Helden des Olymp The Hero Forever Lost

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I'm doing this with Horse22133454

Summary:Percy Jackson never expected his parents to die. Once they do he goes to Kronos and takes in the titan on Olympus he dies a hero. Nico Di Angelo has saved Olympus from destruction Luke and Annabeth are dating but when Gaea rises she tells them she had sent Percy to the depths of tatarus and Hera tells them the only way is to retrieve the Hero of Olympus for he is a part of this war as the fates said. Chaos found the helpless hero of Olympus floating in Styx and took in the hero bringing him back to life and training him. Once the demigods find Percy he is the helper of Chaos and second in comand.

All Characters belong to Rick Riordan

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr horse22133454 said…

"Nico" I choked out "the dagger" he met my eyes then grabbed Annabeth's dagger and threw it towards me I caught it and unfastened my armor and put the dagger in my Achilles spot I let out a sigh as the spirit of Kronos left my body Annabeth leaned over me and so did Luke, Grover, and Nico as my life started to end.

"Percy you can live we can get ambrosia and nectar and-"

"Its fine G-man" I interrupted Grover I smiled slightly Annabeth had tears in her eyes "did you love me?" I asked.

"Sorry I was so stupid to think Luke was helping Kronos when you were" she said "we could have stopped it."

"Its fine" I said "I will be with my parents in Elysium" I smiled thinking of them they died cause of this war.

"Percy you were the hero not me" Nico said tears gathered in his eyes before I let out my last breath and closed my eyes and started towards the Underworld.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr shubham06 said…
Hey man.... Is it like Percy in place of Luke???
Anyway the idea seems awesome so post sooooon and often...
Vor mehr als einem Jahr jojo12313 said…
Chapter 1 Olympians Warning
Olympus Pov
The palace was tense. An Argument was surly about to happen. Before

a word was spoken a powerful, yet sleepy voice filled the room.

“Sleeping Hero will never awake

He will always be in a lake

Fear not there is hope

But the Fates will cut the rope”

And as fast as the voice it appeared it disappeared. The Gods

were all silent for awhile until Hera broke the silence. She

yelled in a commanding voice.” We need to find this Hero. I will

report this to Camp. It was a surprise she could do that even

though the voice of Gaia made the room silent. In a blink of an

eye she disappeared.

Before long the palace was empty. The gods slept knowing

something terrifying was suppose to happen.
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somone comment for 2 chap
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Post soon, please!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr horse22133454 said…
Chapter 2
The warning of the camps

I smiled as I held Luke's hand "so what do you want to do now since we have nothing to do" I said.

"Well you could stop acting like you two are the only ones in camp" Nico commented.

"Hey Nico" I said.

"Yeah" He said.

"What have you been doing?" I asked.

"Searching for Percy cause I know he is in the underworld and I am going to find him" Nico said.

"Wheres your girlfriend Nico?" Luke asked.

"At the archery range" Nico said.


I walked hand in hand with Annabeth as we walk to the sword arena a golden light filed the air then Hera appeared I bowed with Annabeth "rise I came to issue a quest Nico Di Angelo come forward" she said I made a fist as I rose.

"Hera I think it would be a better idea to have a older camper go on the quest" I said.

"Yes my lady?" Nico asked stepping forward.

"You shall hold a quest the prophecy has been given and you shall find the hero of Olympus Perseus Jackson" Hera said Annabeth gasped at this then she put her head into my chest and started to cry.

"I will take Nyx and hmmm" Nico said.

"I'll go" I said.

"Nico I want to go no I need to go" Annabeth said.

"Annabeth and Luke" Nico said.
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Chapter 3
Nico Pov

I was standing there in excitement. I was my first time to lead

a quest, but his time to find a brother of mines. The problem

was I was unsure. The prophecy was so revealing. I couldn’t be

this easy. So I packed a lot of Nectar and Ambrosia, also plenty

of sweet stuff. My plan was to shadow travel to the underworld,

and retrieve Percy. When I was done my Sack weighed about 50

pounds. All I had in there was sweet t food and a weapon. I

decided to check on the others. Man we took this quest so

seriously. They brought 20 pounds. They really wanted Percy

back, but something kept on bugging me about how easy this quest

was. Chiron was also thinking the same thing. He was telling us

to be careful. For a matter of fact, he told us 5 times. What

also bottered me was the sky was dark. That meant I could not

shadow travel to the underworld. I was really hoping the minute

we step outside it would be sunny.

15 minutes later
Nico pov

Wow the minute we step out we see monster. I mean how unlucky is

that. The worst part of this quest was we were suppose to go on

foot, because it was still dark. We finished it up pretty

quickly just for the 4 of us. Hey, have I mentioned Nyx is my


Well, um it started.
Nvm its a long story
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like it love it hate it
plz comment
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love it and I will start the next chapter
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I like it!

Post soon, please!!
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post soon I like it
Vor mehr als einem Jahr horse22133454 said…
Chapter 4

I walked by Nico's side Annabeth and Luke walked behind us "Luke hes alive" Annabeth muttered.

"He can't hes dead everyone knows the rules of death Annabeth" Luke said.

"Believe it or not Percy is alive and we are searching for him" I snapped.

"How do you know? He should be dead Nico gave him the dagger and he killed himself" Luke said Nico tensed up and stopped.

"Shut up you were no better" I snapped as we climbed into the back of Argus's van.

"I didn't kill anyone" Luke mumbled.

