Helden des Olymp The Hunger Games Of Olympians

peetalover773 posted on Apr 12, 2012 at 02:33AM
part 1 annabeth point of view. ''Percy where are you?'' I call.''Over here annabeth, see that squirrel over there I think we will beat katniss and gale to the squirrel.''percy says. ''Good, wait where is your wepon?'' ''I-I-I had it in my hands a second ago!''percy exclaims.''Oh great you got stolen from and I know exactly who did it.''I say.''Then who took it then?''percy asks.''Gale being his fast,quiet,and stealthy self he took it from you.''I tell him.'' So-''but the sound of a sword and arrow go through the air and we know it is Katniss and Gale.

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr peetalover773 said…
3 posts by 3 different people and part 2 will come.PLZ POST!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr peetalover773 said…
ok then 1 post and i will make it in honor of you
Vor mehr als einem Jahr darange said…
big smile
wow i like this post more please?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr icuSTALKER said…
Stop right there!!!
sorry, couldn't resist XD
So just wanted to let you know: this forum is a crossover. Crossovers are strictly forbidden here. Though it may sound okay to put it here, we're reinforcing the rules and I'm afraid you must put it at the crossover club. Link.
Please put it at this club so we can keep HoO clean!!!:):)
Thank you!! :D
~The Welcoming Committee~
Peace out.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr darange said…
who says there forbidden?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr darange said…
i mean i saw a harry potter and the heroes of Olympus crossover
Vor mehr als einem Jahr trivia101 said…
big smile
ya peetalover! this is a crossover so u should do it on the crossovers club but nice!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr icuSTALKER said…
@darange The reason for that is because that crossover was here long before the rule was enforced. Now, when a new crossover pops up, we ask the author kindly to post it on the crossover club so this club doesn't become overcrowded with forums that are not related to the Heroes of Olympus.
The rule has been enforced so therefore we are asking the authors to move their crossovers before it becomes huge and they can't move it.
I hope you can understand:)
~The Welcoming Committee~
Peace out.
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr universalpowa said…
i have a hp/hoo crossover, but i made it LONGGGGGGG before the rule was being made. or before we had a crossover club for that matter. LOL

soooooooooooooooooooo yeah. sorry if you didn't know. :P we try to post info on the club Wall, but i dont think anyone checks that anymore...
~The Welcoming Committee~
Vor mehr als einem Jahr wisegirl778 said…
Nope sorry
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LORDCHAOS said…
No crossovers aloud
Vor mehr als einem Jahr greekgirlA said…
gosh, "no crossovers aloud" you know, you could say it nicer. and no crossovers is not keeping this site clean.