Kleo, the Muse of History
Yes it is! It doesn't only kill kiddies at school, it is messing with The Lost Hero, the book we are all dying to have. Obviously Kleo, the Muse of History, is planning something, because the history is obviously repeating itself!

(Random fact: Kleo is one of 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, goddess of memory and time and inventress of languages and words. Yeah, I can see the connection. Can you?)

OK, so after rereading the sample chapters, I found a bunch of similarities between The Lost Hero and a PJO book. Do Du know which book it is? The Lightning Thief, Du say? No, I don't think so, there is a much better choice. It's The Titan's Curse, 3rd book of PJO series.

Let's start with listing some similarities between the sample chapters and The Titan's Curse book:

- There are V.I.P.s missing and people captured by mistake (unlike in The Lightning Thief, Hades captured Percy's mom on purpose)

- There are new demigods - really powerful demigods - who have completely no idea how incredible their powers are.

- There are visions Wird angezeigt great danger the captives are facing, and Wird angezeigt what to do. In The Titan's Curse, the dreams were sent to Zoe and Percy. In The Lost Hero, it's Piper and Annabeth.

- There is a couple of siblings. In The Titan's Curse, Thalia told Silena to take Jason and Laurel. Since they are both good runners, lorbeer is probably Jason's sister, and I have a hunch we'll meet her soon.

- A curse is mentioned.

- Lost memories. Bianca and Nico couldn't remember parts of their childhood, and Jason forgot absolutely everything about his past.

- There are new characters with unknown parentage and background. In the sneak peek, it's Jason and Piper. And (I'm not sure about this one) they say some confusing things. Zoe couldn't say the word "you", and Jason kept using Roman terms.

- The quests must be completed before a deadline, and in a very short time.

- In both books, somebody survived something that was supposed to kill them. Luke survived the fall and Jason survived the lightning.

- Different purposes of the quest. It is quite obvious that while everybody set off to look for Percy, Piper will be looking for her dad.

- The Titan's Curse showed the history of Riptide. In the Lost Hero, we have an extraordinary sword which apparently has a very long history too.

- The most annoying monsters in The Titan's Curse are the skeleton warriors, which are Hades' domain. The Anemoi Thuellai we see in The Lost Hero are very closely related to Jason. Hmmm...

If some details are similar, does it mean that the Bücher will resemble each other too? What if we can guess the plot of The Lost Hero based on The Titan's Curse? After all, R.R himself sagte in an interview that this HoO series will include the plots he couldn't fit in PJO.

So these are some ideas I've come up with:

1. A group of old campers, new campers and non-campers will go on a quest. These non-campers can be the Hunters, a group of Cyclops, somebody from the Roman myths oder even the other camps.

2. We'll meet a Lost of major and minor gods in this book. Some of them will eventually Zeigen up and help. I think the goddess in Annabeth's dream will be of great help, like Apollo was in The Titan's Curse.

3. We'll need the help of a mortal parent. Personally I think it will be Piper's V.I.F (Very Important Father :D)

4. In The Titan's Curse, the gang had to fight Ladon, Zoe's ex-pet. Some of Hephaestus' creations will probably cause a little trouble in The Lost Hero. (remember the dragon on the cover?)

5. Somebody will have to make a big decision at the end of the book. A choice between life and death, good and evil, family and Mount Olympus... it surely won't be an easy one.

6. There will be deaths in this book. No, don't worry, not Percy. I think it will be one of the siblings, either Jason oder Laurel. One of them will die, and the other one will have a major role in the Weiter books.

7. This is my last and most important idea. The baddie of the book (not the series, I hope) is either Jason's oder Piper's immortal parent (or maybe grandparent, if Piper's dad is a demigod). In my opinion, Boreas will be the bad guy. Why? Because he has the ability to set the Anemoi Thuellai free and Dylan's mistress could summon a storm. And did I tell Du he was really ill-tempered? Ok then, so if Boreas is the baddie, the captives are probably being held in his sacred place, the island Thrace where he lives. oder maybe Hyperboreas, a small happy beautiful island to the north of Thrace which is extremely hard to find. It means we'll have a trip to Jason's homeland and meet his immortal family! Well, I don't think it will be a very happy family reunion...

So that's all I could think of. Whatever Du say, history is a very evil subject!

Thanks for reading. See ya!
Did Du realize he's only wearing one shoe? Interesting...