Leo Valdez stepped up to the camp that he had been gone from for apparently only a few months. After he left Ogygia, with Calypso, he learned that it was still the same Jahr as he had died in, but a few months later. Had he of stayed alive, he would be sixteen, but he didn't really care.

Leo turned to Calypso, who was trailing behind him and announced"We're here, this is- "

"Camp Half Blood." Calypso finished for him.

Leo nodded, unsurprised she knew that. She had fallen for many young men who went to this camp.

Leo continued " This is the closest thing I ever had to Home after my mother died."

Calypso nodded. Leo had told her everything about being moved from foster Home to foster home. He sighed. What was he going to say to the Friends who thought he was dead for two months?

He sighed, "Let's go in."

They entered the camp, Leo's stomach turning as the couple walked through the camp. Yes, Leo realized the shocked stares he was getting, but no he really didn't care. He went to the Hephaestus kabine and before opening the door, turned to Calypso.

"You are about to witness my siblings, but do not be alarmed with their looks. Not everyone can look awesome like me!" he told his girlfriend, causing her to laugh.

"Whatever Du say, Valdez."

When he opened the door, he found himself face to face with his half sister, Nyssa, who opened her mouth in shock, as if she wanted to say something, but didn't know how to. She came over and hit him on the shoulder. Hard.

"OW!" Leo yelled "What was that for!?"

"For dying!" Then, Nyssa crushed him in a bär hug.

"Things haven't been the same without you." she pulled away "what happened?"


"Leo?" He turned and saw his friends- well the Greek ones at least. Piper, Annabeth and Percy ran over towards him. Calypso looked un comfortable. But Leo remembered that Percy didn't keep his promise and all Leo could think is awkward

Percy seemed to notice Calypso standing there, and he smiled and gave Leo a thumbs up. Piper and Annabeth, like Nyssa punched Leo, before hugging him.

"What the heck happened?"

Leo explained the whole thing with the physician's cure and how he had rescued Calypso from the island.

Piper had tears in her eyes, Annabeth nodded her head as if she didn't care about his story, just that he was alive and Percy smiled at the part with Calypso. He was glad she finally had someone, especially someone as great as Leo. Nyssa smiled at Calypso "I assume this is Calypso? The girl Du rescued?"

Leo smiled " And the best girlfriend in the world. Not to brag."

Calypso blushed,"Well I wouldn't say the best..."

Percy and Calypso's eyes met Calypso smiled as if to say " I forgive you, Percy. But I belong with this knucklehead now and Du belong with Annabeth"

Percy smiled.

"Well, I guess I have to Iris message camp Jupiter now..."

(What happens next? Find out in the sequel! )