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Meef posted on Jul 15, 2012 at 06:09AM
Technology. It has been improving, decade after decade, year after year. More advanced appliances are being developed and improved upon daily. The entire world is connected through the internet, telephone lines, satellites, and many other forms of technology. We are all reliant on it. The economy, world news, communications, everything.

But what if one day, everything crashed?

Well, in this fictional universe of Percy Jackson, this did happen, and the effects were astounding. Astoundingly devastating.

Their experiences have been recorded here.

Rated: K

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Meef said…

I had to say, it was a perfect day. Monday, the sixteenth of July. There were clear skies over New York City, even though that stupid heatwave that had hit the eastern United States had returned. The sun shone brightly, which made it feel like it was a hundred degrees out. The skyscrapers rose above the streets, and the car horns blared as people tried to get out of the massive jam within the city.

Well, it was a perfect day until the Crash.

I was walking through Central Park, just thinking about life and other really boring stuff when suddenly my phone vibrated. A helicopter flew overhead, patrolling the city. I fumbled in my pocket while shielding my eyes from the glare of the sun. The screen reflected some light, blinding me for awhile before I regained my sense of sight. I looked at the screen and saw that it was an incoming text from Percy.

“Get back to camp, urgent” the text said.

I started to type a response that was simply two letters, then my phone started to produce static. The screen became blurry and the phone shook and died.

The distant honk of cars abruptly stopped. I looked up and saw that the helicopter was descending at an incredible speed, directly toward me.

Running away from that spot at breakneck speed, I turned back for a glance as the helicopter impacted the the pavement, its rotor blades throwing up mounds of dirt. It stopped and the pilot came out coughing, a little dazed but okay.

There’s something wrong, I thought to myself. I looked up into the sky, and I was greeted with a beautiful view of meteorites flying down into New York. Upon closer inspection it was actually those satellites that were orbiting Earth and were supposed to transmit television signals and for communication purposes. They crashed one by one into the skyscrapers of New York, loud booms ringing over the quiet streets. Smoke billowed into the sky as people tried to get out of the way.

Chaos was about, and I had to get to camp as soon as possible. I ran to the edge of the park and saw that the entire street was still. Even the traffic lights had gone out, and people were confused and running away from debris falling from the buildings. Explosions could be heard, and people were trying to get to cover in the massive chaos that ensued after the Crash.

I check my phone. Dead, when it was at 70% battery.

Cars dead, satellites down.

Simply put, all kinds of electricity had suddenly died.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr alyta2000 said…
xD Meef.
You and your crazy ideas.
But I want to read more.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr fireyes said…
Yeah. Did RR say that demigods and technology didn't mix.anyway post soon!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr universalpowa said…
Lol another forum from, Daniel he will abandon in less than a week, but ohwell :D


Vor mehr als einem Jahr Meef said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Meef said…

It’s been about a week since the Great Crash. That’s what we called it, anyway. Not sure about the other states, or the other countries of the Earth. Our communications are all down, we have no contact other than outside camp. Good news though, those we signalled to, like Leo, got back a few days ago.

Leo told us about the condition of New York City. We can see the smoke plumes from here, and they still continue to float toward the Atlantic. The camp still had candles and other materials, and our woods are full of wildlife, so we’re pretty much okay for awhile.

Travis and Connor have been at it, and they’ve managed to make a solar panel. Not sure how they made it, probably from some stolen parts as usual. But they’ve managed to power a fan for a bit before it spontaneously combusted. They said there’s something wrong with the current stuff, so they would have to rebuild everything from scratch.

So much for progression in technology.

Leo’s account of the chaos in New York was terrifying. For me, especially, since my mom and Blowfish were still stuck in the city. We saw the satellites fall toward the Earth, and I never really knew how many satellites humans had sent into the sky. At least five crashed into the city, and mostly devastating half the skyscrapers in the area.

Cars had started to combust about four hours into the Great Crash, but luckily none of our campers didn’t get hurt. Leo managed to get back with a few cuts and bruises, and Annabeth was in by the time the day ended.

I can’t really say that everything is going great for us, since we’re out of communications. We’ve been trying to communicate telepathically with our outpost in New Jersey, but we’ve only gotten a few messages.

“From the New Jersey base, about seven pm. Not sure what time it is exactly. I hope this goes through to Lou Ellen. Newark has been hit by severe power outages, everything is down. I think there are a few fires burning, but I can’t be sure. Michael still hasn’t returned from Brick, and Joey is stuck in Berkeley Heights. We’ve lost Liz I think, I saw the tower she was supposed to be in. Can’t say we’re doing well, we’re pretty low on supplies. I should have gone to the grocery store when I could. NJ base out.”


“Any progress?” I asked as I approached Travis and Connor.

“Nope, we can’t seem to create a working device,” Travis said, throwing a pile of metal into the trash.

“Yeah, even the Hephaestus cabin hasn’t succeeded. But now they have Leo, I hope they can make a fan or something soon, I’m dying in this heat,” Connor said. He wiped some sweat from his brow.

“Okay, good luck.”

