Helden des Olymp the mark of athena Lea style

lea07 posted on May 14, 2012 at 11:42PM
the mark or Athena
,S­­­ad­,­­­Fr­­i­e­­nd­­­s­hi­­p, Romance and some more
Main Character(s):RR characters and Raven (I'll tell you her last name later) and she uses a lot of other names too ,and some more

MY story starts a month BEFORE the ArgoII lands and its a bit complicated but it works out
The Argo is being build but the 3 heroes of TLH are still enjoying the regular classes on CHB but when a cat enters the picture they find that she goes way back and that she will help them on the quest.

Disclaimer: PJO and HOO belong to Rick Riordan.

I know i didn't explain it good but don't give up on me k
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr swiftwater said…
post soon.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Neptune2148 said…
big smile
It was good post soon
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Blackjack-Arion said…
big smile
great story :) love the cat :) keep posting
Vor mehr als einem Jahr crazyperson22 said…
This is so Cool! A magical cat now thats awesome unlike my cat thats a total whimp.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Firestrike22 said…
that was so funny!!!! XD I love KIT!!!!!!! favorite character all ready!!! Do post again!!!!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr crazyperson22 said…
for second there I thought the girl was thaila but she has blue eyes(and she probably wouldn't be in swimming togs)green eyes,black hair,sounds like a daughter of the sea. Cool chapters.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr crazyperson22 said…
Princess of the sea daughter of Poseidon? That Kinda confused me.I still enjoyed the chapter thought!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Magic1799 said…
What is Percy gonna say about that??