Dora the explorer line as my Artikel title, well that's a first!

SSOOOOO for those of Du who read the book you've probably asked yourself the question:"What next?"

*hint: when I mention "for those of Du who read the book" it means if Du haven't I herebye magically kick Du out of this Artikel until further notice, come back soon! (no seriously, spoiler alert)

OKAY, so now that I'm sure no nosy Fans who haven't read the book'll get a shock in the face, where are we going with this?


-Jason is indeed Roman
-He has Friends and a life at a Roman camp (where purple is the new orange) in 'Frisco where he's leader
-Chiron's counterpart is a wolf (?)
-Percy is at that Roman camp while Jason is at our camp

First off: I have/am and will reffer to this Sekunde camp as Camp Ceaser salat until Rick Riordan will Bestätigen the name. That's CCS. Du have been warned, and I will not stop.

1) Percy, how Du doing ol' pal?

Are they really going to wait THAT long, until Summer solstice to get Percy right? Umm-hmm, Annabeth will totally take that well.

My guess is there is going to be some interaction before they pick him up.

Chiron: Lupa? Lupa Du there?
Lupa: Horseman? We are forbidden from talking, why are Du on my monitor?
Chiron: It is an emergency my canine friend.
Lupa: We have our own emergencies. So, Bobby close the...
Chiron: Nonononono, wait, wait, wait! 10 minutes?
Lupa *sigh*: 30 seconds, take it oder leave it. Starts now.
Chiron: If-a-guy-with-green-eyes-and-black-hair-pops-up-don't-kill-him-he's-ours-and-he's-lost

This leads to some interesting Fragen on how Seaweed brain himself is doing.

First off: memory. Does he have his, oder did someone brainwash him too? If so, who? And if he does have them, well if he does, boy, I bet he's sitting in a cold dungeon cell right now trying to think of a way to brain the guy guarding outside.

If that is the case: well I hope CCS doesn't do gladiator fighting. (The Romans were fond of ennemy vs lion-that-hasn't-eaten-in-ten-days, but seeing as they are god related oder god-loved, it'll be something way harsher then a lion that hasn't eaten in way longer. No preasure Perc.)

If he has no memory, they might just keep him. I'm pretty sure Percy can prove himself worthy of shelter and whatnot, and eventually he'll do a funny water-trick and voilà. Titel for the Weiter book (The Son of Neptune)

Something about the Titel intrigues me do. THE son of Neptune. Meaning he is alone oder among very, very few. But this camp seems to have the same issues at CHB. So maybe they have a Peter Johanson. OMG, Mr D can see the future but even he doesn't know O_O. oder they have a Pauline Jorganssen who joined the hunters of Dianna...

No, but if he is "ze one and only" son of Neptune, they might come to associate him with CHB. Which would be backed up Von the fact it's written on the shirt.

Yup, break out the starving lion...

"Dear Lupa,
I understand I am forbidden to speak to you, but this is a warning that we have your camp leader Jason Grace, while Du hold ours Perseus -alias Percy- Jackson, please do not kill him, we will retrieve him Weiter Summer solstice when our flying boot is finished.
Thank Du for your patience and other meal-choice consideration,

2) Narration

Who will tell the story Weiter time Rick gives us a book? Who? Guesses!

a) Think of the good and safe, sicher old days, with Percy. Maybe we'll see the world of Ceasar salat and colleseums through the eyes of Seaweed Brain himself. Brainwashed oder not- but if he was it would be déjà vue wouldn't it?

b) Dakota, Gwendolyn,Hazel, Bobby, Reyna. Remember those? A few CCS-goers who are Friends with Jason. Maybe one oder Mehr of them will be our narrators. The Merida - Legende der Highlands Dakota, sneaky Gwendolyn, charming Hazel, witty Bobby and Reyna-the anguished girlfriend. oder maybe some other Zufällig goer, oder a new Romy, meaning we'll see claiming process and all!

