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Chapter 1

Annabeth’s POV

As soon as I saw Percy, my legs went weak. I ran up to him, tackled him, and kissed him. Then I cried. For about five minutes, everyone stood there, watching me. After that, mortification dawned me and I let go of him.

“Um, Sorry.” I said, still transfixed in Percy.

“It’s okay. I guess.” Reyna replied, trying not to laugh, but her eyes filled with understanding. I guess she felt the same about Jason or something.

“Now can we start talking?” Percy said, still beet red from the ‘moment’. Then total chaos intervened. The Greeks took one side of the whole place, drawing their weapons. The Romans took another side, without weapons but still full of fight. A statue, or, as Percy explained to me, Terminus, god of borders, was just plainly annoyed, shouting here and there to the Greeks, saying it was a ‘no weapon’ zone and all that.

“All right, all right, calm down. We’re all fighting for the same cause: Gaea.” said Jason.

“But the Greeks are our enemies! They have been, and will always be!” said someone.

“He’s the augur, or oracle, and his name was Octavian, descendant of Apollo. He’s, um, really annoying.” Percy said, telling me of the one who just rudely shouted out. The words didn’t suit him, but he was right. To me, he had an aura. One that made me repulsed.

“Why don’t we show the Greeks around?” proposed Reyna.

“I’ll go with Percy.” I said immediately. Percy was trying not to laugh. I stopped him with a swift kiss on the cheek.

“We’ll show you around, um…” Hazel started.

“I’m Piper, and this is Leo, the repair boy.” said Piper.

“I prefer the name “Supreme Commander of Argo II.” retorted Leo.

“More like “Supreme Commander of Repairs”.” replied Piper.

“Well, ANYWAY, um, come on! This is the…” Then Hazel’s voice was lost in the wind.

“I’ll tag along!” said Frank.

Then came the storm. Percy fainted, with horrible wounds on his chest and back.

Everyone was shocked.
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tell me if its good...
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Oh what the heck I'll just post the second chapter along (Need help with the third chapter for POV) (TELL ME WHO YOU SUGGEST!!:) EDITED

Chapter 2

Percy’s POV

When I saw Annabeth, my heart had a leap of faith. Finally. After eight months, she is finally here, and I have finally found her. I felt many things, many emotions at that moment. Relief. Happiness. And a tinge of sadness and embarrassment for being gone so long. She tackled be and kissed me, and I was lost in her for five minutes. Then we were back in the world of Chaos and Demigods. I stopped the Greeks and Romans, with Jason, from attacking each other. I was about to give her a tour of the Camp Jupiter, when time stopped, and the ‘holy mother of earth’ came.

“Gaea.” I said.

“How nice! You remember me.” Gaea’s cruel voice sounded.

“Go away.” I retorted.

“Oh, but I want to give you a little present. AND a warning. Your... Girlfriend might not be as faithful as you thought...” Gaea replied. I was about to ask what she meant then tell her to shut up when a knife pierced my chest, then my back. Poison attacked me. I fainted into darkness…

Chapter was kinda short but…
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This is good,as for the POV suggestion Just do who you think is interesting and is easy to do or for fun you could just have Octavian do a POV with him ranting on and on about how the Greeks are evil! For some reason I'd adore that
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Chapter 3


Octavian’s POV (LOL)

Impossible. After everything I have planned… that… imbecile comes up and destroys it. Percy becomes praetor. I should have had that praetorship! So, in the dead of night, I secretly walked onto earth and called on Gaea.

“Gaea. I know you can hear me,” I started, but was stopped by the earth goddess herself.

“Why have you come? You, a loyal legionnaire! Or are you?” asked Gaea.

“Shut up. I need some help. I want to be praetor. And for it, I will become your… inside helper.” I replied.

“Fascinating. A loyal legionnaire coming to help me?! Incredulous! Though I will consider this offer of yours. I have a knife. A poisoned knife. Stick it in Percy Jackson’s chest and back. After that, I will consider what you have said.” said Gaea.

“Fine. I will. Give me the knife.” Octavian said. “I need the revenge, anyway.”

Gaea chuckled. Then she laughed. The laugh turned into a full-on cackle. She held out the knife, and Octavian took it.

“ I will speak to him. When the ship ends. Everyone will be frozen. Except you and Jackson.” continued Gaea.

Octavian walked away, hearing but not listening to the voice on the back of his head. You have lost. Both your praetorship and your colleagues’s trust.

And so I went, still thinking about those stupid Greeks who ruined my plan. Those traitors. So stupid.

