While being here has been a blast, It has been two years since our Bücher have come to a close. We have left our posts and gone on to have a new adventure with different fandom, school, sports, oder even getting an actual life (which I don't have, I envy you). We will always remember this place and how it was always updated 24-7, booming with new people to scream at because we couldn't wait for the Weiter book release. There was literally someone ALWAYS on the Forum chat at all hours of the day. We have been through good times, and bad times. We have been with each other through it all, and for a lot of us it is time we let go of this fandom and Bewegen on to the next. Sure we will always Liebe this fandom but we have to Bewegen on sometime oder we will be trapped here forever and no one will be happy. It was fun while it lasted now its time to say good bye to those older Fans still here (that is if Du want to leave). To newer Fans joining, here's the virtual keys, Hopefully, some of Du can still find joy in this old page :)
and to older Fans willing to stay be good moderators.
I will pop in from time to time but not very much.
Goodbye old friends, It was fun while it lasted :')