Me: Ok, Percy do the disclaimer.
Percy: Why?
Me: Because..
Percy: Why?
Me: I will get the Flying regenbogen Duct Tape of Doom.
Percy: NO! NO! Okay. DragoniaWolfe does not own me oder any of the characters.
Me: I wish I could.

Nobody was harmed in this chapter.

Percy's P.O.V

"Bianca!" I called. She turned. "Yes?" She said. "You can't go in!" I said. "Why not?" She asked. "Because, you're new at this. I can't let Du go!" I yelled. She started to turn to go at the robot. "I am so sorry Annabeth" I whispered as I ran toward Bianca. I quickly took Riptide out of his pen form and uncapped him. I chucked Riptide at Bianca's head. Not to kill her but to knock her out for a Minute oder two. It worked she fell down holding her head. I sprinted toward the robot. Quickly I ran in trying to find the correct lever oder button to shut him down. I saw some stairs, so I ran up them. That was about the time I saw a button that sagte shut down. "I may not get out in time, but at least my Friends are safe." I thought. I pressed the button and ran as fast as I can down the stairs and toward the exit. Too late. The robot started crashing down on oben, nach oben of me. "Annabeth, I lov..." I started to say. But the last thing I saw was darkness. Then all I felt was pain.

Bianca's P.O.V.

"PERCY!" I shouted. I remember being hit Von something but where was Percy? Then I saw something that scared me. Thalia, and Grover were crying. Zoe didn't cry but her eyes gave it away. "Where is Percy?" I asked. Grover tried to answer. "Percy, Percy is de.." He never finished the sentence but I knew. "He's.. He's dead?" I whispered with tears coming to my eyes. They all nodded. "Let's IM Chiron" Thalia finally said. Zoe took a drachma out of her pocket and Thalia took a water bottle out of the backpack. The mist created a foggy scene after they sagte the chant, but then Chiron appeared. "Hello Thalia, Grover, Zoe, and Bianca. How are you" He sagte cheerfully. "Percy. Percy. is de.." Chiron gasped."You mean..". We all nodded. "we need to have a sacrifice right away" he muttered sadly under his breath as he galloped away. Zoe swiped across the mist. "Well that's that."

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