Helden des Olymp The War Of Life

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Summary: Some have calm lives and some have harsh lives but that doesn't matter after this war. No god or demigod saw this coming neither saw this war approaching. Its not against Chaos or the titans but against humans themselves. After the war with Gaea somehow the mist had faltered and people don't see gods helping them they think the gods are killing them. The seven mysteriously disappear one day thought to be dead. After hundreds of years of moving the camps meet the one who will save them. And this demigod isn't like the others she is the daughter of all immortals except for seven certain immortals.

The gods
The goddesses
The titans
Both Camps
Sargent Piece
Dr. Doom
The seven

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No one

Boom the gods blast sailed over the tank that was fully armed as he drove on his motorcycle "I'm on your trail boy" he mutters to himself as he turned left. The figure had enough time to turn around before the god of war had grabbed the son of Hades neck.

"What do you want?" Nico snarls struggling to get out of Ares grip.

"You" Ares says smiling he then teleports to Olympus with the son of Hades kicking at the gods that come near.

"You got him I see" Zeus says.

"Yes I did he was smart to hide in the city" Ares says.

"Among the people but now we will use you to find the seven and whenever you try escape or won't tell us the truth you shall be punished" Zeus says.

"I have no idea where Hazel, Annabeth, Frank, Jason, Piper, Percy, or Leo is" Nico yells.

"You will help us or there shall be a punishment is that clear?" Zeus asks.

"Crystal" Nico growls.

"Take him to his quarters Ares by the sevens" Zeus says.

"Okay" Ares says pulling Nico to his quarters.

Hundreds Of Years Later

I had been looking at the wall since Zeus walked in with Hades and Poseidon at his side "you have valuable information you should tell us Nico Di Angelo" Zeus says.

"I am not saying a word" I pause before I say his name "he says I shouldn't" I say this had happened every day since I was caught.

"Tell us who he is" Zeus demands usually he asks but this time it was a demand.

"Have you ever thought who he is I don't know where he went but he is talking sometimes in my head I just hear whispers before I do something and once I had a vision that's all" I snap. Poseidon walks out before anyone can say anything then my father follows and Zeus walks towards the door "not that you care about your kids" I say before he leaves I looked at the glass of water on my bedside it rose and fell.

"The day will come it will come the day humans will defeat the gods and erase immortals from the earth together as one humans will be the most powerful of the universe" the memory flooded back refreshing what I had wanted to forget. The one of the speech Sargent Piece had given the day I ran from the gods.

"Nico" Hestia says standing in the doorway she walks over to my bed and sits by me the water stops and starts to spin one way without me touching it "what's happening?" Hestia asks.

"I don't know" I say and reach for the water it jumps out of the glass out of my room I stand and open the door not caring for the looks I get as I shove through the crowd following the water. The water goes towards the end of Olympus when Poseidon scoops it up "I thinks it going towards Percy" I say "put it down."

"To dangerous mortals would then know where Olympus is" Poseidon says I look in his eyes that are red like hes just been crying.

"Sorry I didn't mean" I say noticing the name I had said if you said one of their names around their parents the parents would start to cry and zap you I speak from experience.

"Just head back to your room" Poseidon says he was the only one that wouldn't zap you I start walking through the gods and I glance back to see Poseidon look at the view of camp and drop the water towards the ground as helicopters appear of Olympus and the camps come and nets drop over gods and demigods including Poseidon and me.
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It's really good you should continue it. Post soon.

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Chapter 1
The New Demigod

I wrestled the net as it started to pull me up "Mason!" Briana shouts some campers held her back as I was pulled into the helicopter.
"Briana!" I shout as the net reached its destination and stopped.
"I am Sargent Piece and you all are our prisoners until further notice you will tell us what we need to know and we won't hurt you so first question how do we defeat Olympus?" A guy asks kicking my side.
"No way can you defeat Olympus" I say.
"There has to be one you aren't telling the truth so who's your Olympian parent?" He asks.
"Not Olympian" I growl gods and titans ruled together now instead so they accepted titans kids in camps "Kronos is my dad and you will be sorry" I growl.
"Will we?" Sargent Piece asks and then turned to Nico who was a god but I couldn't remember of what "how do we defeat Olympus?" Sargent Piece asks again.
"Seven" he says.
"What?" Sargent Piece asks.
"You forgot I can't tell you cause then I would be in trouble with them" Nico says.
"Who is them?!" Sargent Piece finally asks.
"Idiot" Nico grumbles then started to glow I took out my dagger and started to cut at the net as Nico took the attention the net broke and I fell hitting the ground I attempted to freeze time around me but it didn't instead the Sargent kicked me in the head.


I stepped out of line on Sargent Piece's command and grabbed the son of Kronos by the neck swinging my gun over my shoulder I waited behind Sargent Piece holding the boys neck. 15 and already in the army sad how they do that a voice said in my head "Sargent Piece permission to talk?" I ask I know it was stupid but my mom needed the money.
"Permission granted" Sargent Piece says.
"Nico god of shadows shouldn't we make sure he has no shadows to use sir?" I ask.
"He can't nets made out of a special fabric" Sargent Piece says grinning.
"Doesn't mean I can't use them out of the net" Nico grins.
"What?" I ask then the shadows grabbed me and him with the boy I was holding the helicopter disappeared and a camp appeared I dropped the boy and walked up the hill I grabbed for my gun then my plasma pistol neither was there. I saw Nico in the shadows laying on the ground I was about to go kill him when a dog tackled me no a hell hound did it started to lick my face and it pinned me down.
"Welcome to camp daughter" I hear Nico say.
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