain1: Did something just explode?

PartTimePachyderm8: Darn, she just broke through my door! Bye!!!!

PartTimePachyderm8 logs off

SeaweedBrain1: He won't last for long. I'll go get some Apollo medics.

Wisegirl9: I'll go tell Chiron. Bye!

Vor mehr als einem Jahr seaweedbrainsis said…
Hey guys!
Can I be Waterfreak18 or Watergirl, Daughter of Poseidon? ('Cause I really am!)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
No I don't allow fans. Just OC's and the cast.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr seaweedbrainsis said…
big smile
Never mind.....
Also, check out my forum please! link
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
I'll try to post today...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
big smile
Gods (and godesses), I haven't been on this forum for ages.... But I think I could do a post soon!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
HuntressOfArtemis9 logs on
SeaweedBrain1 logs on
ThreeDaysGrace logs on

HuntressOfAtremis9: Percy? Nico?

SeaweedBrain1: Yes?

ThreeDaysGrace3: What do you want, cuz? Cause I don't feel like being bossed around anymore.

HuntressOfArtemis: What? Confused.

SeaweedBrain1: I'll explain. Nico has been taking lessons from the Stoll brothers to be more confidant. You know, it's not easy having Hades as a dad.

ThreeDaysGrace: I heard that! I mean, I SAW that!!!

SeaweedBrain1: I heard it was 10 drachmas a lesson, and 'generous tips' are welcomed.

HuntressOfArtemis9: 10 drachmas a lesson? That's a rip-off! Nico, how could you be such a complete DOOFUS?

ThreeDaysGrace3: Well... They seemed really genuine to help me...

SeaweedBrain1: Dude, we are talking about the Stoll brothers here!

HuntressOfArtemis9: Whatever. That's not why I was here. Who's an expert of Greek mythology here?

SeaweedBrain1: ...

ThreeDaysGrace3: Looks like you got the wrong fellows, cuz.

SeaweedBrain1: Wait! I could call for the superior intelligence!!!

****************************************F­ive minutes later*************************************­­**­*­*­

SeaweedBrain1: TA-DAAAAAAA!!!!

Wisegirl9 logs on

Wisegirl9: Yes? Hey Thalia! You need my help?

ThreeDaysGrace3: This is your idea of superior intelligence?

SeaweedBrain1: Nico Di Angelo. Do you really insist of ending your days as a fish?

ThreeDaysGrace3: No, not really.

SeaweedBrain1: So SHUT IT!!!

HuntressOfArtemis9: Annabeth, could you please tell me more about the Teumessian fox?

Wisegirl9: Sure! It's a giant fox, destined to never be caught. It was send by Dionysus to prey upon the city of Thebes.

SeaweedBrain1: So typical of Mr D.

Wisegirl9: Anyways, Amphytiron was the hero who was given the task to kill it. So, he decided to use Laelaps, the magical dog the was destined to always catch his prey.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Magical dogs... I've heard it all!!!

HuntressOfArtemis9: Oh. What happened?

Wisegirl9: Well, it kind of got endless. The fox could never be caught, but the dog always catched his prey... In the end, Zeun turned them to stone and send them to the stars... Why are you asking this?

HuntressOfArtemis9: Have you heard about Boston?

SeaweedBrain1: Yeah. A mysterious force is causing riot. Why?

HuntressOfArtemis9: Well, My Lady Artemis went to Olympus and send us to find this beast and kill it. She suspects it's the Teumessian fox. I must go now. Thanks, Annabeth!

HuntressOfArtemis9 logs off

SeaweedBrain1: Well, I guess story time is finished now. Shame, I liked the part where the magical dog came.

Wisegirl9: Shut up, Percy.

ThreeDaysGrace3: Well bye!