Octavian ignored it.
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Yay! Octavian insulting Greeks and he's a mole,interesting,I wonder what will happen the others find out though.
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Chapter is still short, but... I need help for next chapter. Who's POV? Octavian(LOL)? Percy? Annabeth? Reyna?

Chapter 4

Jason’s POV

Finally. We see the great Percy Jackson. But he had fainted without us formally meeting. I wonder how. Gaea. Must have been. Piper sat with me on one of the camp’s many fields. We were watching the stars, after Hazel and Frank’s welcome tour. She snuggled close to me, then laid her head on my lap. I looked at her.

“It was Gaea who did this, isn’t it?” asked Piper.

“Yes. That (censored) Gaea made this whole (censored) thing, and she (censored) hurt Percy.” I replied.

“Oh my gods. THREE swear words in one sentence? Calm down!” retorted Piper.

“I’m always calm when you’re near.” I re-retorted. After I said that, we kissed.

“All right. You win.” Piper said, exhilarated.

“Win what?” I asked, smiling. I then kissed her again.

“Stop. I don’t want this… to go any further. Let’s go check on Percy.” Piper evaded.

“Ok.” I reluctantly walked to where Percy was.
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VERY SRY I HAVE NOT POSTED YET. NO EXCUSES FOR THAT BUT... I kinda gave up on it, and had a writer's block. i will now continue the story. VERY SORRY again. A/N: For all Percabeth lovers, be careful. THIS IS NOT A PERCABETH.
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YAY! Next post after a month lol...

Chapter 5

Percy’s POV

I was in the Roman infirmary when I woke up. I kept my eyes closed because there were two people in the dark. Then I realized it was Annabeth and Octavian. Wait… ANNABETH AND… AND… OCTAVIAN?! Impossible! They were talking! No, wait, were they also… kissing?

“Octavian… stop… what if Percy wakes up and finds out about us?” Annabeth asked, with little reinforcement to her words.

“Come ON. He was poisoned. There is no WAY he could actually wake up now, Annabeth.” Octavian replied smugly. I, for one, was shocked. Annabeth was cheating on me? With OCATAVIAN?! That slut. I decided to keep acting sleep, but I was close to tears. I felt my heart break. I was trembling with rage and profound sadness.

After who-knows-how-long, Annabeth finally stopped making out with Octavian. Finally. That took time. A lot of time. I was close to puking from their moans and smooching. I still couldn’t believe Annabeth. Then I fainted from rage.

I finally woke up in the morning. Everyone came and saw me awake, then hugged me. “Seaweed Brain! What happened? I was so worried!” Annabeth said with, well, worry. I hope that Annabeth kissing Octavian was all a dream, but something told me it wasn’t.

“Annabeth… can I… talk… to you? In private?” I asked with pain. This is where the truth comes out. I looked at everyone, emphasizing the word private . They left hurriedly.

“So, what do you want to talk about, Seaweed Brain?” Annabeth asked, totally disinterested.

“Did… did… you cheat on me? With Octavian?” I asked. Then my face fell as I saw Annabeth’s face. Shock, Happiness, and rage.

“How did you know?” Annabeth asked, darkly.

“How could I not when you two were making out right in front of me?! I asked, now totally mad.

“Well, I guess you were right. You are too stupid for the likes of me. I’m breaking up with you.” Annabeth retorted smoothly, cruelly, happily.

“Damn you, Annabeth. Damn you.” I replied. Then my rage overwhelmed me. A wave fifty feet tall smashed the building. Everyone ran out. I could hear their screams. Annabeth just walked out the door.
“Ahh! Tsunami!!” someone said.

“My teddy bear!” another shouted.

“Noo! My breakfast is ruined!” one screamed.

“My makeup!” a daughter of Aphrodite, I presumed, moaned. Then the wave hit home. I was so mad, that I summoned rainstorms and lightning shocks, also tornadoes and a gale-force wind. An earthquake shook the ground. All the while, I was in my safe little room in the infirmary, oblivious to everyone and everything but my sulking and rage. Tears fell as I finally let myself give in to the pain. I was scarred emotionally. Then, I fainted once again.
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Chapter 6

Percy’s POV

I could not believe this. After hearing that I was the culprit of the storm, and hearing about Anna-her lies, which everyone but Thalia (She arrived with the ship, but Nico was captured, REMEMBER?) believed. She said I tried to kill her because I dumped her then wanted her back. I was kicked out of the camp, isolated from my friends and one of my homes. The pain, the emotional pain - was unbearable. My tears left a trail, all the way to CHB. Once I arrived, Chiron greeted me. I was happy that the news hadn’t spread. Around a week later, a new half-blood arrived at camp. His name was Tom.

