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In this basically Percy,nico and Thalia are banished because of crimes they hadnt committed and they become gods by themselves,900 years later when Gaia and Kronos attack together again,the gods are in panic because the fates give them one way to defeat the threat,Thalia and Nico come back but Perseus feels abandoned and bitter and he needs to work wig the Olympians against his better judgement.....

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As time goes on the life of Percy Jackson and Nico DiAngelo  and Thalia grace goes to Hell,Percy was banished by the gods as he was accused to steal the scythe of Kronos which was restored by Hephaestus and to take over Olympus by a new camper a son of Triton blessed by Posiedon and the  other gods gods. even Annabeth left him as she thought the evidence of finding Kronos's Scythe beneath his cabin floor boards was inconclusive.Thalia grace left the hunters after she was accused that she stole the Bow of Diana and Nico Di Angelo was accused to steal the Key Of Hades wanting to bring back his sister.All three were banished,their weapons taken from them after they defeated Gaia and all three went their seprate ways though it is rumored they kept in contact with each other.the gods gave the seven of the prophecy the gift of being a god or goddess,all of them accepted  which were Jason Grace,Piper McLean,Leo Valdez,Percy Jackson,Hazel Slater,Reyna Richards and Bobby Hale. so did Annabeth,Clarisse,the son of Triton named Alek which meant " protected of mankind " and some others who helped a lot in the war.also Rachel also took immortality and became the Greek and roman oracle.

Percy went into the ocean where he spent the next couple of years hidden from the presence of his father by immersing himself and absorbing the power of the sea.
Nico Di Angelo struck a deal with Thanatos who kept him hidden in the underworld,Nico also immersed himself in the underworld hidden from Hades and took power from the souls of evil.
Thalia Grace roamed the lands in search of a home,she moved from place to place working odd jobs to earn a living,eventually she got over her fear of heights and learnt to fly,she flew up in the sky,she found Zephyr the West wind who hid her and protected her throughout the years.
All three of them started absorbing the powers of their respective elements and eventually became as powerful as the gods though hidden from them.

857 years later,the year 2869
The throne room of the gods

There were 20 Olympian gods now and there was pandamonium,Kronos and Gaia and the giants were rising again this time striking together.also souls were no longer being confined to Hades so old enemies were rising again,not to mention many Gods had problems of their own,Half of Zues's army of harpies and Aeolus had disappeared along with Zephyr and Boreas and his daughter after the giant war.
Posiedon was also having trouble,the various water gods had vanished not to mention half of the cyclops.his wife Amphritite and Triton remained with them.thankfully Oceanus wasn't fighting these days and Polybotes was having as much trouble as him to rally support.
Hades was having trouble as well,the souls were running out from the Underworld,and Thanatos had also disappeared or faded away.his furies were out of control.
Everything was in absolute Chaos,suddenly the three fates appeared in the throne room,everybody stopped talking and looked at the three fates,suddenly Rachel the oracle stood up,her eyes glowed green and she recited
The banished three must return or war shall be overun,they are the key more powerful then the Big Three,finding one of three is the key,the son of Posiedon,Hades and daughter of Zues the three are more powerful then all of Thee.

her eyes returned to their normal and Apollo said that doesn't sound like a prophecy.yes it isn't Athena said,Hermes laughed and said this is the 28th century who still uses thee .
That isn't the matter Athena snapped,the matter is who are the banished three.everyone looked at the fates to know why they were here?
The fates said the banished three were your children she pointed to the Big Three gods Perseus Jackson,Nico Diangelo and Thalai grace.
All the gods paled and said well they must be dead by now.hades shook his head and said I know they are not dead.well then where are they Apollo asked?they are in banishment suffering for the wrong they did Alek son of triton and blessed by Posiedon said.
The Fates shook their heads and said they didn't do any wrong,they were wrongly accused.the Big three gods frowned and said you are saying the proof we found wasn't true.the fates nodded and said yes you accused your children wrongly for crimes they hadn't committed ask them when you get the chance.
Well then where are they Hermes asked? 
Yeah shouldn't they be here helping Mars said in his roman form.
The fates laughed and said you expect them to come help you after being humiliated,two of them have agreed,suddenly a black doorway appeared into the room and from out of that stepped a young boy of about 17 with dark black hair which reached his shoulders and black eyes.he was handsome and his features seemed charismatic but there was a look in his eyes that told you you didn't want to mess with him,he was wearing a black jacket over a black shirt and black camo pants.he smiled at the stunned council and looked at Hades and said rather sticky Hello Father.everybody seemed stunned,suddenly Hades got up from his throne and shouted Where Have you Been for the Last 800 hundred years.his helm of darkness started pulsing and all the gods shivered slightly as their worst fears ignited.the boy however calmly looked at his father,he opened a palm and black energy leapt on and with a overwhelming bang he shot it straight at Hades who flew with the shock of the blast and crashed into his throne.Nico DiAngelo smiled and said that was for accusing me for a crime I hadn't committed and I still don't consider it even he said in a flat tone.all the gods looked at Nico with a new reverence,Hades was still unconcious on his throne.
Suddenly the air beside Nico sparked with electricity and a girl of about 21 appeared out of thin air,she had black hair,and blue eyes,she was dressed usually as she was in punk goth clothes but there was also something about her that seemed to keep Zues quite.she also surveyed the assembly of Gods with cold eyes not even lighting up when she saw her brother Jason grace.the rest of the gods waited for Percy to appear but he didn't come.the gods scowled at the Fates and said where is Perseus?the fates said his pride has been hurt,he won't come here.the gods appeared shocked and Zues said I cammand you to tell us where is he?the fates laughed and said trust me lord Zues you do not want that,Perseus Jackson is one God you do not want to meet.
Everybody flinched and said stuttering G....Go....Gad.God.the fates nodded and said you will find him Antartica but beware for he is powerful.the gods looked deeply troubled,Mars almost peed in his pants he had been beaten by him when he was a demigod,now he would be even mor powerful nothing was more dangerous then a guy with a purpose and hatred,Nico and Thalia embraced and laughed and Nico looked at Zues and said Zues,thalia and me can convince Percy if we send someone he knows he might not hurt us.Annabeth's expression turned pained as she now knew Percy was wrongly accused but she didn't say anything from her throne.Zues scowled and said fine you handle him but also tale the seven of the earlier prophecy incase things go wrong.Thalia and Nico both raised an eyebrow and the seven gods got up from their thrones and looked at the two with clear eyes.Jason looked happy to See his sister but didn't say anything.the 9 of them teleported to Antartica.....

I know the idea isn't mine but it just seemed so interesting I had to try,please reply if you like it.
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Thanks guys,this really means a lot,this chapter is a bit long and sort of pointless but definitely cool.