My guess is, Lupa has been forbiden to talk about CHB to her pupils too, so it means that they will have to figure it out all Von themselves *evil snicker* And they don't have Annabeth oder Jason. Haha! But they do have Percy, and some Zufällig child of Minerva too.

*You know what's crepy? I was planning on using Gwendolyn-Gwen as a name for one of my fanfic demigods. She's probably like Gwendolyn too. Cree-py.

c) We'll stay with Camp Half-blooders. We'll be in the mind of someone anguished, nervous, who's worked hard planning a trip he has no idea how is going to end. oder she. Maybe its a new camper, who'll be rushedly admitted in the quest. oder forced. Whichever. I like this theory less for some reason. I want somebody who is in the action, but I stil really Liebe this idea.

d) Milkshake! Smoothie! Blend! We'll have 3 narrators, 2 different origins, 3 different dillemas.

3 different dillemas being...

a) 1. How do I get out of here and contact camp?
oder 2. What the heck am I doing here and how will I escape the lions? (I will not let go of that)

b) Where the Pluto (hihi, bad joke) is Jason, my friend/boyfriend/leader and who's the Zufällig kid?

c) How do I not get eaten Von this she-wolf?

Ex: Von EMAIL: To:

Hi Haze, just sayin i'm safe, sicher and alive, im at this Greek camp place. Dont kill the guy that showed up when I left, he's importnat. Dont let Gwen steel my stuff.

3) What's gonna happen? It's early to theorise, but not so to guess. And even if it was I'd do it anyways.

a) Well hopefully we'll see Mehr of the Suchen effort and Percy in this one. My guess is this one'll happen Weiter summer, so ArgoII will be up and running (hopefully) and the crew'll be ready to go. So before going to Greece (YES! CHB goes international- Woot-woot!) they'll pit-stop at CCS and see what they can do to get Percy back. I see strategies already.

a) They make Piper and Drew team up and charmspeak them (showdown: Piper and Drew vs Penny and Drusilla).
b) Clarisse and her sibs break out the weapon and lead CHB in a bloodbath. This would be the last straw possibility, and it would probably be stopped because that ruins the whole "let's co-operate!" idea.
c) They have a trade.
d) CCS, they're really good guys, they let us have Percy free.
e) Like in the Argo, ArgoII crashes. Heck, happens to the best of ships! So while they dock at CCS, they make friends. Leo gets help from Lenard, Piper talks to the tomboyish Venus daughter Penny, etc So they decide to let Percy go without a price and forgive him for that security guard he brained (it's not his fault they forgot to disarm him)
f) This is the most likely of my present guesses. They will make them proove their worth to reclaim Percy as one of theirs. Lions! *slaps myself* sorry. But gladiator fight, chariot race oder an amazing mix of the two.
g) Connor and Travis come along and annoy the snot out of them until they give 'em Percy so they can leave :D

Whatever is going to happen, I can't wait. Well, I can. I'm looking forwards to Mehr Artikel and Mehr Fans for the moment, and right now I can't see past yelling at my Friends "HA! I told Du he wouldn't die!" (don't ask, Kommentar if Du really want to know)

So Hecate, your Favorit fanpopping-magic goddess (some user called "Isis" will popo up I'm sure) saying by.

* So I've been having fun doing Roman counterparts :D
1 Percy Jacson * Peter Johnson
2 Annabeth Chasse * Annabelle Catch
3 Grover Underwood * Grant Woods
4 Clarisse Larue * Clare L'avenue
5 Chris Rodriguez * Christopher Rogue
6 Connor and Travis Stoll * Trevor and Collin Swiffer
7 Piper McLean * Penny McLann
8 Leo Valdez * Lenard Vallring
9 Rachel Dare * Rebecca Dale
10 Katie Gardner * Katlyn Gardening

Speaking of Katie, notice her little sister took over Demeter? Hopefully she's just out looking.

Bye for Real!