SeaweedBrain1 logs off
Wisegirl9 logs off
ThreeDaysGrace3 logs off

Hop you like this!!! :D

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr rainbow_girl said…
HAHAHA!! wow!
This forum is HALARIOUS!!
Post soon!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
wow I totally forgot about this
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
Yeah, me too, until 6 days ago... I'm preparing a new post, I promise to do it TODAY right after my French homework!!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
Okay, before I post, I've created a forum for people that have a good eye and that know where to find funny quotes from the MoA... here it is: link
Have fun reading and quoting!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
PranksRUs4 logs on
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PranksRUs4: Hey, Annabeth! How are you?

Wisegirl9: Um...fine...thanks...

Sparks3: Guys, be more discreet than that!!!!

Wisegirl9: What's happening? Jason, what's happening!

PranksRUS4: We were just speaking about architecture!

Sparks3: No, we weren't.

PranksRUs4: And we were wondering, like, 'Hows Annabeth going, remodelling Olymus?'

Wisegirl9: Uh-huh. I totally believe you.

PranksRUs4: Really?

Wisegirl9: No, of course not!

Sparks3: Just say what you want, jeez!

PranksRUs4: Well...to admire the beauty of the divine city...to appreciate your wonderfullness...to adore the arches and the temples....we would like to accompany you on your builing trips on Olympus!

Wisegirl9: ..... I don't believe you. What do you really want?

Sparks3: They want to go sky-diving off Olympus, and hopefully land on a building in NY unharmed.

PranksRUs4: SHUT UP JASON!!! Of course not, Annabeth, we just want to admire your piece of work!!!

Wisegirl9: Sky-diving??? Are you completely crazy?????

PranksRUs4: Well, we'be got the sky-diving suits and everything... We're ready!

Wisegirl9: You do realize that you could smash on the pavement like a pancake and get hurt?

PranksRUs4: We were BORN for hurt! Besides, Jason here will save us if necessary. He agreed to.

Wisegirl9: Jason!!! How could you have agreed to do such a thing???

Sparks3: Well, sorry, Annabeth, I gave up! They were stalking me, for Jupiter's sake!

Wisegirl9: Connor? Travis? You stalked Jason for you to do this???

PranksRUs4: Well, it was the only way!

Wisegirl9: Oh gods, this is crazy. If Zeus ever finds out...

Sparks3: Just say yes. Seriously, you don't want those two dudes sniffing in your necks and following you everywhere 24/24.

Wisegirl9: Okay, I give in, ONLY because I have lots of other things to do then become you baby-sitter.

PrankRUs4: Yay! Thanks!

PranksRUs4 logs off

Sparks3: Well... Good luck!

Wisegirl9: Thanks. I'll need it.

Sparks3 logs off
Wisegirl9 logs off

Thanks! Hope you like it!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
Sparks3 logs on

Sparks3: Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­o Anybody here??????????????????????????????????????­???­??

Builder45 logs on
BlameItOnHim4 logs on

BlameItOnHim4: Hey. The dashing Caleb is here.

Builder45: Oh Caleb

Sparks3: People! Hey Maria and Caleb.

BlameItOnHim4: Jason. My man. Look if anything explodes in your cabin it was Connor's fault. Everything.

Builder45: What did you do now Caleb?

Sparks3: O-Okay? :/

BlameItOnHim4: I didn't do anything Maria. Sweet, sweet Maria.

Builder45: I believe you Prankster.

Sparks3: What is going on between you guys? You've been acting strange for the past few weeks.

BlameItOnHim4: Nothing! Nothing!

Builder45: What Caleb said.

Sparks3: O-Okay............................ Got to go guys. Pipes is calling me.

Sparks3 logs off

BlameItOnHim4: That was a close one Maria.

Builder45: No duh. We are just lucky it was Jason.

BlameItOnHim4: I would die if anyone found out that we were dating.

Builder45: Am I that bad?

BlameItOnHim4: No! No! I love you. It's just that, I had a no-loving rep. You know?

Builder45: Love you too Cabs. Want to meet by our hangout at 3 today?

