Helden des Olymp Annabeth Chase plays a game of Would Du rather

Artemis253 posted on Jul 10, 2012 at 12:05AM
It all started out like a harmless game, then it ended with a bang!!!

Annabeth was so bored, Percy wasn't here and Grover was off scouting more Demi-gods. And Rachel was at an Academy learning how to do fine dining. " I am so bored," Annabeth liked to challenge herself by fighting with her cabin or aganst the Ares Cabin. " Why isn't anyone around anymore." Annaberh sighed. And went towards the big hall. Where she saw Conner and Travis Stoll.

"Hello Annabeth, want to play a game!" Travis asked! He wore a crooked smile, so crazy looking.
"That depends Travis what kind of game?" Annabeth asked curiously.
"Why just a harmless game of would you rather. Nothing to scary like some of your missions. Want to play?" Connor asked.
"Last time i checked I was talking to Travis, not you Connor. And who else would be playing?"
"Ohh Clairsse, Chris, Juniper, and us. So are you in or not?" Travis asked.
"In, where are we going to meet?"
"Outside your cabin in thirty minutes." Connor said.
"Okay. Meet you then."
* * * * * * * * * * * * *

All of them sat a circle. Travis and Connor stood up.
" Thank you all for coming, we'll be playing 'Would you Rather' here are the rules. You can have as many chicken outs as you want except each chicken out you have to do a dare that we all agree on, and you must swear on the river Styx." Travis said.
"Understood?" Connor asked.

"Understood." We all answered. After we had all sweared on the river Styx, the game began.
"Annabeth, I have a question for you." Clairsse said.
"Shoot." Annabeth said nonchalantly.
"Annabeth would you rather......."

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Artemis253 said…
Hey I could use some would you rather's for any of the characters mentioned. Thanks!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Artemis253 said…
Could you not do ones that involve kissing. Thanks!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wisegirl778 said…
Clarisse: Annabeth would you rather Percy be droped in a bat of tainted water or you never find him?
Annabeth: tainted water he is the son of posidon stupid!

would you like a co writer?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Artemis253 said…
Hey i like your idea, but Percys not there, Im i'll think about it, and all im looking for are some would you rathers! Thanks!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr KatieK101 said…
I like it :)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Artemis253 said…
Thanks do you have any would you rathers???
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
I know.

"Annabeth would you rather kiss Travis or Connor?" Clarisse asked.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Artemis253 said…
Sounds good!!! Good job justin!!1