Helden des Olymp Confusion (Perlia Story )Chapter 8 Now Up

pjlover447 posted on Dec 29, 2011 at 06:30PM
hey guys.this story is basicly thalia remembering how she an percy met and what happened after that.
disclaimer- all pjo things belong to rick riordan
heres a preview of the story.i guess this is the prolougue
prolugue- confusion
in every ones life theres confusion.the feeling thalia was feeling when she first met percy.as she remembered what happened when she first met percy thalias confused.they were liked each other but just like with luke there was annabeth. thalia was confused she did not like percy he was dating annbeth .she was a hunter.she remembered what happened after she became human again.when she met percy.
hope you guys like it .comment.review.chapter 1 will be up soon. it will be what happens in between the sea of monsters and the titans curse.it will be much longer than this first part.

Helden des Olymp 48 Antworten

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i like this story! post soon!! (yay! first to reply!!!!!!!)
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chapter 1-how they met
thalia's pov
i remembered annabeth crying luke telling me to run while he was dragging annabeth away. but i was done with running.

" No! You get Annabeth to saftey.Luke take care of her alright " I said.

" Thalia. " he said

" Go now. " I told him.

He an Annabeth looked at me one more time.Annabeths face fullof tears. She had been hurt. A Hellhound had almost attacked her. Thankfully I was there to help her but her ankle was twisted. Lukes face was full of pain. Luke carried annabeth up to the hill where there was a group of people. I fought and fought but when I was on the hill I lost my balance. I fell down and all these monsters attacked me. there was a lightning bolt. It shocked the monsters and they left.

I tried to get up but I couldnt. I fell down and every thing went blank.

"Who-" I started to say I had woke up expecting to see Annabeth Luke or Grover.Instead I saw an incredibly hot guy.He had sea green eyesand black hair he was wairing and orange t-shirt like Grover had.

"I'm Percy, " he said. "You're safe now. "

"Strangest dream ... "

"it's okay" Percy said.

"Dying...." I said .

No, " He assured me . "You're okay. What's your name?"

I thought for a while then said

" I am Thalia daughter of Zuess" I told him.

There were a bunch of gasps and I saw Grover and Annabeth next to Percy.

"Annie" I said using the nickname I had given her.

"Thalia" She whispered

"Lets get her to the Big House" A voice said. I didn't know who.Alot of people followed

him . Others just went back to whatever they did .

"Are you okay" A voice says. Annabeth. Her voice sounded different.

"Yeah, I think I can walk"

I said But when I tried. I fell down. Percy and Annabeth helped me up.I had one arm around Percy and one around Annabeth.

For the next chapter whos pov do you guys want.do you like the story so far
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Kaia143 said…
I love it!!!!!!!!!! Maybe u could do another thalie pov, a percy pov, or a annabeth pov. Idk u pick but really good story.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr percyroxz said…
love it post soon pls and watever works for u
Vor mehr als einem Jahr pjlover447 said…
chapter 2
thalia's pov
After we went  to the big house Chiron ,the half person half horse, suggested that Percy and I ,go outside of the big house.when I asked why he said ,and I quote .

" We will be talking about the great prophecy"

Percy  nodded as if he understood why we had  to leave.I on the other hand was even more confused than when I awoke from my  terrible nightmare in Percy's arms.

Anyways Percy and I went outside.

" Hey ,Percy " I said after a while of awkward silence.Percy and I were sitting on the beach.A started Percy looked at me.

" daughter of Zeus" He mumbled.

" excuse me" I said

"uh nothing"he said "So ,how.    Does it feel to be a daughter of Zeus "

" Hard" I admitted " I mean with my dad being one of the big three the most powerful god. Everyone is  expecting me to be a hero ."

" Oh ." he said  as if he  understood how it was to be  a child of a big three god

"  So who's your dad or mom? "

" poisidon (spelled it wrong)" he said then he got up and said he had to do some thing but I was to shocked to hear.   
Vor mehr als einem Jahr swimmergirl7 said…
Awesome chappie!!! I think I'm new and I love ur story!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr pjlover447 said…
Glad you like the story.I'm going to try to post tomorrow
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great chapter can't hait till you post:)
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Chapter 3
 Annabeth's     Pov  

I could not believe my eyes at first.It wasn't her . It could not be her.but there she was Thalia daughter of Zeus

"Annabeth"Chiron called interrupting my thoughts.