BlameItOnHim4: Meet you there Mars.

Builder45 logs off
BlameItOnHim4 logs off
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FlamingValdez1: MARIA AND CALEB ARE GOING OUT!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????­???­?!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­???­???­???­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­???­???­?? :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO­OOO Blackmail Ninja Mode ACTIVATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!! MUAHAHAMUAHAMUHAHAMUHAHAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHAHAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HAA­HHA­HAH­AHA­HAH­AHA­HA!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­!!!­
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
Nice post! This is going to be AWESOME!!! :D Cake for you!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
If I'm very lucky I'll post today, ortherwise maybe tomorrow....
Vor mehr als einem Jahr rainbow_girl said…
this is halrious!! Leo is sooo gonna spread a rumor!! POOOOOST!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
Okay! I'll post tonight if possible!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
I'm not going to follow ConnarandTravis's post because I don't know what he had prepared and he knows how to use his characters. Sorry if I dissapoint you! D:
Vor mehr als einem Jahr NymphsOfOlympus said…
PreciousRock3 logs on
Aphroditegirl4 logs on
FlamingValdez1 logs on

PreciousRock3: Hello! Did you hear the latest?

Aphroditegirl4: Oh, Hazel, please don't gossip! You don't know how close I'm getting to becoming crazy with my siblings gossip! All day long, I hear: 'Omigods, do you know what happened to cetera and cetera' and ''I heard that blablabla'...

FlamingValdez1: Whether it's gossip, stories or rumours, I'm pretty sure that they're all about the amazing Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus, fire-user of Bunker 9!

PreciousRock3: Oh, yeah, I bet they are! I guess the nymphs on the Great Salt Lake blabbed all about you!

Aphroditegirl4: Nymphs? What nymphs?

FlamingValdez1: You know, Hazel, in the 21st century, there's and expression that's called SHUTTING UP.

PreciousRock3: Excuse me? *fans my face*

Aphroditegirl4: So? What happened? Tell me all about it!

PreciousRock3: Jeez, you are seriously starting to hear like your siblings!

Aphroditegirl4: Shuddup, Hazel.

PreciousRock3: Sorry? This is the second time we told me to shut up in this chat room! How disgraceful!

FlamingValdez1: So, does anyone want to hear my story at all?

PreciousRock3: Oooo, so you do want people to know about it!!!

FlamingValdez1: Well, now that you insist, I feel obliged.

Aphroditegirl4: Well? Spill it out!

FlamingValdez1: Well, to distact Narcissus and get the sheet of Celestial bronze, I greased me hair with motor oil and wrote Team Leo on my shirt.

PreciousRock3: Don't forget the HOT STUFF tattoo on you forearm.

Aphroditegirl4: Greased hair? HOT STUFF tattoo? Guys, you must have been pretty desperate!

PreciousRock3: We were.

FlamingValdez1: So, anyways, what did you want to tell us, Piper?

Aphroditegirl4: It's about Capture The Flag this Friday. I heard a conversation between Mr D and Chiron.

PreciousRock3: So??? Tell us more!!!

Aphroditegirl4: Apparently, there going to let out twice more monsters than the usual.

FlamingValdez1: Well that's easy! Leo Valdez will burn them to the ground!!!

PreciousRock3: So modest.

Aphroditegirl4: But that's not it! They're going to cut off the demigods special abilities. You know, like moving water, summoning lightning, having blazing hands or charmspeak!!! Mr D said it could 'make an entertainment from these little brats'.

FlamingValdez1: That is sooooooo like Mr D.

PreciousRock3: Leo! Don't say rude things about a god!

FlamingValdez1: What? They're just true!

PreciousRock3: *fans face*

Aphroditegirl4: Okay, whatever. Bye!

Aphroditegir4 logs off
PreciousRocks3 logs off
FlamingValdez1 logs off

Sorry if it isn't that great, I'm in bit of a hurry...
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