Helden des Olymp The Daughter of Demeter

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Title: The Daughter of Demeter

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Rating:13+ I guess

Summary: Katy Farmer a 16 year old girl, who always believe in the right of others, and always knew she was a daughter of Demeter. She never wanted to get caught up in the demigod stuff, but it caught of with her farmer family anyway. When monsters attacked, she led them away, riding a horse to New York. She got to Camp Half-Blood and walked to Chiron. She told him what happened and got stuck in alot of mess.
 Title: The Daughter of Demeter Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy Rating:13+ I guess Summary: K

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Chapter 1
Katy Farmer

I stop my horse, by pulling on the reins, walk to where Chiron is, and tell him everything that happened." Well you're save here dear Katy" says Chiron, after I tell him what happened," Who is the new kid?" A boy asks when they come. The symbol of Demeter was still floating over my head." Katy Farmer daughter of Demeter, Nate show her to her cabin" repiles Chiron.

I follow Nate to the Demeter's cabin, we plant ourselves in front of the cabin," The conseulour is Katie , and she'll help you from there" says Nate. I nod towards him, walk into the cabin, and look around. " Katie?" I ask, questionly and a girl comes over to me" Katie here the conselour" I dust off what I have on my clothes." I'm the new daughter of Demeter" I say, quitely" Oh, your bed is right there" She points to a empty bed and I sit on it.

I open my palms, grass grows out my hands, and makes a bag. I focus, my clothes appear in it, and I put it in my drawer. " You're good with plant control" one of the girls says" Well, I'm a farmer as well" I say and lay down. They're a flash in my bag and my clothes change.

I grab the orange Camp Half-Blood shirt, some balck skinny jeans and black combat boots with pin laces. I take a shower and change into the clothes." You have nice clothes. Oh by the way, I'm Hope" says one of the girls." I take you on a tour" She coutinues, and takes me to the Camp Fire.

I pull out my braid, following Hope to the Pavellion and then we finish the tour, going back to the Camp Fire, that's where all the drama started.