chapter 1
Thalia grace

I had almost gloated with satisfaction at all the stunned faces of the gods and here I stood in the freezing Antartica with my long lost cousin and brother,as soon as were clear of  the Gods Jason jumped up and hugged me,I hugged him back,a feeling bubbled in my stomach it was anticipation to meet Percy after so many years and I wondered about the Fates words How strong had Percy become?I looked at the others and another flash appeared and Alek the son of triton who had accused Percy of stealing Kronos's Scythe appeared.I hated the guy he looked at us and said the gods though it would be better for us to send another.I hid a laugh and thought it's Percy,not James Bond..it's a pity The character of James Bond had died he was pretty good looking.I looked at the others and said name and powers.
Jason stepped forward and said Jason grace god of night time sky,constellations winds and god of heroes.I smiled at him
Piper stepped forward and said Piper McLean godess of beauty,charm and patron goddess of France.I nodded again
Leo steped forward and I had to admit he looked cute,he smiled and said god of technology,metal and Heat.
Hazel stepped forward Hazel Slater goddess of sunlight and  joy.
Reyna stepped forward Reyna Richards godess of necromancy and teleportation.
Bobby stepped forward Bobby Hale god of books and writing and knowledge.
I nodded to all of them and said well we are here to get Percy,now most of you know how stubborn he is,they smiled and I said but don't worry I know how to handle him.you still havnt told us what are you the gods of ?Alek asked?I said neither have you.
He stepped forward and puffing out his chest proudly said God of Tidal waves and of sea of monsters.
I laughed and said okay you want to know want to know what am I the god of,I said Thalia grace goddess of the sky,winds,air,thunder and eagles.
They paled and Alek said that is Zues,I grinned at him and said I am more powerful then Zues.he snorted Oh Please.I looked at him straight in the Eye showing him only the slightest bit of my true form,he paled and stepped back I asked him would you like to test me?he shook his head and I smirked.we started walking Alek leaded us.for so,e reason or somehow Antartica didn't like that.we walked for I don't know how long,what are you the god of Nico the others asked,he shook his head and said God of Death,souls,ghosts and the underworld.they paled and muttered how those were Hades and Zues.I wondered if Percy would be the god of seas and oceans,probably though doubtful.suddenly Alek stopped and flinched and said something isn't right over here.we had arrived I steped forward and yelled Percy come on out we need you.nothing happened,I yelled again Percy come on don't be that way it's me Thalia,come on out.still nothing happened.perhaps his ears were clogged with snow Nico suggested and I laughed.I frowned and said if that's how you want to play it fine,I clicked my fingers and thunderclouds formed over head,a huge bolt of thunder shot towards the ground,the Ice fractured into a million pieces still No Percy.
Perseus Jackson I yelled,come on don't be an Ass.
This time something did happen because I swear I felt the ice shift underneath my feet,then a voice which seemed to originate from .everywhere said hey Thalia sorry it took me so long I got caught up.the voice was soft and carefree and sounded like crystal bells tinkling and it was definitely Percy's though slightly changed and it seemed more powerful as well.
I yelled we need you Percy to fight the Giants and Kronos
Percy chuckled and said Thalia you know what the Gods did to me,I can't go back to help.
Can you at least talk face to face with me.
Percy's voice came again and this time it sounded amused,he said I won't come to you,you have to come to me,if I have to help the Gods a leap of faith is required .when did you become so melodramatic I asked and then Fine whatever.the ice in front of us started cracking,a huge fissure appeared opening till it was a circle,I looked into the hole,I coudnt see the bottom and I shrugged and and along with the others jumped in,I could use the winds to slow down myself,Nico also free fell through the tunnel,I tried to use the winds to slow my fall a bit,but they didn't respond to me,Leo was spontaneously trying to erupt in flames but the flames put out,all of us were falling without our powers,I saw the floor,I closed my eyes thinking this was going to hurt,when I stopped,I opened my eyes I was floating 6 inches above the ground,it was like time had stopped,I coudnt move my body and then slowly i was straightened and my feet touched the ground.Leo rubbed his hand and said that was not cool.everybody nodded and I thought could Percy have done that.there was a tunnel extending through the ice and percy's words suddenly made sense a leap of faith .come on I said to the others and started walking,the tunnel was even colder,and if I wasn't a goddess I would probably have died by now,Leo coudnt heat us up,every time he tried summoning flames they would get estinguished.this didn't seem like the place Percy would stay.we kept walking through the tunnel until we came in a cavern,there was nothing in the cavern except a giant Lake the water was so clear I could see the bottom about a thousand feet below.I looked across the lake and at the opposite wall,there under about 100 feet of water a large hole in the wall like another tunnel,I turned to Alek and said can you make us breath under water we need to go in that tunnel,Alek thought about it and as if checking the water he touched it,instantly he pulled his finger and said the water's too cold for me.you are a god I said.he shrugged and said you try it will be even colder,I slowly dipped just one finger into the water.OW I yelled and jumped back the water was so cold,my finger was bright red,I grabbed it and said great now how do we get across.suddenly something seemed to come out of the
Underwater tunnel,the entire lake glowed green,and the surface was broken by a boat rowed by a guy with black hair and green eyes,Percy I asked,the kid chuckled and shook his head at closer look he wasn't Percy but sure looked like him,the kid looked about 15,tall for his age.he introduced a hand and said I am Tim short for Timothy but never call me that or I will kill you.uh hi I said shaking his hand which was blessedly warm.he said to us well climb aboard.Leo looked at the boat and said those things don't even exist anymore.Tim chuckled and said come on I swear its pretty sturdy.closer observation of the kid appeared that he looked more like Alek then Percy.we got on the boat,the kid Tim he didn't have any rowing equipment,just a staff with a big green pearl about the size of my fist at it's end,the pearl was encased by  the marble the staff seemed to be made off.so I said how does this thing move,he laughed and tapped the bottom of his staff against the boat,the boat started moving,Alek was really quite he seemed to be observing everything around him very properly.I felt a lot of surprise when the boat started going into the water,I yelped and said are you crazy the water is freezing,Tim chuckled and said relax this boat is powerful,just as the ship went underwater,a white milky transparent sphere formed around the boat.I breathed a sigh of relief and turned to the boy you arnt by chance Percy's son are you.the kid chuckled and said no I am his nephew.I choked in surprise and Alek seemed to have the same thoughts and asked what do you mean?Tim shrugged and said I am a son of Triton.Alek choked out in surprise,the boat moved smoothly through the water into the tunnel.What but dad never told me I had a brother Alek said.Tim corrected half brother and then said dad probably never told you so because he didnt want to tell you.the words angered Alek and he puffed out his chest and said I am a favorable Hero of the Gods,I am Triton's favorite son and carry the blessings of Posiedon allowing me all the powers of a son of Posiedon so show me some respect kid.Tim laughed and said yeah right I am supposed to show respect to my brother who is so weak and can't even hold a sword.I hid a laugh and so did Nico,I wanted to pat this Tim on the back but the others didn't say anything though they were hiding laughter too.we pulled out of the tunnel,we were still underwater but this cavern was larger and isaw crops growing at the floor of the water,we slow.y pushed out of the water,into a calm river.Alek said I don't believe you are my brother,and you call me weak,you dare call the god of tides and sea of monsters weak,I'll incinerate you.for the first time sins I saw Tim,his eyes flashed murderous,his carefree attitude vanished and in an edgy tone he said you are Olympians?his question surprised me,Alek also looked surprised but he nodded his head proudly.uh oh I knew what was coming,of course Tim knew all about Percy being banished,the boat stopped and he asked the others you are all Olympians?they nodded,Tim's eyes flashed murderously,the