Helden des Olymp Nico Vs Thalia

ConnerandTravis posted on Jun 07, 2012 at 09:23PM
I do not own Nico, Thalia and whoever pops up in this story, unless it is a name that you have not heard of in the books, then they belong to me

Ideas are welcome

Basically, it is a bunch of short stories about Nico and Thalia In these stories they battle and sometimes it is a prank by the Stoll brothers(Who will be popping up a lot), or just another cousin rivalry.

I am keeping scores on who wins after every post.
Ex. If Thalia wins the first 'battle', it will look something like this::
Nico: 0
This will be told in 3rd person.

Season 1:
2: Irony, you gotta love irony.
*others to come*
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Kool can't wait
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Season 1
Episode 1: Pilot.
Springtime was in the air. Everyone except for the Hypnos cabin, was out and about. The huntress were here. Twitch the warm days and breezy nights, what could possibly go wrong?
Thalia was taking a stroll to the amphitheater, while Nico, Connor, Travis, Annabeth, Lacy, and Caroline were doing a play. Thalia happened to walk by as Nico was kissing Caroline. Thalia gasped and hid behind a tree that was thankfully there. What Thalia didn't see, was that there was four other people there.
Nico surfaced from his 10 second kiss. "Nice practice Caroline," he said. "You were good."
"Thank you Nico! You were awesome too!" Caroline congratulated
Connor, Travis, Annabeth, Lacy and Caroline left Nico.
Thalia(who was still behind the tree and was too wrapped in her thoughts to listen), counted to twelve before she came put from the tree. She found Nico on the aphitheator steps, thinking deeply.
"BOO!" Thalia screamed. Nico jumped up and accidentally hit Thalia in the face.
"Ow! You little turd!" Thalia screamed.
"Well that's what you get for scaring a child of hades!" Nico.countered.
"I thought children of Hades couldnt get scared?" Thalia asked.
"Well your stupid then."
"I'm not stupid, stupid."
"That's right stupid. You're stupid....... Stupid." Thalia smacked him on the arm.
"Thag doesn't make any sense. Why did you hit me?"
"Because you're stupid."
"That's not really a good reason."
"What did you call me?" Nico challenged.
"How come you get mad at me now? Idiot!" Nico slapped Thalia across the face. Then it becomes spa-fest. Nico slapped Thalia so hard that Thalia hit a tree that was about 5 feet away from where they were standing. Thalia had blacked out and Nico was crowned the winner of this battle.

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This is really good post more plz
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okay next battle please.