 "uh yes Chiron "

"any ideas child"

" Ideas on what?" I said causing some  the stolls  to snicker . I glared at them to be quiet

" On Thalia  and where she shall be staying"

" she could stay year round -"

"prophecy lightning sea wisdom quest"will solace the head of the Apollo cabin said In a trance.

"uh sorry guys I don't know what happened I just don't know"he said

" A quest " Chiron said" your father is Apollo god of prophecy he is warning us about a quest"

"But Chiron who's going on the quest" I said

"Annabeth go see the oracle  I think it is obvious that you Percy and Thalia will go on the quest"

"yes Chiron " I said  when I got to   The oracle a green puff of smoke appeared .

"Daughter of Zeus shall lead the way
Poseidon's son Shall save the day
Athena's daughter depends on wisdom
To escape the Titan's kingdom"

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Chapter 4
thalia's  Pov

I was about to follow Percy when I saw Annabeth .

" hey ,Annabeth  are you alright?" I asked.mainly because she looked pale.like a ghost. 

"kind off "she replied

"what do you mean 'kind off ' "I asked

"where's seaweed brain? "

"seaweed brain?"

"Percy "

"I don't know"

" come on we need to find him "

"alright We should check his cabin."I said

"right his cabin is poseidons"

" right "  I  said .

Annabeth's  Pov
After I explained  the quest to Thalia and Percy the room got dark

" Annabeth  Chase " a voice said .

" Kronos " I said but I had already collapsed .

Percy's  Pov

I stared at Annabeth in confusion . She had just told me Thalia I and her had to go one a quest.

"Kronos !"Annabeth yelled Thalia and I  stared at her confused . Then Annabeth collapsed 

"Annabeth " I said as she  disappeared  was this part of  the quest I asked my self impossible I thought  Thalia and I didn't even know what the prophecy was

" let's go see Chiron " I said Thalia nodded
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Awesome!!! Im a little confused but that's ok considering the name of this forum!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr swimmergirl7 said…
Ok I got it now. It was confusing before,
Vor mehr als einem Jahr pjlover447 said…
chapter 5
Annabeth's Pov

Strangely i woke up in my old room.

" go get the her "a voice said.

"yes sir"another voice said and a boy with brown hair and blue eyes came in.

"who are where's my family"I said to the boy who looked about 17 or 16

"the boss will explain everything " the boy said

"who's your boss "I asked

"hello Annabeth Long time  no see . I heard Thalia is back." a voice said 

"luke! Where's my family ?"

" orders from Kronos .so let's just say they're  okay "

" where are they?!and how dare you ask about Thalia you poisoned her tree !do you know how bad shes going to feel when she finds out you betrayed all of us"

" Annabeth -"

"Where is my family Luke !! "

Percy's  Pov  

"Chiron ! Annabeth she just disappeared " I said 

" what? " Chiron said  confused

"Annabeth she told us  about the quest but then she  collapsed" Thalia said

"Where is she now ?" Chiron asked

" she disappeared" I said

" the quest " Thalia said "it's all part of the quest right ?" 

" I believe so " Chiron said 

Chiron I know  the prophecy said only Annabeth Percy and I but Can't Luke come too?" Thalia said and for some reason I felt jealous .

" Thalia , Lukes -" 

" no he can't be dead " Thalia said 

 " even worse  he is working for Kronos " Chiron said.

" he's evil" Thalia said taking it all in  I nodded

" Yeah he's the one who poisoned your tree " I said 

"No ! He can't be " Thalia said she  went away but not before a lightning bolt shocked me .

" oww !!" I said but Thalia was already gone .

" just had to shock me right. " I muttered 

" Percy go tell Thalia the quest stars tomorrow then start packing for the quest " Chiron said 

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Chapter 6 
Thalia's Pov

I couldn't believe it .

Luke could not be evil . I remembered how he always helped me . How he always knew what to say .

" Thalia ?" a voice called . I knew it was Percy  but I still didn't answer 

" hey pinecone face  you okay " Percy asked 

"  pinecone face really?" I said 

" Yeah pinecone face because you used to be a pinecone tree ." Iaazd.

