Helden des Olymp Into Rome( My version of Mark of Athena)

Artemis253 posted on Jul 05, 2012 at 08:32PM
Hi I'm Artemis253!! :)

I am writing my very own version of Mark of Athena.This is my first Fan fiction post. It is the mark of Athena, but I titled it Into Rome so it wouldn't seem like I am trying to write the book. I hope you enjoy!!!

I also want to note that Jason is wearing his purple Praetor robes. You will see why I told you.

Please read it! please leave your comments below. If many people like it, I will continue to write the story. I encourage you to give me opinions and suggestions. I value all comments I get. If you like what your reading post that!

These characters are not mine but Rick Riordan's!All the credit goes to him!

Chapter 1:


Jason walked across the Argo II silently thinking how the Romans would take to seeing him after eight months. Waking up in bus, next to a incredibly-hot girl, claiming she was his girlfriend. And a weird mischievous who claimed to be his beat friend. That had been weird for Jason. But ever since he returned from his first quest from Camp Half-Blood, Jason had grown to like Piper and Leo, a lot. They had become like family to him. But he still felt like the campers at Camp Half-Blood didn't completely trust him. He couldn't blame them for not trusting a boy who came from another camp from another world. And The people didn't even know there was another camp that had existing Roman demi-gods. Now he didn't mind as much as before.

Over the months, his memory had come back. He could remember everything that happened at Camp Jupiter. All of his friends Don, Frank, Hazel, Gwen and Dakota. He even remember his least favorite person at Camp Jupiter....... Octavian. He remembered Reyna. Reyna his friend and co Praetor, how they had defeated titans. He remembered that Reyna and him had more than just a friendship. But neither of them had spoken their true feelings. Then everything had shattered for them.He never even got a chance to tell her how he felt. The thought of her made Jason feel anxious and guilty. Guilty that he had moved on, and maybe Reyna hadn't. Maybe she was thinking that as soon as he got back, they would be a couple. Suddenly Leo's voice awoke him from his haze.

"Land ashore!" Leo shouted!

Jason looked at Leo, dancing to Music and directing the ship with a Wii Remote and numchuck. " Woah dude don't dance while your driving the big WARSHIP!!!" Jason gave a huge smile so Leo would know he was just kidding.

"You just wish you were me with my awesome Captain hat, oh yah respect the hat." Leo gave a sly grin. " Plus you know even if I'm dancing I can control the ship easily.'

"Yeah dude, I'm just nervous about going to a Roman camp, in a huge war ship, that really doesn't look FRIENDLY." Jason got back on his train of thought. What if she hadn't given up on him? What if she thought there was still something, when he was with Piper? And again he thought it would be unfair to Reyna, for her to watch him with Piper.

Would his feelings change for Piper when he saw Reyna again? Maybe not, after their quest they had really bonded. People at camp would call Piper his girlfriend, so maybe things would be okay. He would have been so confused if piper hadn't been their to help him after the quest.

Just then Piper walked over to him. She grasped his hand, and gave him that dazzling smile of hers." Hey,don't be nervous, The camp probably got our message, I mean Leo was super good making it and with Annabeth's brains, they for sure got it." She gave Jason's hand a small squeeze.

"Yah i know."As soon as she said that he felt better. Jason already felt less nervous. It took a few moments for Pipers charmspeak to wear off. Jason stared at the approaching camp, his camp. His eyes drifting back to piper. He gave her a slight smile. He heard Annabeth behind him muttering to herself. Jason was so nervous, biting his bottom lip. He was going home. He couldn't stop worrying about how they would react to seeing him. Their Praetor. Will they hear Jason and his friends out? or would they attack the ship as soon as they saw it. Like Piper said Leo had sent to message scroll that he had designed.

Being a son of Hephaestus and a fire user, Leo could create anything. Leo was the mastermind that had made the Argo II, they had worked on the ship for months and months getting ready for fast approaching moment of getting to Camp Jupiter.

Jason had dressed in his praetor robs, to help them remember him more easily. He didn't want them to see him as someone different, and panic. He wanted them to recognize him and to hear him out. All he could do was hope for the best.

Jason had looked over the boat before they had boarded. It was huge and Warlike. He had asked himself over and over again What would the Romans do once they saw this huge warship? And the ship didn't look friendly. There was no going back now. Jason thought to himself. Besides Percy Jackson was there, and Jason couldn't help but be worried for Percy's safety. If Percy was in trouble, it was Jason's part to save him. only if he could convince the Roman's Percy was not the enemy. Jason's stomach twisted into a tight knot at the thought that Percy might be in trouble.

He turned and saw Annabeth, Piper, Leo, and Rachel the oracle looking as nervous as he felt. More people had wanted to come, but Chiron and Annabeth had said that the war ship alone would make the Roman antsy. A warship full of thirty kids would look like a army. Everyone had agreed to their terms. As all these thought replayed in his head, Jason didn't notice that they had flew over a valley. He heard a horn sound.His friends at Camp Jupiter had seen him.

Leo started to make the ship descend. They had planned to land near the Tiber.( Which Jason told them about) The ship slowly descended. That's when thing went bad!

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