Got this idea one Zufällig day. Please Kommentar and tell me what Du think!

Percy Jackson
The name Percy originated in France. It means "piercing the valley" which also can mean fighting the lower side, the evil side, to reach justice. Jackson means "son of Jack". I know, I don't get it either.

Annabeth Chase
So after doing some research, I found the name Annabeth doesn't actually exist. So I teilt, split her name into two! Anna means "gracious" oder "prayer", and is Hebrew. Beth is from the name Elizabeth, also Hebrew,and that means "concentrated to God". So therefore we can conclude that "Annabeth" means a very, very religious person. Chase means a living at the hunting grounds, oder a very skilled hunter.

Grover Underwood
Grover origins from England. It means quite literally "from the grove" oder grove dweller. A grove is a cluster of trees oder plants, which makes sense for Grover. Underwood means, again very literally, "under the wood". We can clearly see why Rick chose this name for our Favorit Satyr.

Luke Castellan
Luke is a Greek name that means "light" oder "light caster". He's not much of one, is he? Mehr like a blood spiller. ANYWAYS, Castellan was really hard to find information about. I was only able to find that it is from Greek origin, the meaning was no where.

Thalia Grace
Thalia is a very beautiful Greek name that means "joyful" oder "blossoming joy". I'm sure Percy would disagree. Grace (obviously) means some graceful oder charming. "Thalia Grace" is basically a blossoming-with-joy-charming-princess. Kinda the opposite of what she really is.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare
Since we already went over what Elizabeth means, I'm not going to do that again. Rachel is Hebrew, and means "innocent. Haha, Annabeth would laugh at that one! Dare literally means "daring" oder "brave".

Nico Di Angelo
Nico is an Italian name (wasn't there mom Italian?) that means "victorious". I was actually able to find a meaning for Di Angelo, and its very interesting. It means "the one who dwelled at the sight of the angel". I'm not going to make a whole paragraph for Bianca, but her name means "fair".

Jason Grace
So we already know what Grace means. But what about Jason? Jason comes from Greece (weird, he's roman) and means "healer" oder "to heal".

Piper McLean
Piper means "flute player" and comes from England. McLean means a "gracious gift from God" oder "the son of St.John". Haha "gracious gift" from a God...get it...

Leo Valdez
Leo is an Italian name that means "lion". Rawr.
Valdez means "a lively person". Very true for Leo.

Hazel Levesque
Our new girl, Hazel, has a name that comes from Ireland and means "sweet smelling". Levesque (very strange meaning) means one who serves in the bishop's household. I wasn't able to find Fan art for her so...sorry for the dumb picture.

Frank Zhang
(no Fan art on this guy either, sorry) Frank means "free" and originates from Latin America. Zhang is Chinese and means "bow-maker" as they say in the book.