The campfire was nice today, but with only Chiron and Tom here… It was quite miserable. All the Greek demigods had left, except yours truly. Tom was very obnoxious and a snob. He told Chiron and me that he was the best demigod alive. He boasted through the whole campfire. Just when we were about to leave because of curfew, A sign appeared atop of his head. No. This is impossible… The sign… Was a Trident...

“All hail Tom Dense, (LOL) son of Poseidon, Earth Shaker, Storm Bringer, and God of the Sea!” Chiron shouted. Me and him kneeled down. Tom seemed smug because we kneeled. Just then, A bright flash appeared. Poseidon emerged from it. “Son.” he called.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Not you, “ he began, somewhat irritably, “Him.”

“Yes, Father?” He asked, a smug look plastered on his face again that he had been called on.

“Would you like to come with me? To my palace? I would not like to see my only son left out from the war.” He asked with pride. Only son?

“Dad, what about me?” I asked, now wary.

“You? You DARE speak to me? After what you have done to the Roman camp?! You are not my son! I have decided. You are banished after what you did. Now get out!!!” He yelled, his voice enhanced into godly standards. He then spoke about the whole thing, with Annabeth’s lies.

“GET OUT OF MY CAMP, you worthless SCUM!” Chiron screamed, mad and angry.

“But…” I started to explain, but was cut off.

“SHUT UP! GET OUT!” Poseidon exclaimed.

“Yeah, you piece of sh*t. Go die with the monsters where you belong.” Tom added on.

“Why you…” I charged at him with my anger in full wind. He pulled out a sword and I disarmed him quickly and put Riptide at his neck. He then moved his chest and feigned left, being fake struck by the blade. Even though it was a small cut, he acted like it hurt.

“Get out, or I will #*$*#% KILL YOU!!!” Poseidon shouted once more.

“Fine. If no one cares, then I will leave Not because you told me to, but because there is nothing left for me.” I put Riptide on Poseidon’s waiting hand, and left.

"Die, just like your mother and step-father did!" Poseidon continued, "Yes, they are dead. BECAUSE OF YOU!"
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Chapter 7

Percy’s POV

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~30 years later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It has been thirty years since I was betrayed by everyone but Nico Di Angelo and Thalia Grace. After I left, Chaos found me and trained me. I became his son and was made a primordial, or a protogenoi, of the council. I became Epsilon, a name feared throughout the universe, primordial of Time, Betrayal, Pain, Ice, Water, Swordsmanship and Galaxies (Given from Chaos), the son of Chaos, and the second most powerful being in the Universe. These thirty years I have been training were full of hardships. I was not only Chaos’s son, but also his assassin. The war with Gaea was over, but instead of me, Tom was one of the seven. All veterans of the seven were made immortal, Annabath, Hazel, Tom, Frank, Jason, Piper and Leo. I had just finished yet another mission when Chaos called me to his office. Only he knew my true identity.

“Percy, it is time for you to return to earth, my son. Gaea is now fully awake, and all the Titans are out for revenge, same as the giants. All of them have joined forces and are attacking Olympus. The only way they can be saved is for you to come.” he explained.

“I do not like this, Father, but your wish is my command. When do I leave?” I asked.

“Now. With me.” He replied as he opened a portal. I put on my mask, to mask (LOL) my identity. As we stepped out, I realized that we were in the throne room of the Gods.

“Hello, Gods and Goddesses.” All the Deities all became quiet as they noticed the two powerful auras in their throne room.

“Who are you?” Zeus asked, but I could tell he was scared.

“I am Chaos, and this is my son, Epsilon.” he replied breezily.

“Wha-at? Chaos? Like, the most powerful being in the Universe? That Chaos?” Apollo asked. His only reply was a nod.

“Milord, from what do we owe this honor of your visit?” Zeus asked, kneeling.

“As you all know, Gaea and her sons are have risen and have waged WWIV. My son shall help you, for this you can not win alone. The Ancient Laws are not bound to him, and neither are the Fates. With him, you will win.” Chaos said. “But beware, he hates all of you for what you did for him. Now, ta-ta.” Chaos opened another portal and left.

“So… the son of Chaos. Who are you and what is your name?” Athena asked, still trying to figure out why he hated them.

“My name… is Epsilon, which Chaos told you before, and I am the primordial of Time, Betrayal, Ice, Pain, Water, Swordsmanship, and Galaxies.” He replied. Everyone was shocked.

“Chronus has faded a long time ago, just in case you did not know.” Epsilon rhymed.

“But what is your real name?” Athena asked.

“That is for me to know, and for you to find out.” Epsilon replied.
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