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jberagon17 posted on Apr 16, 2012 at 03:02PM
chapter 1
it seemed like kronos was slowing time as i watched the boat land. i knew annabeth was on the boat and soon we would be reunited. i wanted to run to the boat but i had to be patient (not one of my strong suits) for apperences only. when it finally landed four demigods and a satyr walked out. one had blond hair and blue eyes and the romans gasped wen they saw him so i guesed he was jason grace. but my eyes went straight for the stormy gray ones i loved. then octavian shot an arrow at her and bareley missed her neck. so i was about to gut him like he does stuffed animals. when he was beheaded by reyna. i ran to annabeth and saw that her shoulder had an arrow in it. i had her taken to the infermory. it took all night but she finally healed. and i was asleep on the ground next to her bed. when the morning horns woke me for breakfast. when i got withen ten feet of the dinning pavalon i heard someone call my name and iturned and saw annabeth so i ran to her and i kissed her.

chapter 2
things were going great till i got shot in the shoulder. i saw seaweed brain an our eyes met then blackness. i woke up in a bed to these horns and saw Percy get up off the floor and leave. so i followed using my invisibility cap. when i saw that he was going to breakfast i took off the cap and said Percy he turned around and saw me then he ran up to me and when he kissed me all my worries melted away and i was happy once again. we walked to breakfast together hand in hand smiling and sat near the rest of the Greeks and Jason who was glancing nervously between piper and a girl in purple.

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