river didn't like that,the water swirled around us faces formed in the water,it was like we were sitting in the middle of a miniature hurricane,the temperature dropped dramatically,my breath came out in ragged gasps,Alek was on his feet drawing out Riptide which Posiedon had given to Alek.time slowed down,Tim laughed,in his hand the pearl on the staff glowed and on his other hand green energy started forming,was Tim really this powerful,I could already feel the cold water travelling over me,and I coudnt do anything because time had stopped,suddenly I felt another presence more stronger,more powerful,the water dropped to the river,time sped up again and the temperature returned to normal.Tim looked at us with distaste and said looks like Uncle doesn't want me to kill you,he again banged his staff on the boat and it started moving.I was still gasping hard to believe a son of triton could be that powerful,I looked at him and said who are you and how did you do that?his eyes turned sad and he said I am a demigod son of triton,when I was 4 my mom and I were living in manhattan,our house caught fire for some reason,I miraculously survived,my father found me in the ruins of the house and took me to the sea,he knew I was in danger some God had tried to kill me,we tried to keep the shock from our expressions,Tim continued and said my father didn't know what to do but he remembered my uncle,he had said something about him being more powerful then normal,so he called Uncle Perseus,he came and he took me in,he gave me a home and a life,he blessed me with gifts so I could use or tap into his powers.he made me immortal Tim added after some time.how old are you I asked?Tim shrugged and said I am about 324 years old.we nodded and Alek looked greatly troubled,suddenly Tim laughed and said this will be good,always the first time there eyes almost pop out.before I could ask him what he meant I saw it,Giant Statues,one of it's pinky fingers was triple my size,there were two statues at first they seemed strangely familiar and then I realized why,they were Paul and Sally,their were holding hands forming an archway,Tim kept the boat going,the next two statues were of Beckendorf and Silena,a tear rolled down my cheek my Percy had really done it,his fatal flaw had resulted in this,the next statues were off Connor,Miranda Gardner,Travis and Katie,then the seven of the prophecy,then there was even a statue of me and Nico.a tear rolled down my eyes and I locked eyes with Nico and both of us smiled,everybody looked at their statues with awe.giant statues,so giant they almost touched the sky,Tim laughed and said they took about 25 years to make each.I nodded.the boat kept going,the only statue that was missing was of the gods and Annabeth,as if reading my thoughts Tim said did uncle have a girlfriend.I nodded and said they loved each other but when percy was accused wrongly they broke up.a smile of awe broke across his face and he said no wonder we never recognized the Angel,and then we broke into a huge valley with the water still there,at the end I saw a giant hundred feet wall made of ice,but that wasn't the main attraction,right in the center of the huge lake of the valley there was a giant statue of Annabeth,she was wearing a crown and on her face was a smile,she had a sword in one hand and a spear in the other and the statue was constructed in such a way that she appeared to be halfway between a battle twirl and whats more the statue was fully colored and lively and she was wearing a Greek chiton and sandals.she looked so fierce and yet beautiful.I realized Percy never got over annabeth.I turned my attention back to Tim who was grinning like a little child on Christmas morning.he winked at us and said well that was that.how long did that one take I asked pointing to annabeth's statue.he laughed and said 500 hundred years,uncle made it himself.woah since when did Percy become a stone worker.Tim laughed and said well this is cool you mean to say he wasn't a good stone worker?no I said and nico added he started a marble bust of Posiedon and it would start looking like Sylvester Stelone.Hahahaha Tim laughed and said what else wasn't he good at,he seems perfect now.is he a good archer I asked?Tim shrugged and said well not the best but yeah he can shoot an arrow and hit the bulls eye.I tried to hide my astonishment,by now we had reached the gate,I saw there was a particular part of the gate which had an engraving of a sword surrounded by glowing pearls.welcome to the city of Pearls Tim announced.then he looked at us and looked at the door and said you might want to step back a bit,we did and he frowned again and said well okay he tapped to boat with his staff again and we moved about 25 meters from the gate.Tim leapt if the boat almost flying in the air and landed standing on the surface of water.he pointed his staff at the sword closed his eyes,the pearl on his staff started to glow with a green light,he twirled it in his hand,water rose around us,he brought the end of the staff and hit the surface of the water with the end of his staff like he did with the boat  a green ripple went throughout the water and the giant lake which was at least a good mile in radius.infect the wall seemed like the end of the valley.Tim pointed the staff at the door and I was surprised to see his eyes were glowing unearthly green,and from the giant pearl on his staff he shot a beam of green energy at the sword on the wall of ice,it hit the sword,the entire sword seemed to take a greenish hue,keeping the beam the pearls on the wall of ice began to glow,suddenly there was a clicking noise and the doorway melted into water,instead of running back he tapped his staff on the water and the ship moved forward to him,now I had no doubt this guy was as powerful as us,he got on and the ship started again and as soon as we entered the door froze again behind us but I barely noticed because I was looking at a city,a simply amazing city,it was something that annabeth would design,the city was at first flat,then as of of different levels it rose above slanting,there were gardens and markets and the smell of rich cooking made it's way through my node.the city was larger then Olympus and I saw many people walking around,some were nymphs and Oceanids and some just looked like Mortals,and there were also cyclops and Mermen,even satyrs walked around,an Aura floated beside the boat smiling to Tim who said hide me and jumped behind us.there was everything and everyone,mortals and demigods,gods,nymphs and even trees.what is this I asked?Tim proudly thrust out his chest and said Uncle built this city long ago dice then many people have shifted here.but how could the gods not know of this place I mean they are standing right there I pointed to a few gods.Tim laughed and said if no one ever told you about the underworld would you know it exists.I nodded and said so no one has ever told anyone this city is here.Tim shook his head and said the gods you see are of posiedon's realm who didn't want to be a part of it anymore,several of the mortals are orphans and who have no one in the world.you see Uncle doesn't differentiate between anyone,he treats everyone with the same respect.a river also flowed through the city and Tim led us through the river uphill,it was surprisingly warm and comfy now.I looked at Tim and was surprised to see he had removed his jacket and now was wearing a green shirt showing off well muscled tan arms.I looked at the building with amazement and a couple of more structurally Greek buildings which looked like tombs.what are those I pointed to them.he looked and his eyes turned sad and said Uncle likes to build tombs for his friends,the statues you saw earlier.oh right I said it was so Percy.but what surprised me more was the tone of affection Tim used to describe Percy,you really love him don't you?Tim nodded and said he is like a father to me and actually I call him dad but most of the time I refer to him as Uncle.on the top level of the city was a palace made of sea coral and pearls.it was a thousand times more beautiful then Olympus.water flowed through natural looking gutters,and flowed into the river in which the boat was standing.it's the design of the city Tim explained to us while we observed the palace was at the highest level,he said sinse the city is arranged in levels,it makes it easier for us to defend and attack if we are provoked and Uncle would always be the first to know he gestured and I realized the wall was actually quite short for the city,most of the city was situated above the wall but each also had a small wall of it's own.it was pretty ingenious and I shook my head and thought what has happened to Percy .
Time led us into the Palace with a carefree attitude,it was quite large but was warm and comfy,glowing crystals every 10 feet provided blue light everywhere.Tim led us into a large room where a dozen thrones were situated and on the last throne sat the one person I wanted to see.it was Percy............

