Helden des Olymp The Mark of Athena (I know there's alot of these but please read, mines diffrent)

AnnabethChase55 posted on Jun 21, 2012 at 04:46PM
Like the title said, this mark well be diffrent from the rest! Hi! I'm new here, like brand new, and I wanted to make my one mark! So hope you enjoy!

Characters: Basicly everyone from PJATO and THOO

Setting: Both camps, other places, Rome.

Summery: In The Son of Neptune, Percy, Hazel, and Frank went on a quest to save the god of death. (Forget his name, sorry!) In The Lost Hero, Jason, Piper, and Leo went on a quest to save Hera. Now, Percy, Hazel, Frank, Jason, Piper, Leo, and the unknown 7th person of the prophecy has to go on a quest to save Nico. Some of 7 want to because its personal, (Percy, Hazel, unknown person) others want to because he has the answers they need, the answer of who has the Mark of Athena, (Jason, Piper, Leo) and one does it for his girlfreind. (Frank) Well they save Nico? Or well they fail? well something happen to the 7 that will make them only 6? Is the person who has the mark one of the 7? Why am I asking so many questions? Read to find out!


I don't oun nothing!

I will not post offend, so yeah. Bye!

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
Post sooooooon
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AnnabethChase55 said…
big smile
I'll try now, but it may not be a full chapter, I have to go soon. So bye for now . . . .
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AnnabethChase55 said…

EVEN BEFORE LEO ANNOUNCED THEY WOULD BE LANDING SOON, ANNABETH WAS MORE SCARED THEN ZEUS WAS DRAMATIC. For the first time in months, she was less then an 5 min. away from the hero of Olympus. "Or Seaweed Brain." she said smiling to herself. "What?" said a voice behind her. She spon around and saw Piper, who had a confused look in her eye. "Sorry," Piper said. "I was about to talk to you when you said . . . ." "Or Seaweed Brain." Annabeth finished for her.

I have to go! Sorry it took so long! :D
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AnnabethChase55 said…
and aso sorry its so short... im ina rush so ill post later
Vor mehr als einem Jahr AnnabethChase55 said…
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Okay, I'll post tonight or tomarow. Sorry, but I'm busy!