Helden des Olymp The Dangerous Son of Hermes

ConnerandTravis posted on Jul 03, 2012 at 04:31PM
I promise you guys that I won't abandon this! I PROMISE!
Plot- A son of Hermes comes to CHB. He is the most dangerous one of all. His name is Liam Johnson.
It is told from Liam's PoV.
Connor and Travis(R.R)
Johanna, daughter of Demeter
Somewhat of Percy and Annabeth(R.R)
Oscar, son of Ares
Somewhat of Nico(R.R)
Lila, daughter of Aphrodite
Somewhat of Rachel(R.R)

I only own:
Liam J, son of Hermes
Johanna, daughter of Demeter
Oscar, son of Ares
and Lila, daughter of Aphrodite.

I do not own R.R characters. All rights to R.R.

Rated: T
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
Pranks have always lead me to my expelling. I mean, how could setting a safety pin on the teacher's chair when they are not looking, get me expelled? I'm not the only kid who does it, but of course Mr. Wung doesn't care. As I left Abraham Middle school , a thing shimmered. I turned away quickly. When I turned back, there stood a dude in shorts and tee-shirt. It was one of those fancy Aeropastle shirts which I could never afford. See, I live alone. My mom died before I was 3. I never knew my dad.
Anyway, the dude was standing in-front of me. "Liam Johnson!" He boomed.
"Yeah that's my name. Tell your friends." I respond.
The guy cracked a smile. Then frowned again. "Liam Johnson!"
"Okay! What do you want!"
"Come with me and I'll make your dreams come true!"
I scoff. "I only have one dream. That's not to get expelled the first month." I walk around him.
"Have it your way," With that the dude left.
I continue my way to my "house".My house is actually an abandoned work shop. I put my bag on one of the chairs.
Too many weird things have happened in my life. A one-eyed thing attacked me during 5th grade and wouldn't leave me alone. The weird thing was, no one else could see it. I shook my head. I sat down. Before I could relax. The one-eyed thing attacked.

Vor mehr als einem Jahr jordan333 said…
Awesome post again soon please
Yay first to post!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ConnerandTravis said…
Chapter 1: My Life is Messed Up
I was staring at the thing. Shit, I thought. I'm screwed.
"Hello Mr.Monster thing," I say my 14 year-old voice cracking. "How do you do?"
The thing grunted.
"Oh your not feeling well. That's sad" putting the emphasis on sad. "I don't think you want to eat me." I did my best puppy dog face.
The monster grunted and charge.
"Okay, I'm gonna run, and you are not going to chase me. Okay?" I run after saying that.
The thing roared and chased me. I had no idea where to run. I just let my feet run. I somehow ended up at a hill. I ran up the hill as the monster smacked his giant hands, almost grabbing me. I saw two figures on the hill. One looked like it was bored. I could tell that it was girl. She had flowing brown hair. It flowed right out of her helmet. The other one, I could tell was excited. They were bouncing up and down. I waved my hand, forgetting the one-eyed monster.

The one that was bouncing up and down looked at me and then behind me. "RUN!" He yelled. I looked behind me and saw that the one-eyed thing was a stomp away from eating me. "Get help!" I yelled back. The bored one was wide-eyed. The excited one came. The other one went to get help.

I turned back to the monster. I clenched my jaw. I stuck my hand in my pocket and looked for my stink bomb. I found it and grabbed it. I chucked it at the monster and it took a step back. I ran into the kid that was charging the monster.
"Great job, kid." The guy sputtered sarcastically. He stumbled up. "Here take this." he threw me his helmet. I put it on without hesitation. The kid gripped his sword as other kids came down the hill with a battle cry: "For Camp Half-Blood!" I didn't know or what Camp Half-Blood was, but appeartly it meant a lot to these kids. The kid I had ran into stabbed the thing. As soon as he did, more monsters came out of the blue. The other kids charged the monsters. About thirty minutes later, there was dust everywhere. Like the powder kind that makes your eyes water. The kid who lent me his helmet came up to me. Everyone else had gone back up the hill.
"Gimmie back my helmet," He snapped. I took off the helmet and he snatched it.
"Okay, I'm just gonna-" I started.
"Wait, I'm Oscar."
"Liam, See ya!"
Oscar gripped me on my shoulder.
"Ow!" I winced. "You know you got quite the grip there Ozzy."
"Your a demigod."
"If that's a word for orphans who grew up in abandoned workshops, then yeah, I'm a demigod."
"You idiot. A demigod is a child of a god. We have mortal and god blood."
"Ha, my dad or mom wasn't a god!"
"You don't know either of your parents?"
I felt like Oscar was mocking me. "Yeah so? Who's your daddy?"
"Ares, war god."
"Greek mythology is not real."
"It sure is buddy, your dad is one of the Greek gods."
"Then what was that? A cyclops?" I mocked and laughed. Oscar kept a straight face.
"Yes, now come with me."
"I would if you get your hand off my SHOULDER!" I practically screamed. Oscar didn't let go. "Fine drag me to the mighty prison," I joked. Oscar picked me up.
"Fine have it your way."

We arrived at what seemed like a tree. The brown haired girl was waiting at the crescent. She saw me being carried at Oscar. I wave flirty towards her. She came over.
"OSCAR! I can't leave you with the newbies for 5 seconds without you bringing them to your interrogation station."
"Sorry Johanna," Oscar muttered. Though he didn't look sorry, he looked disappointed.
"Drop him now." Johanna commanded. Oscar drop me on the ground. "Sorry," she said to me.
"No problem, I get dropped at school." I joked.
Johanna laughed, Oscar was bored. Johanna had green hazely eyes. I looked at Oscar's eyes. They were brown. So brown, they looked almost black. Oscar's face was chizeled while Johanna's was soft.
"Um, so I'm guessing you are Johanna and Oscar. See ya!" I tried escaping again but Oscar gripped my shoulder again. "Ow! Pain, pain!"
"I'll show you around camp, um what's your name?" Johanna asked.
"Liam." Oscar answered.
Johanna glared at Oscar.
"He's right." I say.
"Come on Liam." I got up.
"Oscar said something about me being a demigod," I said when we were touring the cabins.
"You are," Johanna simply said.
"How?" I asked.
"Your dad or your mom is a god. Which parent do you live with?"
"Gods dammit!" Johanna cursed.
"It's easier to find your parent. Go to cabin 11. Now. Your life probably depends on it."
"My life is seriously messed up," I mumbled as I ran.
"You have no idea!" Johanna shouted.