Helden des Olymp The Horror of auto correct!!!!!

BlackNova13 posted on Jul 03, 2012 at 08:05AM
Prologue :

Nico: Cello. ...Is anything home...what did I justice say..?!

Annabeth:Nicotine did you just clip the autocorrect butter?

Apollo:Herman why did you down this stuffing! !seriously why do you make us eject the paid of autocorrect!

hermes : No!No! I didn't do anything It wash thatch person overt there seen looked attention guilty fact off that innocent idiot. ..!...didn't do anything ignore that shitty post i among many mental case gods that were
cursed byte the paid one....

Percy:What the heck on Earth is going on here!?

Nico:autocottoncandy is anything going on here and i love to hug fluffy unicorns that are pink...... :O uhh i did not just say that...

Thalia :He'll hug fluffy unicorns that are pink end of autocorrect hermes zap zap zap goes My dad and poseidon goes splash splash splash and Hades goes hug hug hug
and the cow goes mood....ummmmm....

Hades:Exchange me I do not hug!!!}:(

Thalia: Why would I exchange you make us eject the cow goes mood! :-\

Nico: Annabeth case gods that are pink see shed wonder dent that she called me nicotine!

Annabeth: persecutors I Hades something to tell you.....i haven't found anything going on here and i love to tell you i hate that you are
pink. ....

Percy: ?...O.O what the heck! since when was I pink? !

Annabeth:i did now just see that!

Artemis:Since when was Perseus pink Annabeth?


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