Helden des Olymp Deaths Quest

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Summary: In the giant's war the demigods had won but they had lost the seven who were dragged down with her to sleep for eternity. The gods didn't risk sending demigods there to gain the kids back no one dared to even murmur a word about one of the seven. The camps joined and how better could life be? But when your a demigod nothing really adds up to good. Nico expects to be able to relax and settle down but when Rachel issues him a prophecy he chooses two demigods as his companions.

All characters belong to Rick Riordan.


The ground had bodies all around me no matter how far I went it didn't stop millions and millions of bodies of demigods. I hated this dream it haunted me to where for a while I hadn't gone to sleep I made my hands fists and closed my eyes the dream had to end sometime. "A son of Hades not liking death" a sleepy voice taunted.

"Stop this Gaea your defeated" I said.

"Yes I am but I can still haunt you with nightmares nothing else I can't rise until the end of your lifetime and maybe then I'll defeat the gods" she said and then sighed.

"You can dream for that" I growled opening my eyes the seven were in a a line tied up and their mouths duct taped "but no demigod will let you."

"I had my best spies on you and I couldn't get anything from you tell me how do you do it" she said.

"No" I said looking at Hazel, Frank, Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, and then Leo in that order their heads hung down in their deep sleep "I can't" I said smiling.

"I will do worse just tell me" her words were demanding now.

"Try me" I said smiling everyone but Hazel sunk into the background "scary" I said sarcastically then Hazel's bonds disappeared and she woke up and glared at me.

"Thanks Nico you could've saved us and you saved the traitor Octavian in instead" she growled her words were poisoned I raised my eye brows.

"That's all you can come up with" I yawned and Gaea appeared.

"Would you like to replay the day" she said.

"No!" I shouted to late I was in Rome seven hills spread out Gaea was starting to fall to slumber and that's when everything went wrong I could save the seven or Octavian. Cause dirt wrapped high around them and was overwhelming them "Percy, Hazel, Frank, Annabeth, Leo, Piper, and Jason I'm coming" I said running towards them.

"No get Octavian Nico save Octavian or I will so-" Percy was cut off as it covered his mouth Hazel was the only one that was holding off the dirt that was climbing pretty fast.

"Nico save Octavian I can get out see" she said waving her hand I nodded and helped the teddy bears nightmare out of his dirt trap I turned to see if Hazel made it to see no one.

"She's mine" Gaea rumbled before falling asleep.

"No!" I screamed I ran to where Hazel had been standing and started to dig for her "I need her" I yelled.

"There's always a way to break a hero" Gaea murmured in my ear I felt Octavian's hand in my shoulder I stopped digging.

"When I get my hands on you I will rip you part by part by myself" I growled through my clenched teeth.

"Stupid dirt lady took brothers!" Tyson yelled smashing the ground with his club.

"And shall we head to the shrouds" Gaea murmured in front of me appearing.

"No please stop" I said.

"You should be waking up any time now so until next time" she said.

I woke up with Thalia by my bed I pulled her into a hug "hey Thals" I said.

"Hey Nico" she said pulling away her hair done in a hunters braid she was wearing combat boots, jeans, and a black t-shirt.
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Chapter 1

I walked to the pavilion and got some breakfast then I disappeared into the shadows taking in peoples fighting ways no one knew I could fight greatly everyone never saw me except my real friends. Shadow traveling to Rachel's cave was easy now shadow travel was simple except the part of being slightly tired. "Hey Rachel" I said she smiled at me and stood and walked over to me she had jeans and a white t-shirt.

"Hello Nico" she said smiling "what's up?"

"Nothing much but I am getting closer to finding out where they are the gods are hiding it but they know where Gaea's keeping the seven," I said walking over to her couch and sitting on it. Apollo had done great decorating a hot pink rug beneath my feet and a TV couch and a bed in the corner.

"Percy, Annabeth, Hazel, Frank, Leo, Piper, and Jason are dead" she said listing them.

"No they aren't we have no proof that they are and the gods didn't let us burn their shrouds isn't that suspicious?" I asked her.

"Yea. But not the point we can't just search for them and don't even know where they are" she said.

"I just can't let Gaea take them so easily" I said.

"No one is allowed to go on a quest to save them anyway" she pointed out "the gods forbid it."

"I'm not going on a quest. I'll say its a rescue mission to save Dorthy" I said.

"Dorthy as in Dorthy as the wizard of Oz?" Rachel asked.

"I have to save Grover" I said.

"Better but Grover's perfectly fine in the strawberry fields" she said.

"Okay Captain Obvious if it weren't for two certain Greeks you'd not be here would you?" I asked.

"No" she said.

"Then help me track them" I said.

"Fine I'll do it" she said.
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Chapter 2

"Won't you have to have a quest to find them?" Thalia asked.

"Yeah. Then the gods can't say you can't and you can find the seven" Clarisse said.

"And I'd have to bring Grover and Clarisse cause I mean Thalia your a hunter and technically" I trailed off.

"If I couldn't spend time with my cousin do you think I'd join the hunters" Thalia said we were sitting at the campfire in a small group. The rest of the campers were singing and that drained away once water shot high into the sky right from the ground. Romans and Greeks looked dumbfounded at the pillar Poseidon wouldn't cause Zeus wouldn't have allowed it and the only other person Percy. The pillar of water started to fall dirt was climbing it and covering it the fire joined it climbing taller and taller then lightning struck the water and fire gems flew up joining the water sparkling. The dirt was falling down bit by bit pegasi, birds, and rodents ran and flew around the pillars.

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