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All characters belong to Rick Riordan!!
These are great stories of Hero's that have never been heard before!!
Please comment, any suggestions would be amazing!! If you like it please comment, if you like I will continue to keep writing! :)
Check out my other work !!! Its called " INTO ROME( my version)" please read and please comment.!!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Artemis253 said…
Underworld Tracking
( Characters: Percy Jackson, Thailia Grace, Nico Di Angelo) Just after the 5th book, but before he gets kidnapped!
Chapter 1:
The Entrance

Percy had just finished school and was walking home. He had Mrs.O'leary her leash. Percy was thinking about Camp Half-Blood. Why wouldn't his mom let him stay year round like Annabeth had before she made up with her dad and step-mom. Annabeth. Percy had been thinking about Annabeth every day counting down the days until he could see her on their date. Annabeth one of his best friends, and recently his girlfriend, and always his comrade. Him and Annabeth had recently become a couple and doing everything together as always. He heard a girls voice. Her voice waking him up. His face held a scowl for this girl who interrupted his thoughts.

"Aww cute poodle/ Helhound." Thalia saw his scowl. Her immortal face twisted into a frown. "That's no way to look at a lieutenant of Artemis, I could have her turn you into a bear, and have us hunt you. But just kidding I wouldn't do that, unless you make me mad." She gave Percy a big smile. Her gold bow across her shoulder.

Percy lifted is eyebrow. He examined Thalia, that's good she still had her punk look. Thalia had this ageless glow to her body. " Not looking bad Thalia, and no i don't want to be a bear and have you hunt me down." He gave a scowl " Okay so how did you find?" Being a child of the big 3( Zeus, Poseidon, Hades) it wasn't coincidence that Thalia was here.

"Well I was hunting this Gold Hawk that was declared scared." Her gold bow had suddenly dissapeard. "I saw you and well you know." She waved her hand dismissively.

" Yahh I guess." Percy was staring at Mrs. O'leary who was crouched down and growling at a bush. " What is it girl?"

Suddenly an ear piercing whistle sounded. Percy fell to his knees clutching his ears. Thalia was next to him. Mrs. O'leary was shaking. The noise stopped, and everything went back to normal. Percy and Thalia slowly got back up.

"Woah what was that?" Percy yelled.

"What, I can't hear you?" Thalia yelled back.

"I said what was th-," Percy never got to finish Mrs. O 'leary's leash jerked him down, his eyes saw darkness. He was plunging into darness. He felt someones hand jerk on his leg, then the hand went limp.

"Perrrcccy!" Thalia yelled. "Whats going on? I didn't expect this!!!"

"I don't know." Percy shouted. Finally they fell. Percy landed flat on his back. Thalia landed right next to him. ughh Mrs. O'leary what was that about, no more shadow travelling! Percy let out a long groan. He slowly sat up and looked at his surroundings. " Thalia?" He shook her shoulder. She groaned, and sat up. " Thalia are we where I think we are. The-,"

"Yes Perseus Jackson, and Thalia Grace, you are in the Underworld."
Vor mehr als einem Jahr jonny98335 said…
Woah whens chapter 2 coming out. i really like it
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Abigail253 said…
I really like your story. You should deffiantly keep writing. I am going to come back here and totally read
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Abigail253 said…
Im a little jelous your so talented!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Artemis253 said…
aww thanks
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Artemis253 said…
k cool
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Artemis253 said…
Thanks u guys