that was an incredibly long chapter and a little off point but the next chapter if anyone reads will be better,I just didn't want them to find Percy in the first chapter.
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chapter 2

Thalia stared at Percy for a minute before she realized what was wrong,Oh My God the goddesses screamed the guy on the throne was Percy without a doubt but he was hot.Thalia jumped back in astonishment Percy looked about 21 had a handsome face which glowed like alabaster,his green eyes twinkled with mischief and humor though they were still sad,his hair was messy as ever but shortly cut,he was tall about 6 feet and muscles and Abbs pushed against his shirt which stuck to his body closely,despite the muscles Percy didn't look bulky.who are you and what have you done with Percy Jackson? Nico yelled and jumped back after poking Percy in the arm,Percy raised an eyebrow of amusement and laughed and Thalia said you look Hot.he laughed again and said seriously 800 hundred years and the best you can come up with is you look hot.and then suddenly both Percy and Nico were in thalia's arms She was squeezing them.OW Percy yelled and said well you certainly havnt lost your grip thal.Thalia and Nico laughed at their cousin while the other gods stood uncomfortably while Alek glared at the three.Percy apparently noticed the gods looking uncomfortable and said sorry guys had a little family reunion,Percy was dressed simply in a black blazer type of jacket over a dark blue shirt and was wearing blue denim pants,come to think about it he also had a weird aura around him,it made thalia's skin itch even though she was a goddess.he smiled and shook each of the gods hands,when Alek shook his hand,Alek added hey seaweed brain sneering,suddenly the room turned cold,unbearably cold,Alek's hand which was still shaking percy's turned blue and Percy nearly crushed his hand.Alek's eyes were still watering and Percy smiled and in a cold tone said that is not a name you want to call me,next time you do I will tear you apart.his tone was still carefree but that somehow made it seem more threatening.Jason stepped forward and said Percy we need you,this time Gaia and Kronos are attacking together and half the gods on our side have disappeared since you left,we need ally's.
Percy laughed and said you think the gods have disappeared,as a matter of curiosity which ones?Alek said half the sea gods of the old days,Cyclops,mermen,Naids,Nereids we are short on soldiers in the sea.Jason stepped forward and said Aleolus and his auras and harpies too and also Boreas,Khione and his minions.Percy smirked and said they have not disappeared well not most of them,I believe Aeolus works for Thalia now does he not,Percy looked at Thalia who smirked and nodded,and as for the sea gods and Boreas,Percy said they are here.their mouths dropped open and Percy laughed at their expressions.
Jason said please Percy at least talk to the Olympian Council.Percy shook his head and said they accused me for things I didn't do,I am never talking to them again.what about Annabeth piper asked,I know you still love her from the statue we saw outside.Percy's expression well let's just say Thalia can't blame anyone for jumping back,he said never say her name again,in front of me .this line reached everyone mentally,everyone knew especially Thalia and Nico knew Percy was more powerful then Them.Alek sneered and said we have been ordered to bring you back to Olympus no matter what.Percy kept a calm expression and said do you wish to test me child?the way he said child,it made him sound way older then Alek even though there was barely a gap of 2 years between their ages.Tim didn't  say a word instead he was respectively standing behind the group of gods.Nico said come on perce I want revenge too but we need to deal with this threat.Percy assessed Nico for some time and said regardless I refuse to help the Olympians.Alek glared at Percy and said we are Gods,Olympia gods and we can take you down,I am Alek god of tides,god of sea of monsters and vassal of the Atlantic,he sent blue energy towards Percy.Percy didn't even raise his hand,the blue energy hit Percy in the chest and did absolutely nothing,it looked like he had absorbed it.A vein throbbed in Tim's forehead but he remained calm thinking let Uncle handle this .
nico was feeling impressed by Percy but he wisely didn't say anything,something about Percy exuded power he had never felt before,even stronger and older then the Gods.Percy then surprised everyone by saying that's it,that's all you got and here I thought you were Tritons favorite son.Tim smiled his uncle was always extremely calm even though he had an ADHD attitude like him.
Nico also tried to hide his laughter though failed and Thalia coudnt help but let the laughter from her lips.this Percy was way more cooler,more calm,more powerful,more mysterious and gods help her more knowledgeable.
Percy raised his hands thinking what a loser .he smiled at the thought,Alek had got him banished but he wasn't going to fight him yet .
Jason frowned and said Percy there is another way,if I beat you fair and square will you come to Olympus with us?Percy pretended to think about it for a minute,while Tim was thinking uncle will vaporize him .finally Percy shrugged and said okay but if you fight me by yourself it won't be even so you should pick another fighter with you.
Everybody looked shocked and Jason nodded,and Alek said I'm in.the two of them took out their swords and symbol of powers,Jason brought out his coin and flipped it until he was holding a seven feet lance which glowed red at the tip.Alek brought riptide and a conch horn.(Triton's main weapon was a conch horn that was able to scare his enemies away).Percy didn't even pull out a weapon and shrugged and with two fingers gestured for them to come at him.Jason and Alek looked at each other and charged forward,Jason shot thunder from his lance and Alek shot blue energy at Percy.Percy didn't even move an inch,the thunder and energy hit him,but did absolutely nothing,Jason brought his Lance down on Percy but he wasn't there,somehow Percy had done a flip so fast no one could see.Alek and Jadon attacked him,speech dodged all their thrusts as easily as though he was strolling down a path,then suddenly time slowed down meaning literally slowed down,no one could move,Percy took jason's lance and twirled it in his hand,suddenly he thrust the red tip forward and hit Jason in the chest,Jason was shocked as 20,000 volts of electricity coursed through him,then Percy unfroze Tim and kicked Alek and Jason squarely in the chest.They flew and landed on the transparent crystal floor,Percy rose of the ground like he was flying,his clothes changed,his face remained the same,but his jet black hair grew longer,till it reached his shoulders,but they were straight and tidy and didn't come to his face much,a whiteish silver flock of hair landed around his forehead,his clothes changed into a toga,a green and blue toga,there was no emotion on his face,he was still levitating in the air about 3 feet above the floor above Alek,Alek obviously noticed the transformation from Greek to roman,his eyes widened as Percy in roman form pointed his hand straight at Alek's face.Alek cowered in fear and still in a defiant tone said who are you now?Percy smiled and said as you probably know my name " Perseus " means " the Soldier " in Greek,so when I am in my Latin form I am known as " soldarius ".Percy smiled and flew to his throne and dropped to the ground.Alek said we have to take you to Olympus,he was about to teleport himself,but Suddenly Perseus,sorry Soldarius looked at him,Alek's entire body turned blue,Soldarius returned to his Greek form back to percy,Alek started choking,his skin was turning blue,he dropped to the ground in pain and Percy said do you know you have about a billion nano grams of ice in your blood stream right now.the thing about ice is that it's sharp and really cold.Percy clicked his fingers and Alek returned back to normal and Percy said ever heard the phrase   water,water everywhere,not a drop to drink.all the gods tried to hide their laughter while Alek charged screaming Aaaahhh at Percy.suddenly 11 bright flashes occurred and all the thrones were filled with gods and godesses,the doors opened and Cyclops came in followed by Neireids and Oceanids and then Tyson the cyclops,in the 800 hundred years he had grown to 10 meters of height.Alek said fight me yourself traitor.all the gods and godesse and nature spirits pointed their weapons at Alek,Percy quoted down everybody with a wave of his hand.he walked to Alek apsaying think Alek one raised voice of yours and these people are ready to kill you,one insult towards my name and these people are ready to send you to Tartarus,think what one command of mine will do,they will annihilate you.Alek truly seemed at a loss for words.Percy smiled coldly at Alek and said if you insult me again nephew I will send you to Tartarus.the family relation seemed so dangerous from Percy's mouth,all the gods wisely didn't say anything.
Alek opened his mouth and said if you hurt me in any way my father and Posiedon will tear you apart.
Percy laughed and said they coudnt even if they tried and don't worry you father won't fight me.because just then The doors opened and Triton came into the room and sat on the remaining the one right beside Percy's.Triton looked at Alek and shook his head.Alekseemed at a lost for words and Percy nodded and said yes,we have settled our differences,why do you think Triton gave me Tim.Tim smiled fondly and said all hail Perseus Jackson god of water and it's three forms Ice,Water,And gas,
All hail Perseus Jackson god of time and swordsmanship and male beauty.
Percy smiled and winked to the stunned gods and said I am much more powerful then all of the Olympians combined,Posiedon is the god of seas and oceans,I am the god of water,you know what that means,all kinds of water, Styx,Lethe,kolkytos,Acheron,Phlegathon,oce­ans­,se­as,­riv­ers­,se­a of monsters.
Percy looked at all of the stunned gods and at Thalia and Nico who were smiling and then he looked at the Olympian Gods and said I will go to Olympus and Talk to them.the Olympians nodded not able to speak and Percy nodded to Triton and said to all the gods seated on their thrones,come to think of it many were recognizable like Boreas,Khione etc.a beautiful Nymph came up to Percy and Percy said to her I'll he back in a few hours Calypso,till then council adjourned.
Percy nodded to Tima nd said you are coming with me,while Percy's council vanished in flashes of light,the Olympians,Thalia,Nico were staring at Percy with awe,he nodded to each,kept a hand on Tim's shoulder and there were 11 great flashes of light as the 11 gods vanished.
When they opened their eyes they stood in front of the throne room of the gods,the door was closed,Percy pointed his hand at the door and the door blew up in millions of fractured pieces to show lots and lots of stunned gods.............
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Chapter 3