Back to the devastation. A plane had landed in the lake a few days back, and we were able to save everyone before the thing sunk. That led to the discovery of the camp, but that’s the least of our worries. We need to get communications back up, and hopefully the government can solve the problem before it intensifies.

Some debris from space hit the climbing wall yesterday. Damn it.

Cabin 5 was also crushed from more debris, and there’s a leakage of oil in the lake from the plane. Also, the heatwave isn’t helping. The smoke continues to billow into the night sky, and there isn’t really anything I can do about it.

Or maybe I can.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…

Vor mehr als einem Jahr Meef said…

You’re probably wondering why I’m not calling the shots around the camp, and instead Percy is doing it. If you weren’t, it doesn’t matter. I was pretty much stranded in another continent, more or less. My dad had this idea that it would be fun for us to go on a family trip together to England. I always wanted to see that place, to study the architecture of Big Ben and visit the other places such as Stonehenge and the countryside, so I happily agreed.

If I knew this would happen, I probably would not have agreed to my dad’s idea.

We landed about a day before the big crash. Everything was going perfectly fine, and my dad and I had already planned our trip carefully. It was tedious, but our plan was efficient and it allowed us to visit a load of places and even have sufficient time to admire the surroundings.

It was around evening when the Crash happened. Since it was still noon in the East Coast, I still had quite a lot of energy because of the jet lag. The sun sets in London at about nine or ten at night, and it was still incredibly bright out. We were in Big Ben when my camera died.

It fizzed out suddenly, I had no idea what had happened. I checked my phone, and it was dead too. I looked toward my dad, who looked back at me with a quizzical look on his face. I heard some screaming in the streets below and the crash of cars could be heard. There was the sound of an explosion in the distance.

“We’ve got to see what’s going on,” my dad said, pulling me toward the exit. We descended the stairs, trying to understand what was going on. We were able to exit onto the street, where there were people shouting and screaming. I looked into the sky and a few of what looked like satellites came falling down. One of them hit Big Ben.

And we still beside it.

“Run!” I shouted to my dad. We ran for our lives, avoiding postboxes and toppled boxes blocking our path. The satellite had crashed into the middle of the tower, and there were creaking noises as the building started to give way. I looked at the wreckage. The tower was going to go down, and were still within radius.

The tower split in half, and fell onto the street below, crushing many cars and filling the air with explosions. Smoke plumes rose into the air as the shock wave knocked us over. I coughed dust and smoke out of my mouth, and luckily my dad was still safe.

“You okay, dad?” I asked, patting his back as he coughed.

“Yeah. What happened?” he said, looking back at the wreckage of Big Ben. Cars were on fire and smoke continued to billow into the blue sky.

“I’m not exactly sure. But all my electronic stuff is out.”

My dad checked his watch. “Damn, even the watch is out. Luckily your mother and brothers refused to leave the hotel, otherwise we probably would not have been able to save them all.”

Another satellite crashed into one of the skyscrapers. Glass flew all over the street and we observed from a safe distance at the people trying to find some kind of cover. All the cars and traffic lights had seemed to gone out.

“What’s going on?” I asked myself silently. I sent a telepathic signal to Lou Ellen, the camp’s alternative for communication if all our stuff was out. She sent back a message. “Unsure, will get back to you. Head to London outpost.”

“Uh, dad? Why don’t you check on mom and the boys? I have to go somewhere.”

He looked at me with that look he always gave to his inventions, like as if he understood. “Okay, go. Will you be back?”

“Yeah, of course. Don’t worry about me, I know my way around London.”

Looking at the wreckage that lay in front of me, I wasn’t sure it was the same London I knew any more.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr universalpowa said…
Ah shoot Daniel, you destroy England, my favorite place in the world, AND KILL MY NAMESAKE!
Really, so Liz has to die so early. That's not cool, at least kill One Direction so I can laugh at Monica's misery while I lay dead somewhere in New Jersey.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
Did I miss something? NICE
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Meef said…
and thanks :D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Meef said…

Reconnaissance in the city is kind of hard, since I don’t have telepathy mastered yet. Telepathy is this way of communication that Lou Ellen somehow invented during her spare time in June. Not really sure how she did it, but it allowed us to transmit messages through each other. Best of all, it’s free globally, so no complaints there. But my messages somehow keep getting screwed up and usually they don’t get past well.

“Hey Percy, I’m gonna send you a message,” I shouted at Percy from across the cabin area. I concentrated as hard as I could, trying to send a message.

“You’re getting a gents hat man? What does that even mean?”

“I said, I’m going to Manhattan!”

“Oh, fine. Be careful, not sure what’s happening in there after two weeks.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I waved at him and went to get my rucksack. Inside contained barely anything, just spare cash and a few snacks to last me the day. I left camp and took about two hours to stroll to Brooklyn Bridge. The cars there were starting to get smelly, with all the crap that dogs and cats were leaving behind. The bridge was just littered with unusable cars, their owners nowhere to be seen. It was incredibly bright out, and the heatwave had died somewhat.

The sky was perfectly clear, only a few clouds of thick black smoke lingered. That might seem bad, but it was worse two weeks before. Percy had gone to the city and did what he called “waterbending” to extinguish the fires.