" whatever kelp for head  "

" kelp for head really , that's nice considering you  just shocked me" 

" Sorry , now what do you want ?"  

" Chiron said you should start packing we leave for the quest tomorrow after breakfast" I told her and went back to my cabin

short. I know sorry about that  
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Kaia143 said…
love it!!!
Vor mehr als einem Jahr pjlover447 said…
chapter 7
Lukes Pov

Kronos had told me to capture Annabeth's family that it was was all part of his plan. 

I was surprised when he told me he had captured Annabeth . I was even more surprised when  silena one of the spies  we have back at camp told me there was a quest . A quest that included thalia Percy and Annabeth 

That last one shocked me the most.

It shocked me because if the quest included Thalia then that meant that Thalia wasn't a tree anymore .

It meant that he could see her again 

Unfortunately it also meant that I would know if she was on my side or not. That's what scared me . 

That Thalia wouldn't agree with me . That she'd take the gods side.

She would hate me . Annabeth hates me . Our little family would never be the same .

I sighed 

" Annabeth - " I said but she stopped me 

" no !! You need to stop Luke . Look at what you've done "she yelled at me .

" I miss you "   Annabeth  whispered tears on her face.Annabeth usually didn't cry. She was always acting strong.

"I'm right  here " I managed to say. 

Annabeth shook her head.

" your not the Luke I know " she said wiping the tears of her face .

"  I miss the  old Luke and I know Thalia does too ." she said  slowly  before turning around and running to her room .

hope you guys like it and this chapters dedicated to  kaia143 and swimmergirl7
Vor mehr als einem Jahr Kaia143 said…
love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr pjlover447 said…
hey guys. I'm so sorry I haven't posted lately.

Chapter 8
Thalia's Pov 

Today was probably the worst day of my life.I got a quest  I'm suppose to lead, Annabeth who is like a sister to me disappeared and is apparently captured by titans.

Yeah,titans as in the powerful parents of the gods because the gods do exist.

Yeah, god as in Zeus. Actually Zeus is my dad.

Can it get worse?

Well, it can I was never suppose to be born, I electrocuted  Percy a son of Poseidon   who is probably the only person who gets me, and found out Luke, my best friend turned evil and wants to destroy us .

And no I'm not kidding this is no joke.

I sighed as I looked at my clock.

6:30 AM, I should be getting ready for the quest.


"okay what do we do first? Where we taking a plane to" I said it was about 7:00 I had already finished packing.

"plane Thalia you do know I cant take a plane? How about we take a boat"

"no way I've never taken a boat in life I'm starting now" I told Percy 

"why not?" Percy challenged me.

I guess I  got really mad because the sky got cloud and dark. Still Percy stood there not even looking the least bit scared. The wind blew a little bit harder and I took a nervous glance at the beach remembering who Percy was.

"I'm not scared of you Percy" I said calmly.

"Oh really" he said grabbing his pen and for once ever since I got turned into a tree I was scared.

Thankfully, Chiron came before Percy and I could star fighting.

"A fight between you two would not be wise" Chiron said and me and Percy both stopped.

"you'll take a train going no where near the sky or sea" Chiron said the last part more to Percy than me. I guess he trusted me more.

" got it" Percy said

"Alright" I said before both of us went to the car that was waiting for us.

The fact that I was just about to go on a dangerous quest that could get me killed didn't affect me at all. What did affect me was that our chauffeur had about a million eyes.

"umm you have allot of eyes" I stated

"thank you   captain obvious" I heard Percy sarcastically mutter

I sighed

This  is going to be a long quest, I thought

Percy's Pov 

Just another quest, great another quest. Do I ever get a break? Will I ever get a break?

I hope I do I mean it can't be healthy to go on so many quests. And now I don't even have Annabeth around me so she can stop me and my stupidness from getting into trouble.

Of course Thalia is here.

But I'm not sure if that's a good thing. When I think of Thalia, well I guess I think she's kind of cute. But still it scares me, you know weather we'll be best friends or enemies. 

And I don't think I want Thalia as an enemy because she shocked me yesterday. I didn't even know she had lightning powers and if she hadn't electrocuted me I would've thought she looked cool.
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Anyone still reading?
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