The gods stared at the the other gods standing just out of the throne room,one of the gods had held up his hand and the door had blown up into a million tiny pieces.it was Perseus with a doubt.
mars jumped in his seat and said quickly I got to use the bathroom and made a beeline for the restroom.Aphrodite looked at Mars with amazed eyes but her concentration was distracted as Perseus stepped into the throne room,he was 21 powerfully built,his face was smooth and held a handsomeness and raw sensuality Aphrodite had never seen before,perseus's cheeks were flushed and his green eyes shone and blazed with power and sadness.Aphrodite pulled herself out of the trance,many of the Olympian gods seemed apprehensive,the seven of the earlier project and Alek son of triton took their thrones leaving Perseus,Nico and Thalia and a young boy standing in the doorway.the 4 stepped into the room and Aphrodite saw the boy looked very much like Percy.
Annabeth almost jumped in her Throne when she saw Percy,despite that Percy barely gave her a glance,his eyes surveyed the gods calmly.
Several of the minor gods bowed,the banishment of Perseus had caused a civil war among the gods 800 years.even Rachel seemed overjoyed by the sight of Percy.Mars came back and said where have you been for the past 800 years?Percy looked at the god of war with disgust and said Dude do you ever bathe,you stink.Nico,Thalia and the boy let out snickers but the rest of the gods controlled themselves unsuccessfully,then Perceus continued and looked at Aphrodite and said can't believe you havnt dumped the creep yet.Thalia and Nico kept laughing while the boy was more boisterous.Mars turned the color of beetroot.I will incinerate you boy.The boy behind Perseus said oh come on mars,you shouldn't talk that way to people who can kick your but halfway down the street and back.this time there was no controlling the Laughter that spread through the Gods.Mars pulled out his spear but a grape wine wrapped around him and pulled him down,Bachus said we have to hear his account first.Athena said where have you been and why did you ignore our summons before.Perseus looked coldly at the Olympian Council and said I didn't because I don't want to talk to you losers.Athena controlled her anger at the sea spawn and said talk to us properly,even though you are a god,you can't possibly beat us.can you bet on it Perseus asked?Athena also turned red and said watch it Perseus or you will have my wrath to suffer.Perseus laughed and said yeah I am so scared of suffering from your Owly Beak.Hermes laughed and then qua led under Athena's glare.mars said I say we teach him a lesson and then listen to what he has to say.some of the gods pulled out their weapons,including them were Zues,Hades,Mars( he was in roman form),Athena,Alek,Gwen,Phobos,Deimos and Juno.Nico,Thalia and Tim drew out their weapons,Thalia pulled out a spear which shimmered with golden energy along it,Nico pulled out a Scythe type of staff made of a weird black metal.Tim pulled out his Staff,the pearl glowing green.only Perseus didn't pull out a weapon he knew he didn't want to do any permanent damage to these Gods.he shook his head and said to the three don't,I'll handle this myself it's been long since I had a challenge.Tim who knew his Uncle best tapped the pearl and let it shrunk into his pearl necklace.Thalia and Nico were a bit more hesitant but they pocketed their weapons after a while too.
Perseus stepped forward and said let's see what you got,Mars shot red energy at Perseus which hit him but did nothing,Phobos and Deimos brought out their swords and glowing eyes to see what scared Perseus.Athena launched energy at Percy as well which did nothing.Hades sent black energy which did nothing and wearing his helm of darkness he tried to ignite Perseus's worst fear,Zues and Juno shot thunderbolts at Perseus.all of these attacks hit Percy without he forces of a Nucleur Bomb but did absolutely Nothing to him who just stood at the same spot drinking a can of coke which he had conveniently summoned out of thin air.immortality sure saved a trip to the nearest convenience store Percy thought as the gods tried to harm him without success.when the gods saw that he was perfectly fine they tried a more classical approach,Mars brought out a double loaded gun, beauty of modern technology he thought as he fired nutrino beams at Percy,Athena made Owls appear and sent them one after another towards Percy,she drew out Aegis and threw her spear at him.her spear never reached him,it froze in mid air.Phobos and Deimos shot energy beams along with their father,Hades pulled out his sword and launched into swipes of black energies,Zues and Juno kept shooting thunder bolts.
Percy however was never having more fun,each time one of their shots connected,he felt nothing he kept drinking his coke and when he finished his first can,he summoned another.
Nico and Thalia were angry,not with the gods but they hated missing all the action.some may question their sanity.
Annabeth was watching with growing amazement as all the Gods attacking Percy coudnt even harm him at all,she felt great sadness that she had left him because of a wrong accusation and now he probably hated her.
When Percy got bored,he still hadn't lost his ADHD,he considered transforming into his roman form so he would have more patience but he had decided that he had had enough,in a blurring movement of speed,Perseus thrust out his hand and grabbed Mars by the throat,he swung around 3 times gaining momentum and threw Mars,he went flying crashing through pillars and landing Unconcious at the base of his throne which cracked under the force of his impact,Perseus then tripped Phobos and Deimos with one kick and sent them to the clutches of unconcious with another kick.he approached Athena who had no grabbed her spear,she thrust it forward,Percy caught the shaft with his left hand and like a twig he snapped the spear in half and threw it at Athena.a white explosion filled the room as Athena was sent flying to her throne and with the force of the impact the throne broke releasing power and energy.Perseus caught one of the lightning bolts thrown at him by Zues,kept catching them and then threw all the combined bolts straight at Hades who got shocked and slid to the floor unconcious,Then Percy approached Zues and Juno,he allowed Left Juno alone partly because when he had been banished she had expressed motherly concern and partly because she looked good today.he grabbed Zues by the throat and pinned him to the wall,then Perseus said look into my eyes,revealing the slightest bit of his true form sailors dying,Hurricanes everywhere,Tsunamis,Storm clouds,Earthquakes,The entire world in a time stop.Zues trembled in fear.Perseus stepped back and with a wave of his hand all the gods thrones were repaired and all the gods were conscious again.
Zues took his throne and said Perseus as you know the titans are attacking again and Kronos has risen again,also this time the giants and titans are attacking together.
Per y didn't say anything motioning Zues to continue.
Zues continued and said we need your help,you are a powerful god and we need all the Allly's we can get especially after half the gods on our side vanished after you were banished.
Perseus still didn't say anything though he was internally yawning.
Zues continued and said in return if you help us,we can give you whatever you want?
I don't want anything Perseus said.
You can have Gold and you can be rich Zues offered lamely.
Perseus laughed and said I already have gold,tons of it so a lame offer.despite being beaten by Percy Athena asked how do you have gold.Perseus raised an eyebrow and said there is millions of tons of minerals dissolved in the ocean-gold,silver,uranium,and mortals don't have technology sophisticated enough to extract it.
Zues said then you can have a godess,you can have a wife.
This time Tim said of come on Uncle could have 100 wives every single Godess is after him.Percy shot Tim a look but his eyes were amused.
Zues wet his lips and said we can give you whatever you want.
Percy laughed and said I have everything I want and more,and do you think you are the only creeps who have come to ask for my help,the Titans and Gaia has begged me for my services and offering a lot more,so give me one good reason why I shouldn't walk out of here?Because we have something you don't Athena said.
Percy nodded and said you have an amazing ego,that I don't have truly.
Thalia and nico laughed and so did Tim.
Athena glared at Pecy who smiled a breath taking smile at her making her and several other godesses fall out of their seats in awe.
Zues said we can give you anything you want,just demand it.
Percy thought about it for a second and then a smile touched his lips and he said the throne of King Of The GODS.Zues flinched and said absolutely not other than that.
Thalia and Nico walked up to him and whispered something in his ear,which made Percy smile and he said you have to beg for forgives from the three of us,you have to hurt your pride,you have to be humiliated.beg for forgiveness.
Zues flinched and the logic and looked at the Olympian Gods and said why should we do that ?Percy laughed,he then grew to the same height as Zues but Percy was still taller and then he shrunk back and said let me tell you a story Zues,it starts by the life of a young boy about 12,he was accused of stealing your masterbolt and Hades kidnapped his mother,but he saved both,then he saved camp by bringing the golden fleece,then he saved Artemis,defeated Titans,blew up mountains and even defeated the king of Titans by himself or by his choice and thus saving all of you.then the boy when offered immortality declined so Demigods and gods would get respect.for some time the life of the boy got better he got a gorgeous girlfriend and stuff,but then Juno took away his memories and sent him to another camp.then the boy fought and killed Polybotes with his father Posiedon the god of seas.
And then the boy had a nephew,his nephew by the name of Alek came and took the spotlight by doing some amazing things but always jealous of the boy because A) he could never beat him and B)he could never rival his accomplishments.
So Alek devised a master plan,a plan to get the three Greek big three children Banished.Perseus said with an air of authority,Alek was turning whiter on his seat while the gods looked at him.
Percy continued so Alek one day sneaked out of camp by water travel he went to Olympus,to the hidden Vaults no mortal knows about,and there he broke the vault apart by water,the force was so powerful only a child of Posiedon could have done it but Alek was blessed by Posiedon.everyone's face became understanding but Percy continued and said and so Alek took Kronos's Scythe and took it back to Camp,but the there was no Triton cabin,so he decided to keep it in the Boys cabin,he waited till the boy went out of camp and then opened the floorboards and kept the scythe there.the next day when the Gods accused the boy,the boy was banished,but the boy had not done anything wrong,but he was banished nevertheless without a chance to explain.so the boy travelled to the Ocean,he knew his father would eventually find him,so he immersed himself in the ocean,over the next few years he kept immersing himself in the life forms of the sea and channeling the strength of the sea through him,pretty soon he started to change his blood started transforming to Ichor but of course he coudnt become a full god without the authority of Zues,but the boy also had the Curse of Achilles,the boy sacrificed his curse of Achilles and became a full God.Percy continued and everybody had looks of Awe on their faces and he continued,then the boy travelled to Antartica and built a great City,he offered several of the sea gods under Posiedon's realm to come with him,they readily agreed and so did Boreas and Khione Percy said.the boy spent the next 800 years building power and his city,he discovered that since he was a God now and when one person defeats another God or Titan,the Gods or Titans powers get transferred to the person,the boy had defeated Polybotes and Kronos and Khione,so the boy discovered he had power over time and water and it's various forms.and the Boys name is Perseus Jackson he finished who stands before you and you are at his Mercy.but Percy wasn't done yet he said and you want to know why Thalia and Nico were banished,I'll tell you,Alek decided he needed to prove himself as the strongest demigod of the century,so he decided to get rid of Thalia and Nico,the second and third most powerful demigods of the Greeks,so in the middle of the night,he travelled to central park blew a conch horn to open the door of Orpheus and slipped into the underworld,and there it was the sword of Hades with the Key of Hades inside,he stole the key,Alek knew the key could only be used by a child of hades or Pluto so he didn't risk taking the sword,and conveniently for him Nico was in the underworld and he slipped into his room and put the key his hand,and when you found out,you banished him too.Nico travelled the underworld and Thanatos found him,he was weak but he k ew Nico was innocent,he his him in his home,taught Nico about his powers but Thanotos grew weaker,Nico decided to become immortal,he jumped into the Tartarus where he spent the next few years taking power from the evil Souls and by the power he became a god and more powerful then Hades himself,Nico with his new power made Thanatos young again and strong.
nico looked amazed at Percy and said how do you know all this,Percy whispered back when I was in the sea,I would often try to concentrate to go to other places and I started watching people threw sources of water and mist.
And Thalia Percy said,Alek knew it won't be as easy to accuse Thalia as she was a hunter and kept moving around,but he did a Cavour to a certain sea spirit sand in return the sea spirit told him where Artemis and her hunters was,Alek was a god now as he had accepted immortality so he went to Artemis but coudnt steal her bow without help so Alek manipulated a mortal by the mist and forced him to give the Bow to him and then Thalia was accused.she had more trouble then Nico and me Percy said,she was forced to wander the country,she got over her fear of heights and learnt to manipulate the winds to fly,she flew into the sky where she found Zephyr the East wind.he hid her and protected her,Thalia wanted to get stronger so after days of praying she managed to summon the Egyption sky godess Nut and Awake Ouranos enough that they both granted her wish of becoming a godess,and she became lord of the sky,air,winds,and when Aeolus was in crisis because of that problem of typhoon because he refused to send it,you Percy pointed his fingers at Zues and said you sacked him didn't you,you took his job the one he had been doing for the last 3000 years,but he approached Zephyr and found Thalia who made him Master of the winds again.Percy took another sip from his coke and said we didn't do any of those crimes it was all Alek,Alek sunk into his seat and said he lies,I didn't do any of those things.Percy said I swear on the river styx that what I have said is true.thunder boomed showing he was right.the gods looked at Alek with disgust,and Zues said Alek son of triton you are hereby Banished.
No Percy said he isn't,he won't be banished at all,I once made a deal that all of the minor gods would be treated with Respect and frankly well Alek comes in that category too.Hermes,Apollo,thalia,nico,Tim all laughed,Alek jumped up from his throne assuming his true form said that's enough.Perseus considered his options and said well Alek you have three options
A)I kick your ass
B)I kick your ass
C)I kick your ass

