^ Cue eyes lighting up!

But no.

We are talking about 2 camp Half-Bloods. Two training camps for demigods, two absolutely amazing places, two of them!

Sadly, the Sekunde one probably wouldn't mean anything good for our gang...

1. This camp likes Ceasar Salad!

Theory numbah 1 for camp numbah 2 is that this is a camp for little Romans to run around in. For Mehr info on the Roman gods butting in (Grr...) check out the Artikel link.

So this would be it. This would be where Jason comes from. And I have this rivalery-idea between camps. And since the Romans seem Mehr extreme, so are their reactions. So THEY kidnapped Peryc and WE kidnapped Jason in exchange oder X number of things.

2. Minor? Minor! *grumble grumble*

Von Zeigen of hands, who remembers Ethan Nakamura? *lifts hands* Great, we all do! (play along if Du don't) Did he seemed ticked about being crammed in Hermes kabine oder what? I figure he isn't the only one. But all those demigods need a place to live too! Before Luke rounded them all up, they probably had their own sanctuary. Du guessed it, a camp JUST for them. (which probbably just made Luke's O incredibly-difficult life way incredible easier for him when recruiting)

3. Copycat!

So this guy, let's call him Bob, no wait, Leroy! So Leroy thinks the genius who came up with the idea of CHB is great. He works there too! But when Zeus needs a punishment for Dionysus, he get's kicked out. Enough to tick off anyone. So he starts a new Camp. Calls it Camph demi-blood since he still luvs CHB. But problem is, it's a secret. So to prevent demigods from other camps going into in dept conversations about gods in the real world and figure something is wrong, at the words "Holly Hephaestus!" he teaches them everything under different names. That's right, code. What Mehr conveniant then the already established, known and google-able Roman terms?

4. The Best Solution

There is only one.

So thanks for reading, congrats for tuffing otu another one of my articles. I'll congratulate Du even Mehr if Du manage the 13 Tag wait without your head exploding. There have already been 3 1/2 fatalities (not Roheha don't worry!) The half being me, since I'm not all-there at times, and the only reason my head hasn't exploded yet is a hard-core mystery-mix of fanfiction/articles and green tea.

Your Favorit fan-popping Greek goddess of magic, (I doubt Du know another, so I'm your Favorit Von default, :P) Hecate, saying bye!

PS sorry for the underline/bolding/italical abuse, I just found out today how to do it, I'll calm down eventualy