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mjkcsk posted on Jul 22, 2012 at 05:15PM
All rights to these characters go to Rick Riordan.
Ok so guys I know this is gonna be a crossover and shouldn't be in this club but I have other fanfics that I write and it's easier to keep them all in one place.


Sadie here. Hi how are you? Just thought I'd ask seeing as we haven't recorded in a while. [Yes Carter I know it's a recording and they can't really answer, have you ever heard of being polite?] Anyway if you didn't listen to our last recordings, big bad snake Apophis gone, gods retreated back into the heavens, Walt also Anubis and my boyfriend. [Yeah Carter that is vital information, I want everyone out there to know he's taken.] Just ignore Carter, I always do. So shall we press on? I'm sure you're keen to hear what happened to me. So I was walking back from school with Julian and Cleo. Sure we could have taken Air Freak but to be honest I wasn't as good at controlling the griffin as Carter and I prefered to walk. So yeah we were walking along minding our own business when we heard the noises of a monster fight. Of course we did the stupid thing and ran to help. When we got there, there were five people fighting a huge giant with scaly dragon legs. It kept breathing ice daggers at them and they kept dodging. Not one of them was fighting the monster with magic and there wasn't a protective circle in sight. Four of them were girls and they were holding it off with knives while the guy was using a sword. Julian pulled his kopesh out of the Duat and ran to help. I grabbed Cleo by the arm.
"Protective circle, now," I yelled.
I swung my kit off my shoulder and threw the statues and chalk to her. I pulled my wand and staff out of the bag and stepped forward to defeat the monster. A familiar voice stopped me in my tracks.
"Yeah it's me, you shouldn't be here."
"Well how else are you gonna kill this monster. I'm pretty sure knives aren't gonna work for long."
Lacy had a thunderstruck expression on her face.
"You can see it?"
"Yeah sure though I can understand why you're suprised there's no telling what ordinary mortals will see."
We both ducked as an ice dagger flew over our heads.
"Enough talking lets just kill the monster."
I threw down my staff and it turned into a lioness, the lioness turned and attacked the giant biting and clawing its legs. The cuts just healed up moments later. The guy dashed up next to us.
"Who's this?"
Lacy answered before I could.
"This is Sadie, she goes to my school. So do the other two."
I glanced over at Cleo she had completed the cirle and was beckoning frantically.
"Look you need to get over there inside the circle. It's like a magic force field. It'll protect you."
Just then the giant smashed a girl out of battle and she landed flat on her back unconcious. The guy and Lacy had already backed into the circle and I wasn't about to let them leave it.
"Julian," I shouted, "Get inside the circle."
Thankfully he understood me.
He grabbed the other girl under the shoulders and dragged her into the protection circle.
Beside me Lacy yelled at the other two girls still fighting.
"Drew, Piper get inside the circle."
I choked.
Lacy nodded.
"So this is what you do at this summer camp of yours. Fight monsters with Drew."
GodS I hated that girl. I was tempted to leave her outside the circle but figured I'd regret it. The other girls retreated into the circle and I touched my wand to it. It glowed briefly. The giant charged towards us and was repelled by the circle. I groaned and sank to my knees. The giant took much more power to repel than I thought.
"How do we defeat it? I can't hold the circle much longer and I'm pretty sure Cleo and Julian would burn up trying to hold it against his attacks."
The guy answered me.
"You'd need to work with a god to defeat him."
I smiled.
"Well that's good because I have a god on speed dial."
I wasted no time telling Walt that I needed him, because I didn't, I just pulled him through the Duat to my side using the shen amulet. He arrived facing me with his back to the giant.
"Uh Sadie this is kind of a bad time I was talking to Carter about....."
Sighing I turned him around. His eyes widened and his face turned white.
"Let me rephrase that, now is an excellent time for me."
"I thought so. Only a god and magician working together can kill it."
"Good thing we're so good at working together."
"Oh no no no. You two can kill it on your own. I might accept it's death as a gesture of how much you love me."
He glared at me.
"You might accept it?"
"You never know I might get a better offer."
"Ha ha you love me as much as I love you, you wouldn't accept a better offer."
I scowled.
"Just kill the giant, boy"
"Thought you needed a god?"
"God whatever you're both."
Smiling he summoned his wand from the Duat and shot a bolt of grey light at the giant. It crumpled to ash.
"Well that was easy."
The guy tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned around offered me his hand.
"Hi It's nice to meet you I'm Percy Jackson."

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
This is a crossover please move this to the crossover club or be reported
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mjkcsk said…
Hey umm so I hope you like it and comment soon and all that.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
I'm reporting you if you don't move it.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mjkcsk said…
Umm I know but i kind of need it to stay here. I only use this club on fanpop so I don't think I could post on it if it were in a crossover forum. I did another crossover and kind of lost it when I tried to put it on a cross over forum. Plus this is a MoA fanfic.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
Kay! Then failure to comply with the laws result in immediate reporting. This is your last chance.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mjkcsk said…
Wow you are kind of mean arent you? I just explained to you why I cant move it. Go ahead and report me I'll just explain what i tried to explain to you. I'm sure someone will understand.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
No one will understand you know what. I can't convince you so I'm getting the admin they're the ones who report anything that doesn't comply with the laws.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mjkcsk said…
What laws?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
Here are the club laws theses laws were written by the creator of the club

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr mjkcsk said…
umm i'm pretty sure RR is going to crossover these characters anyway does that count plus i'm pretty sure it would be abandoned if it were moved. Either way I'd be reported. The rule sucks.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
This is the Heroes of Olympus club not the crossover club! Who cares if RR is going to makae a crossover when it happens we might change the rules. And we don't care if it's abandoned that's your problem
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mjkcsk said…
ok how do i move it
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
Here's the link:link
Vor mehr als einem Jahr mjkcsk said…
ok so i moved it and anyone who wants to read it just go to the crossover forum