So what is it going to be Percy asked expectantly,Alek slowly calmed down and said you will pay for this.Percy shook his head and said unlike you my quarrel isn't with you,its with the entire Olympian Council.
What they all asked?Percy,Thalia and Nico nodded and said you see you banished us without letting us explain you all banished us so we have decided we will not help you until you beg for forgiveness and our one condition each.the gos faces turned red.Zues almost blew steam out of his ears.
The gods finally said we refuse.okay the three gods Percy,Thalia and Nico said we are out of here.Percy Posiedon said on his face was an expression of sadness and he said I am Sorry son,I failed you.he really sounded guilty.Percy smiled and said well that's one when are the next 13 coming.13 Athena asked at that time there were only 12 Olympian gods.Percy smiled a smug smile and said well you don't expect me to count out the loser god of Tides and the heart breaker godess of thoughts and architecture do you?annabeth flinched and said I am sorry Percy.I really am,I didn't know I thought you did steal the Scythe.suddenly there was a blur as Percy pinned Annabeth by the throat to the wall and said  You Didn't Know,you were my girlfriend,I loved you,isn't that what a relationship is about - love and Trust.how could you ever believe I stole Kronos's Scythe.Annabeth's expression turned pained and Percy stepped back and said I was going to give you this that day for your birthday and from his pocket he pulled a solid gold ring adorned by a Emerald.Percy put the ring back in his pocket and said do you know what you did to me?what you put me through?you don't know how many centuries I have spent trying to get over you.I still Love you Annabeth,I always will but I Will Never Trust You Again.Percy stepped back from her and Annabeth started to cry.Athena glared at Percy who returned it and said anyone else want to apologize to us.when the gods didn't do anything except looking angry,Athena said I have had enough,we could force you by certain oaths,she assumed her true form,a Goddess,a beautiful Goddess made of pure energy,thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom in her with pure power.
Oh my god Tim rolled his eyes,making the pearl on his staff glow to avoid getting disintegrated by her true form.Mars also took his true form and said I totally love the idea,several of the gods took their true forms,the only ones who didn't were Posiedon,Hestia,Hermes,Apollo, Annabeth, and some of the minor gods.
thalia assumed her true form,a goddess with Power unrivaled,she even shone more brightly then her father,Nico also took his true form,a god with power the same as her.
Tim was really having a hard time,the staff was a gift for his 12 birthday from his Uncle,it could protect him and even save him from being incinerated by godly true forms,but it was fueled on his energy.20 sudden true formed Gods were too much too handle for poor Tim,That's why Perseus hadn't transformed,his true form was so powerful that his mere presence could incinerate any demigod or mortal.Uncle Perseus looked at Tim for a minute and strength surged into Tim,and he twirled the staff around him and vanished in a green flash of light but not before a red pulsing bolt of energy hit him straight in the chest causing him to drop unconcious on the floor.
Perseus watched Tim drop to the floor unconcious by Mars.he felt rage flow through him,power he worked hard to restrict throughout him flowed through his veins,his body grew in size and strength and he glowed with power,he cast a spell in the language of the mermen so Tim woudnt be incinerated by his presence,and he assumed his true form,a green ripple spread out through the floor,Percy felt he could crush all the gods and send them to Tartarus,he approached Mars and shot green energy straight at him,he crumbled to the ground unconcious,all the gods looked at Percy with awe,he wasbthe strongest here,in his true form he felt miles of water everywhere for miles,the air,he concentrated and from his hands sprung the waters from Styx and the Lethe a dangerous combination,Perseus looked at the gods and said I'll wipe your memories dry so stop fighting,they didn't listen,Nico was engaging Phobos and Deimos,he had pinned each of them by the throat and now skeletal soldiers had grabbed them,Nico fought Hades head on,Hades used the sword of Hades and attempted a feint and followed downward strike,it was a good move but Suddenly Nico had in his hands the black Skepter like staff he met Hades strike and the metal seemed to observe the force of Strike and he shouted at his father this is Tartarian Metal made by the Hekatonkheires in Tartarus thrown by Ouranos and Nico released a shot of black energy which Hades deflected,his helm of darkness made him turn into a shadow,Nico turned into a shadow too,he grabbed Hades and pinned him to the wall both of them returning to normal,and Nico performed his third best weapon,
Look into my eyes he instructed to Hades
Your soul is mine to control
Your power is mine
A thousand images and memories of Hades rushed through Nico's mind as he controlled Hades soul ( irony anyone ).then Nico turned it all against Hades but in a less way so he would not be sent to Tartarus,Hades collapsed to the ground Unconscious and will be until Nico wanted.
Thalia took on the other gods,sending bursts of energy which immediately sent the gods to the clutches of unconsciousness.suddenly her brother appeared in front of her,she hesitated and Jason struck he said you should change to your roman form,it would be better if you don't hesitate,Thalia did transform to her roman form and stretch Jason down so he fell unconcious.she looked and saw something.
Perseus took on Zues,he was stronger Zues could feel that too,Zues sent his masterbolt straight at Perseus,he held up his hands,he could have stopped it or deflected it but he wanted to show how powerful he was,the the bolt hit Perseus's hand,heads turned,the lightning bolt actually succedeeded in pushing Perseus back an inch,Perseus pushed back,and the lightning bolt did absolutely nothing to him.Zues seemed stunned and said that even sent father to Tartarus.he didn't get a chance. To say more,because just then Perseus,took the lightning bolt from Zues's hand and shot it straight at him,He didn't even get a chance to think gods are not allowed to steal anothers gods symbol of power before he was unconscious.the bolt woudnt send him to Tartarus but will certainly make him unconcious.Perseus,Thalia and Nico stood in their true forms as the gods were unconcious except for the ones that didn't fight.Perseus clicked his fingers and all the gods flew to their respective thrones,another click and a can of coke appeared in his hand,he popped the lid and drank deeply,hey can I have some of that Nico asked,Perseus shrugged clicked his fingers again and another can of coke appeared.he nodded and aall the Gods came back to conciousness.Zues thundered how did you take my MasterBolt from my hands.Perseus,Nico and Thalia laughed and Nico said see we don't consider ourselves Olympians,we consider ourself Gods,yes but not one of you guys so your laws don't affect us in any way comprende?Zues turned red and said that means.......
Percy nodded and said we can fight mortals or demigods without invitation.we can steal another gods symbol of power.and we can also cross another Gods realm but as my realm is everywhere,I am everywhere at once.
And what is your realm Athena asked?Percy said I have 3 realms,one is water,the other is time all of your realms have time and my third realm is swordsmanship so none of you can ever beat me with a sword.and I am also the god of Male Beauty.
Aphrodite nodded dreamily,if Perseus agrees to help them she would definitely try to have a go at him.
Perseus said since you have insulted me by hitting my Nephew I will go now.
Perseus wait athena called,we will do as you wish and slowly all the Olympians including annabeth and Alek apologized to the three.they nodded and Athena said now we have apologized,now what are your conditions.
Percy gestured to Nico to have the stage.Nico came forward and said my conditions are that all of you have to refer to me as Lord Nico.
And all of you if ever come with me for a mission or so then my condition is I will be leader and third I don't want any one to question my orders ever
the gods swallows their pride and nodded and said Yes Lord Nico.
Percy,Thalia and Nuco high fived.Perseus woke Tim up with another click.
Thalia stepped forward and said my conditions are that all the gods Olympian gods will refer to as Lady Thalia.
I expect my commands and orders to be followed without question or neither me,nor my army will fight,three I want Juno or Hera to apologize to me for making my life before a living hell.and four if I am forced to work with you,I will always be the leader.
The Gods again Nodded and said Yes Lady Thalia,
Juno looked defiant but she apologized to Thalia for making her lefe before Hell.
Apollo,hermes and some of the other gods coudnt help but laugh.
Everyone looked at Percy,he said my conditions are that no one can call me Percy except for Rhalia and Nico,the rest will call me Lord Perseus or Lord Soldarius when I am in my roman form.
Two I expect everyone will follow and let me lead
And third I want a deal from all of you for 1000 years of peace between the Gods and us as because of your fights Mortals are harmed.
Everyone looked surprised and they nodded and Zues said why is the last one your condition we never harm Mortals.
Perseus smirked and said oh really what about Hurricane Troy.all the gods flinched,200 years ago Zues had slept with Amphritite and Posiedon was so angry he sent a huge hurricane bigger then the gulf of Mexico towards Manhattan but in the end all the water had just disappeared and a week later all of it had rained on Phoenix,Arizona for a week transforming the dessert to a lush marshland.
All the gods looked at Perseus and he laughed and said yeah it was me,okay I stopped Hurricane Troy from hitting and if you need me I'll be at my city,oh and Zues if you try to hurt my city or it's people in any way,there will he war.he pointed his hand at the door which shattered into a million pieces again,Perseus walked out and vanished with his nephew in a bright flash of white light leaving behind the stunned gods.Thalia and Nico followed soon...........

