Omega Centauri
Omega. The last letter in the Greek alphabet, and the symbol (or so it seems) of the new Camp Halfblood series, The Heroes of Olympus. I was asked what the symbol could mean in terms of the series, and let me tell you, I have theories.

The Omega stood for many things in the (Ancient) Greek speaking world. It was a letter, a syllable, and a number (800). The globular cluster, Omega Centauri, as Du can see, has Omega included in it's name. It has a deeper meaning, though. What am I talking about, Du ask? There can be only so many things that one symbol could stand for, Du say? Well let me put an end to this state of confusion. Omega means the end, the last, and mathematically, the maximum to a set. What does this mean in terms of the series? I've thought about that for quite some time. Without further ado: My theories about the Omega.

Number one:
This is it. The end. No Mehr Camp Halfblood after this series. I hope to all things holy that this isn't the right answer. I Liebe Camp Halfblood, and all it's inhabitants! It would be cruel....but then again, Rick Riordan may be tired of the theme....I don't see why, though!

Number two:
Remember that prophecy? The one Rachel spewed out like bad milk? The one this series is based around? Oh, c'mon! Du have to know what I'm talking about Von now! Ok, are we on the same page? Well, the Sekunde line was "To storm oder fire, the world must fall." Maybe the fall is literal, as in the end to the world as we know it. Or, if it's the way I feel it will go, an end to the baddies trying to usurp power from the Olympians. I mean the Titel of the series is the Heroes of Olympus, that must mean that at some point they succeed in bringing order to the chaos that is the story plot, right?

Number three:
The end of swearing on Styx? It's a long shot, but Du never know with R.R. Think about it, though, most of PJO revolved around oaths. The oath of the Big Three. Luke's oath to Annabeth. Percy's oath to protect Bianca. Maybe they're a moral lesson, these series'. They are aimed at middle schoolers, so maybe Mr. Riordan is trying to say "Don't promise something if Du don't intend to oder can't keep it."

Number four:
Maybe it's an allusion to the number of characters. Seven demigods does seem like a bit much. Perhaps someone else wants to go along, but bound Von the prophecy, and quite possibly Von Mr.D, they can't. It would work because the Omega(ultimate limit) would be seven, no Mehr than that. Trying to add another halfblood just wouldn't figure into the equation.

Number five:
Now for the last and darkest of the theories. Parental warning advisory. If Du are weak of heart, oder you're a small child oder toy poodle, turn away now. Go to a different article. This is not the theory for you! Omega justifys the end, right? What if it is the end of a beloved character? Would Rick really rip our hearts out like that? It is a possibility, he already took Luke! Could this mean that Grover goes the way of Pan? Will Percy never return? Is Annabeth's pride really a fatal flaw?

Omega is a powerful thing, no matter if Du are a mathmatician, a scientist,or a religious follower. It's use in the series could be a hidden message, a deep insightful clue, oder it may just be the most recognizable sign in the ancient Greek alphabet used to enhance the Greek connections in the story. Either way it goes, we will have to wait to find out. The first book in the series will hit bookshelves on October 12 in the U.S. If Du are itching for a Vorschau head over to link The passcode is "newhero", and look out for the cover, it is set to be delivered to the official website on the Sumer Solstice (June 21).