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hi_ello_hola posted on May 31, 2012 at 03:36PM
I know, i haven't really updated any forums of mine lately, but i had a sudden urge to start this one :)
It is basically a ton of random moments that revolve around Leo
. There are too many forums revolving around everybody BUT him. Feel free to add your own, or(since I always do it in my head if i'm dissatisfied with what happened from a certain point) make your own versions to my short stories. So here we go~

Disclaimer- i own nothing, all rights and reserves go to Rick Riordan! This is just me playing around with some of his characters.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr darkrai6543 said…
yay first comment! and may i say that that is the single most random title eva!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr hi_ello_hola said…
LEO WAS HAVING A FAIRLY NORMAL DAY, well as normal as it gets for a demigod. He was sitting in one of the underground tunnels that connected to his oh so amazing bed, fiddling with a robotic bird he created while in conversation with...himself.
"Valdez you are SOOOOO hot, you know that right?"
"Why of course, I AM quite charming if i do say so myself."
"I don't know why everyone seems to think differently, they're probably just jealous of-"
"my flaming Valdez charm!"
A different person cut in, " Talking to yourself AND cutting yourself off? Dude you need to get a girlfriend!" Leo looked up, alarmed and overly embarrassed.
"Nyssa! What in Hades are you doing here?!"
"Exploring, the same thing we thought you were doing."
A chorus of yeps and uh-huhs rang out, enough to be half of the Hephaestus cabin.
"Man that was hilarious, wait till we show this to Connor and Travis!"
"ooooh, planning on showing videos of me to the rest of the camp now? Wicked!"
At that, he began to dance like a complete idiot.... if idiots have a dance partner made of fire, that is.
Plz comment your thoughts! thank you
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr hi_ello_hola said…
Why thank you darkrai543 :)
I do try
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ReadingGurl said…
Really funny
Vor mehr als einem Jahr hi_ello_hola said…
Sorry i havent been able to update! busy summer.....
"HEY I JUST MET YOU and this is crazy! But im a zombie, and your face looks tasty!"
Travis Stoll got a few strange looks while sitting in the pavillion at lunch.
"Dude, im not sure whether i should laugh, or run for my life." Said Conner as he sat down right beside him. "But i bet i can beat that!" Piped up a cheerful and hyper Leo.
"oh really?" Travis asked, genuinely confused about how anyone could beat him at his own game. Now there were tons of people saying their own versions of the song.
"Hey I just met you, and we are family! But you are so cute, so date me maybe!"
"Hey I don't know you, and you're a complete stranger! But you look familiar, like my dad maybe?"
"QUIEEEEEEEEET!" Leo yelled trying to bring the attention to himself so he could say his own. He grinned and started.
"Hey I just met you, and i know your really crazy! But im a firebender! So don't mess with me lady!" He added an exaggerated trust with his hand and added a flame to it for effect.
"I have to admit it Leo.... you actually looked like a firebender there!"
"Thank you, thank you very much." Leo responded with a terrible Elvis Presley immitation.
Piper shook her head and turned back to her siblings.
Just then Jason walked in with Chiron and Mr. D.
"Soooooo what'd i miss?"
Sorry if it wasnt that good... or long
I just felt i had to give you guys SOMETHING
Hope you liked it ayways!
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