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chapter 4

Just as Thalia and Nico were about to disappear after Percy,annabeth said what city was he talking about and what about it's people.Thalia looked back and said Percy made a city a couple of hundred years ago,it's very beautiful.Can I Come and see annabeth asked hopefully.
Nico briefly wondered what Percy would say if a couple of Gods suddenly showed up in his City.he would probably not say anything but Nico coudnt help thinking what would happen if a couple of Olympian Gods showed up in his city.he would annihilate them.somehow Nico liked the idea.he was considering asking Percy but suddenly Percy's voice originated from everywhere at once
If you want you can come see my city and bring others as well,but my city is well protected to prevent Gods that havnt entered before to teleport in so I am sending Tim.the air in front of them cackled and out came Tim and he was scowling while looking at the Gods,he pointed his Staff at Mars and sent green energy which made Mars unconcious.
So Tim looked at the gods who wants to come?a couple of Gods volunteered,among them were Posiedon,Annabeth,Athena,Artemis, Clarisse,Hestia,Alek,Hazel looked hopefully at Leo who smiled and said of all right well go too.Thalia seemed confused and Annabeth projected her thoughts to her hazel and leo are married as gods.Thalia scowled for a minute then relaxed.suddenly a satyr rushed in the throne room,his horns were glassy and so tall it was surprising,he looked at everyone,hugged Nico and Thalia and asked them,hey where is Percy,did I miss him.Nico smiled and said noway G-man we are going to see Percy,you can come with us.Grover the lord of wild nodded and Tim also nodded and said so follow me,his pearl glowed,and a green mist formed around the Gods that had volunteered and with a green flash they had vanished.
Nico opened his eyes and they were in the boat moving down the river again,Tim was standing as the boat was filled with the other Gods.why do you always row the boat.Tim shrugged and said I am the ferryman to the city of pearls,no one may enter unless I allow it.sort of like Charon and the underworld.I nodded and asked Annabeth and Clarisse,what are you the Godesses of?Annabeth smiled wanly and said goddess of Thoughts and Architecture.clarisse shrugged and said godess of weapons and hate.hmm I nodded that explains the negative vibes.Thalia laughed and for a minute it felt like our old selves laughing together sitting in Percy's cabin and teasing each other.Annabeth nodded to me to say she knew what I was thinking.I leaned in anticipation of seeing the statues again,their Raw Size was their biggest feature.(if you have seen the first Lord of the Rings in which they see those statues,you have a pretty good idea how big the statues were).I sighed wanting to see the gods reactions and then the first statues of Paul and Sally was seen,the Gods gasped at the sight of the tall sky touching statues,Thalia and Nico tried not to laugh at them.a tear rolled down annabeth's cheek,as the next statues were all shown and she wasn't one of them.I smirked.and then we came into the valley with the huge lake and the huge statue of Annabeth wearing a crown and fully colored statue hit.Annabeth's mouth dropped open as she witnessed her fierce and beautiful statue.is that just for show annabeth asked Tim?he shook his head and said in times of war when we are threatened,the Angel as the people call it comes alive and defends the city.Annabeth was crying and I laughed,Good even though she was my friend,I hated how she had dumped Percy and didn't trust him.Tim opened the gate again,and the gods were stunned again as they beheld the city in front of them.
Athena was thinking the sea spawn has matured.but her daughter was still offlimits.,suddenly Aphrodite appeared from nowhere,she was shivering and dripping water.Tim looked at her and pointed his staff and said don't you know no god can enter the city by themselves unless they have come here before.Aphrodite was now dry and she nodded and sat down in the boat still shivering.Tim handed her his jacket and Aphrodite took it gratefully while noticing Tim's muscular 15 year old structure.Thalia smiled a goddess of love will never change.
As we went up the city,several of the gods were recognized and as we stopped in front of the palace,the gods seemed apppropriately stunned.all of them it was evening now and now the entire Palace seemed to glow softly,and glowing lanterns which glowed with different colors provided soft light.Tim led the way into the palace.Nico could actually appreciate how big and warm it was,it seems so spacious.the roof was crystal which allowed light to enter,windows were placed every 5 meters,the net ire floor was also made of crystal which shot the light coming from the ceiling everywhere.Tim didn't lead them to the throne room,instead he changed direction and went down another corridor,I was surprised at how empty the Palace was.where is everybody I asked,how do you clean this place?Tom laughed and said everyone is outside doing what they want,as for servants,we don't have servants.then how do you clean this place.Tim laughed and held up his hand,suddenly water rushed from everywhere,they swept the floor and walls and even the ceiling,every speck of dirt was removed.the palace is basically is the place where all the city Gods live.there were council rooms and throne rooms and stables and many other things.where do you stay I asked Tim?Tim said I stay in the south wing of the palace,I control the south half of the city.I nodded and Tim said uncle will be in the library.I stared at him like he had just said oh and I am mentally retarded.Annabeth actually tapped her ears,Posiedon had a look of pure horror on his face,Thalia was choking in disbelief and I ( nico) asked are you sure?Tim nodded though seeming surprised by our expression said Uncle doesn't like to read much,but since he the god of Time,he likes history.that was more like it.Tim led us to a set of double doors and pushed them open.