Finally reaching Manhattan, I realised the area looked the same as before, just that many of the stores had been looted. It seemed as if widespread looting had occurred, and a load of glass lay everywhere. There were some overturned cars and a few graffiti signs saying that it was armageddon. I sort of believed that.

I walked around the city for the remainder of the morning. It was quiet, with some groups of people wandering around the city. A few had set up bases in the deserted buildings, and some were sleeping in cars. I found my way to Central Park blocked by a skyscraper that had toppled and caused a domino effect.

Taking a simple detour, it was easy enough to get into Central Park. The place looked the same, just that some of the grasses looked a little unkempt. I sat on one of the benches and took out a sandwich to chew on. Looking around at the sky, you couldn’t tell that Manhattan was in shambles. The helicopter debris still remained at the same spot, but the smoke had almost vanished completely. Apparently Los Angeles was hit hard, and so was San Francisco. We’ve also had contact with cities like London, Paris, Tokyo, and even Sydney. All of them went down.

Many of our campers were stranded in different parts of North America, mainly in the United States and some were overseas on holidays.

It was good, and bad.

Good thing was, other countries also had their own camps and outposts, so our campers had a place to go to.

Bad thing was, it was depressing to continuously get news from other countries about the Great Crash.

“Leo... Leo!” A voice said in my head.

“What? Who are you?” I thought loudly.

“I can barely understand you, you have to work on your telepathy. It’s Liz, I’m stranded in Jersey City, my way is blocked by those damn skyscrapers. I got in from New Jersey just yesterday, and a group of people who set up base here claim that there’s no way through. I checked, and there really isn’t. I need a path.”

“Okay, I’m coming, just stay where you are. Where are you again?”

“I said, I’m stranded -”

“No, where are you?”

“Oh, be clearer next time, will you? I’m at 12th Street, behind a row of fallen buildings. You can’t miss it.”

I munched the rest of my sandwich and headed toward Lower Manhattan.

“They said you died like, two weeks ago.”

“I have no idea what you’re trying to say, you just said “they slayed Yoda too, we know”. Seriously, work on it.”

I sighed and headed into the desolation into what was the bustling city of New York.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr universalpowa said…

Yay im not dead just stranded somewhere in NJ.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr precious211 said…
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Meef said…
new one coming soon :D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Meef said…

I never get featured in this sort of thing, huzzah! Anyway, it’s been about three weeks since the crash. We’ve been working on trying to get some electricity powered device to work, but for some odd reason they keep exploding when we send a current through them. Percy keeps blaming Gaea for this thing, saying she cut off the electrical power to Earth. I would believe him, but I think there’s something wrong with the Earth itself

Well, you can’t really expect electricity to just... short out like that. You’d have to take down all the power generators and nuclear plants on Earth, and even that wouldn’t stop it with the windmills and solar panels and whatever. But all of that stopped too, at least for us. We can’t power anything now, we have to rely on candles for light, and the nights are freaking warm.

Camp activities still go on as per usual, but a few of the senior campers are usually cooped up in the Big House trying to find out what’s wrong. Travis’ and my duties and activities have been cancelled and we’re just forced to work out a solution. They take the two most brilliant people away from all that fun stuff and give us a job: solve the electricity problem. Figures.

Well, I think we struck gold the other day. Our improvisational light bulb, also known as an exposed filament of about 800 degrees farenheit, glowed before our circuit spontaneously exploded. We sent news to Percy, but he said we needed to keep working on it.

This is one of the many breaks I get a day. I usually camp at the communications tent, and just listen to what we call the world news now. Paris still burns, according to Jason, who went there for holiday and is now stranded in France. With him gone, I could have pulled loads of pranks on the campers, but then the Great Crap happened and now I’m stuck with this job.

Piper was stuck in Miami, which somehow suffered a lot less than other countries. Not sure why, but she claimed Disney World got wiped out. Damn it.

Hazel and Frank are with a small group of Roman and Greek campers, who’ve set out on a bonding trip to Australia. They’re in Sydney, I think. I can’t be sure with all the reports coming in. The Opera House got hit, sadly, and the city is a little ruined according to their reports. They’ve helped organise the citizens into groups to survive this catastrophe, but food shortages are occurring without refrigeration.

The world economy has crumbled, and I think all the governments of Earth are in complete disarray. Widespread looting has occurred already, everywhere on the planet. Nothing’s left in New York, even all the clothes stores have been plundered. That’s what Leo said when he came back with Liz.

I think the worst hit country was one of the Southeast Asian countries, Singapore, was it? The skyscrapers there toppled and crushed other buildings, including our outpost there. Either that or they’re not getting our messages or not responding, but we haven’t gotten word from countries like Singapore, Milan, Barcelona and Honolulu. Not sure what’s the situation there.

This summer holiday sure isn’t going very well.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr universalpowa said…

Vor mehr als einem Jahr Meef said…
yeah but earth burns
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
CONNOR! WHOOT. Nice Meef. You would make a forum about everybody dying -_-
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Meef said…
yes i would how nice of you to notice