Helden des Olymp What never was

gumbee posted on Jul 14, 2012 at 12:13AM
Idk why I wanted to write again but this is gonna be a short story and I mean SHORT. So cheers!
Summary: Something happened and things went boom
Characters: PJO and stuff :/
Credits to Rick Riordan for the use of his characters and stuff
Plots mine and yep :O

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr gumbee said…
Winds buffeted the sky. It was an unnatural wind, too strong to be real, yet too big to be fake. It was as though some supernatural force had called upon it. It destroyed pretty much everything in its way and the direction which it took only led to one destination. The Empire State Building.

The boy, looking only 17 on sight stood atop the roof. His eyes gazed into the horizon. More specifically, what was coming from the horizon. The winds ruffled his hair, pushed him a little, but he stayed put on the spot.


Some said I was wrong to have done this. There was always a choice. But sometimes, choice is a hard thing to make. Being a Demigod wasn't easy. Hard to blend in. Always having enemies. But today, all my troubles would end. Nothing would be the same again.
My names Percy Jackson and this is my story......
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
Post sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­ooo­on!
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Post soon!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr gumbee said…
Chapter 1
The place was well lit, neat and carried an air of power. Swords, knives and shields of various sort lined the walls. They were made from a particular metal that shone, despite the brightness provided by the single bulb which hung overhead. In the middle of the room, gadgets not particularly possible to have been found in the 21st century lined the walls. Images flashed. One minute it was a tornado in an area, the next was a hurricane. A voice, almost mechanical spoke as each image flashed.
"Triton to section 3."
"Hephaestus to section 14"
These strange commands were nothing compared to the boy sitting in front of the screen. His elf-like face and eyes were nothing compared to his fingers. They twitched every now and then as if they were objects that could not be still.
Suddenly, a spark of fire lit on his fingers. He played with it as though it were but a toy.

"Leo Valdez!"
The elf-like boy turned.
There, by the doorway stood the girl with the weirdest fashion style ever. Her hair was dark black but her eyes were startling blue. Her outfit was dark from head to toe and the words "Death To Barbie" were imprinted on her shirt.
"Oops." The boy called Leo grinned and the flame in his hands extinguished themselves.
As he lowered them, a "STRICTLY NO FIRE" sign uncovered itself neatly from the wall in front. A small spot, hardly noticeable.
The girl by the doorway was fuming and lightning sparkled from her hands.
Another weird sign about this group.

" We've got a situation."
Her face took a drastic change over as she spoke, her brows hunched and her eyes serious.
"Protocol 13 has been activated."
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr universalpowa said…
....which i am not surprised if you abandon this in a month or less like meef does but whatever :D