Annabeth was standing in a amazing room,the ceiling was a glass dome,pillars held support arches,and tall windows extended throughout the walls.and there were hundreds of library books and book shelves everywhere.Annaneth saw dozens of people taking books,reading books and a couple of librarians wearing simple elegant black clothing taking books.Tim frowned and said he isn't here he probably ran to the garden.that was more of the Percy Everyone knew,Annabeth still hadn't gotten over the Architecture of the city and her statue.Tim led them down the hallway and pushed another set of double doors,a blast of warm air hit all the Gods.Artemis was still quite and so was Aphrodite but as Nico noticed she slipped a bit closer To Tim who slightly scooted away blushing.the garden was as large as Central Park,trees were everywhere with grass,and water fountains also dotted the area.annabeth saw two boys about 7 years old playing tag,both had blue eyes and had blond hair.a man wearing glasses was propped along a tree reading a book.a man and a women held hands and they watched everyone going by.who are these people annabeth managed to ask?Tim said demigods and mortals.she nodded and Tim led us through the Park,satyrs and nature spirits were everywhere and a couple of Nymphs hopped up to us and said to Tim,Uh hi Tim how are you doing today.Tim smiled weakly and said I am doing brilliant thank you Alora.the Nymph blushed and said so a Tim you see we are having a part at our place today so if you want to come........
Tim nodded and said yeah sure I would love to.when the Nymphs left he released a sigh of releif and said to the Gods I have no idea why all the goddesses and nymphs are so obsessed over me.annabeth had to stifle her laughter because he was just like Percy,Tim was very good looking with short cropped black hair and green eyes and ADHD rebellious face.in fact he looked so much like Percy it was hard to believe.Tim led us through the garden,all the nature spirits and people bowed to Tim respectfully while they glared at us and I felt something grab my dress.I yelped and pulled out my Spear and pointed it at the 5 year old boy that had grabbed my dress.Yes I asked?the boy smiled and said arnt you The Angel?I smiled,everybody who had seen me till now had thought the same thing and I ruffled the boys hair and said yup that me.the boy laughed and ran off.Tim smiled and shouted after the Boy Kevin you have to go to your mother.then he turned back his attention to annabeth and the rest of the gods and explained everyone over here grew up with each other so we are like an extended family.Come On he said and led  the gods through the garden.Artemis nodded approvingly when she saw girls and boys practicing archery and shook her head when she saw a 16 year old boy and girl kiss while Aphrodite jumped up joyously.Percy was found teaching a group of young children sword moves.annabeth noticed he looked a bit older,his hair had a couple of grey streaks and his face had some wrinkles but Perseus Jackson looked as Handsome as ever.Tim said Lord and Unclei have to talk to you.Percy scowled at Tim and said how many times have I told you Tim,don't call me Lord,just call me dad or Uncle.next time you do so I sepwear I'll turn you into a cockroach.Percy apparently noticed the Gods and he sent the children off after giving them some cokes for hard work.Tim walked up to Perseus and whispered something in his ear,Percy nodded and whispered something back.his face became Unsettled for a minute but try as Annabeth could she coudnt detect his thoughts.Perseus said the the gods if you want you can follow me or if you wish you could stay here.the gods nodded and just then from the pond a giant crab came out.the children instead of running started playing with it laughing all the while.Annabeth seemed at a loss for words but that's Karkinos the crab that Heracles killed.Perseus nodded and said yeah turns out it felt bad and now fights on my army.Percy said into the air Prometheus.suddenly Prometheus the peaceful Titan appeared.he was stil wearing glasses but the scars on his face were healed showing a handsome face.yes my lord he asked?Percy scowled and said why does everyone call me my lord,you are my friend prometheus and trusted advisor,then Perseus whispered something in Prometheus ear to which he nodded vigorously.Percy scowled and said the the bewildered Olympian and gods follow me I have to check on something.he led the way back into a palace,This time Perseus kept changing forms from Roman and Greek,from Perseus to Soldarius.annabeth coudnt detect lord Perseus's thoughts at all which was frustating for a goddess of thoughts.Perseus entered a room,woah Leo said the entire room seemed ordinary apart from the fact,that the entire world was drawn on the floor.and on the walls maps of the world showing storms and earthquakes and rainfall were there.on the other side of the wall was a another world map which showed all the different time zones and times in various countries.
On the other side of the room there was a map of the City of Pearls,but the entire blue portions revealing the areas with water seemed to shimmer.Perseus stepped on the world map painted on the floor,he headed to a wall where annabeth hadn't noticed there was a fountain,the fountain seemed to drop five different types of water into small streams,one was bright red like blood,another was black water which bubbled,the third was a milkman transparent type of liquid.the fourth seemed to be lava and flames in liquid form and the fifth seemed like normal water except with chunks of ice.Tim said to the gods that fountain symbolized the 5 rivers of the underworld.Percy took some water from each of the rivers on his hand and dropped it on the world map everywhere.the world map shimmered and as if coming alive suddenly beside florida the map shimmered showing the sea of monsters,but Annabeth focused on Antartica,She could clearly see the city of pearls where the gods were deep in Antartica and the passageway from which it lead,but Annabeth saw something she hadn't expected some fifty brownish dots which were cutting through the ice were coming closer to the city of pearls.Perseus frowned and so did Tim and Posiedon and Alek.Perseus waved his hand and the image changed back to normal.he led the gods out side the room and in a razor sharp tone,you must stay here tonight Tim will lead you to your rooms.Tim nodded and gestured to the gods,annabeth was lead to a room and slowly the gods settled in their rooms.Ananbeth coudnt rest,she had to apologize to Percy,so following the directions from the thoughts of the gods and goddess around her,she reached Percy's room.the doors were a thick set of double doors,she pushed and wherever,she was in a warm living room,the first thing that hit her was the smell,it was wild flowers and violets,then hit the lights,the living room was modern and had plenty of white lights and one side was entirely made of glass affording a great view of the city of Pearls which now glowed in the night with different colored pearls and flooded the entire valley with light.Annabeth proceeded to the room from one of many doors from the living room and found it was a kitchen,she went to the other and found it was study,she went to the next and saw it was a bathroom,there was no bedroom,but then she saw it,hidden in an archway,she pushed the doorway and opened a beautiful bedroom in which 3 sides were all glass and gave a splendid view of the City.and there lay Percy on Thebes,tired.she sat beside him,and he noticed her and seemed to come to his senses.he looked at Annabeth and said you shouldn't be here.Percy I am sorry,I really am youwoudmt believe how bad I felt after you were gone.Percy didn't say anything though his face was cold.percysaid it's too late to apologize Annabeth,I have moved on and so should you.he didn't finish because I kissed him right then.annabeth could have stayed that way and for a minute she felt Percy kiss back but then suddenly Percy grabbed her and separated her from himself and shook his head and said sorry annabethbut like I said I will Never Trust You Again and with a soft flash of light he vanished from the room,annabeth lay on the bed crying.suddenly a huge boom rattled throughout the city,and Tim came in the room and said you have to come put we are being attacked by Polybotes and Oceanus................

sorry was planning to write about it but my brother is a jerk,he deleted all my notes just because of a fight but expect the next chapter soon,and Percabeth fans truly sorry but I don't think annabeth and Percy will be together again. anytime soon or never
Don't worry they still might be together but you never know unless you read.so keep reading and keep replying.
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