"Shut up before I make you" I growled I grabbed my daggers hilt Nico saw and kissed me taking my hand away from my dagger.

"Calm down were all surprised" he said.

"Not all of us" Luke said.

"Shut up" I said.

"Nyx?" Nico asked.

"The gods knew Percy was going to return they just didn't want to tell the demigods" I sighed "he had somehow equipped a camera in Olympus."

"Hephaestus" Luke said smiling.

"So thats how" I said then the truck swiveled towards the side of the bridge I screamed as the truck plummeted towards the water I heard the others screaming too glad to not be the only one and then I blacked out.

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awesome post!!!!
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Great story. Can't wait for Chaos entry and recruitment then build up :D
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big smile
amazing!! this story is so cool!!!! plz post again soon!!!!

and just so you know i only check my forums once a week!
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thank you thank you thank you
if yah can im about to makea new stroy heheheheheheh ill give u the link later
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Does this look cool or what
 Does this look cool oder what
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this looks so funny
 this looks so funny
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What in Hades name is that, jojo12313?

Post soon, please!
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isnt chaos evil...????????
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^^^WHAT THE HECK! (ha ha ha!)
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Chaos Pov
The boy was lying down, his body still glowing with life. The explosion would have killed everyone if Percy hasn’t given up his life for the people. That was his fatal flaw, Loyalty; it has almost killed this hero. Everyone was weeping, Giving many funerals, and death anniversary. I could not bear take away this on of mine right after he was almost killed. I almost lost my very own son. I was using magic forbidden by the gods just to heal a son of mines. A caring father would do that, and I was doing what a great father would do. I was weeping trying to protect my son, and then a tear drop feel . My son glowed and disappeared off the face of my planet
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sneak peek
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I love it!!!!!!! Its really good!!
And I cant wait until u post the rest. I hope.it's really soon!!!
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big smile
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Avidsel said…
This story got potential... So Percy an undercover son of Choas? also Nyx is that Nyx the Primordial God of Night? and if so she would be Percy sister? Is Percy really Percy or is he someone else.. Maybe he is Erebus in a demigod disguise?

Why did he allow a titan to use him as a vessel? Maybe create an opening for some reason, to allow his influence/ or chaos influence on earth?

Anyways thanks for story and hope for update soon :)
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horse i need you to take over
because the people im against wont accept deafeat
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Well I hope u win ur war or whatever it is and POST!!!!!!!
Or someone else please post!!
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love this story
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Jojo told me to take over so I'll be taking over but I will try to write chapter often and he actually hasn't been on meebo in a while
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr horse22133454 said…
Chaos Pov

The boy was lying down, his body still glowing with life. The explosion would have killed everyone if Percy hasn’t given up his life for the people. That was his fatal flaw, Loyalty; it has almost killed this hero. Everyone was weeping, Giving many funerals, and death anniversary. I could not bear take away this on of mine right after he was almost killed. I almost lost my very own son. I was using magic forbidden by the gods just to heal a son of mines. A caring father would do that, and I was doing what a great father would do. I was weeping trying to protect my son, and then a tear drop feel . My son glowed and disappeared off the face of my planet.


I walk through the airport Nyx's hand in mine and through the breezeway Annabeth and Luke were behind my we took our seats in the airplane I gripped the seat handles to where my fingers were turning white as the airplane took off. "Nico calm down the is a quest Zeus would not interfere with a quest and I'm a goddess I will protect you, Luke, and Annabeth" Nyx said putting her hand on my white one I looked out at the night sky in a few hours we would be in Vegas where I could enter the underworld and we could find Percy.
"Ok" I said "but can you close the window its making me nauseous."
"Okay Nico but if I got this quest I would've chosen to drive" Luke said smiling then he closed to window as I glared at him.
"But you didn't get the quest I did and I chose to go faster by airplane so live with it" I said.
"Get some sleep" Nyx said softly I closed my eyes and relaxed a little and fell asleep.

"Nico were here" Nyx softly shook me awake.
"Okay" I said opening my eyes I stood up and we got off the plane.
"Why doesn't Nico just shadow travel us there?" Luke asked.
"Cause I'd be extremely tired" I said.
"I can do it without getting tired I just remembered sorry everyone get in the shadows" Nyx said we all stepped into the shadows and Nyx closed her eyes then we were in the underworld by the river Styx I scanned around us nothing good.
"Why Styx its the place that gives me bad memories" Luke said.
"I just felt we had to come here" Nyx said I looked in the river and saw a dark shape in the water.
"There's Percy" I said I walked towards him not noticing when I stepped in the river Styx.
"Nico don't!" Nyx called.
"He won't die" I said when I reached him he was asleep and breathing I barley touched his arm when his eyes flung open glowing a golden color his body started to glow.
"Nico get back!" Nyx yelled all I saw was a flash I was thrown back and I felt my life ebbing away.


I ran towards Nico "Nico wake up please" Nyx begged sitting by her fallen boyfriend.
"What just happened?" I asked.
"Percy contained much held power and Styx was burning him alive so the slightest thing set Percy off like a bomb" Nyx said I bent down by her and felt Nico's neck for a pulse nothing.
"Hes dead Nyx nothing we can do" I said I picked up Nico's body and walked over to Styx I set him in the river I let go of him and watched as he drifted down the river.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr fireyes said…
What! Nico cant be dead!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Avidsel said…
Cool update... Thanks Horse! Can't wait for next update :D
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