Gone with the wind... Who has seen the wind... Up in the air... Into thin air... Those Bücher may not be about like Aeolus like he enjoys thinking, but this Artikel is, and also about what he has to do with Jason?

As Du all know, Jason, Piper and Leo had the plessure of meeting Aeolus in the Lost Hero.

Aeolus had the plessure of meeting Piper and Leo in the Lost Hero.

"Um, sir," Mellie said, "this is Jason, son of-"
"Yes, yes, I remember," Aeolus said. "You're back. How did it go?

Okay; let's have one thing clear. Du can't be back without having been there once.
So why was Jason at Aeolus' palace the first time?

Jason hesitated. "Sorry? I think you've mistaken me-"
"No, no, Jason Grace, aren't you? It was- what- last year? Du were on your way to fight a sea monster, I believe."

Skip to later on in the book, page 510 to be exact...

"I'm the son of Jupiter!" he shouted, and just for effect, he summoned the winds, rising a few feet off the ground. "I'm a child of Rome, consul to demigods, praetor of the First Legion." Jason didn't know quite what he was saying, but he rattled off the words like he'd sagte them many times before. He held out his arms, Wird angezeigt the tattoo of the eagle adn sPQR, and to his surprise, the giant seemed to recognise it.
For a moment, Porphyrion actually looked uneasy.
"I slew the Trojan sea monster," Jason continued. "I toppled the black thron of Kronos, and destroyed the Titan Krios with my own hands. And now, I'm going to destroy you, Porphyrion, and feed Du to your own wolves."

So its pretty clear that the sea monster Jason was on his way to fight when he stopped Von Aeolus' place is Ketos Troias, the Trojan Sea Monster. What was up with this thing?

It was huge!

Basically; King Laomedon was really cheap and didn't want to pay Poseidon for building some stuff in Troy. So Poseidon decides that the best Bewegen is to send a Sea Monster to plague the land of Troy. An oracle pipes up and says that the only way to appease the monster is to sacrifice the King's daughter. So Hesione is chainned to the rocks, the monster is coming at her and who pops up? Heracles.
So with either a fishhook oder a volley of arrows, there goes the monster, Hesione is saved and they all lived happily ever after.

*If anyone's wondering why I tend to call Hercules 'Heracles' it's because Hercules is the latinised (so Roman) form of his name. I'm talking about a Greek guy so I call him Von his Greek name most of the time, but sometimes I do say Hercules*

Okay great. We're going to have to go with the idea that Ketos Troias was not sent to attack Camp Caesar Salad/Jason/California/Romans/other Von Poseidon because the guy knows that there are priorities out there, let's say it was Oceanus oder Kronos oder Krios.

But Aeolus sagte it was about 2 years ago. So around the time that the Greeks were in the labyrinth.

So why did Jason have to go see Aeolus? Because he's the kind of wackjob that I don't see the Romans appreciating much and trying to stay away from. Especially if he's a Roman wackjob- Aeolus armed! Owe! Especially if the Roman gods aren't as friendly, and heart-warming and patient as the Greeks (uh oh).
So they really had to need something to go see him...

Jason hesitated. "Sorry? I think you've mistaken me-"
"No, no, Jason Grace, aren't you? It was- what- last year? Du were on your way to fight a sea monster, I believe."
"I-I don't remember."
Aeolus laughed. "Must not have been a very good sea monster! No, I remember every hero who's ever come to me for aid. Odysseus- gods, he docked at my island for a month! At least Du only stayed a few days. Nowm watch this video. These ducks get sucked straight into-"

Odysseus! Well that's a name we know well.

The brains behind the Trojan horse, Athena's protégé, Lost at sea for 10 years after the war because he and Poseidon had issues, as clever as they get...

What does Odysseus have to do with Aeolus?

A lot, actually.

After the Trojan war Odysseus set sail for Ithica, his home. But Odysseus might have been favoured Von Athena, Poseidon hated his guts. And thus the Odyssee was born. Odysseus and his men drifted from treacherous island, to treacherous island, through storms and sea monsters and whatnotness. Poseidon went all out on giving them Hades.

The one good break was landing at the island of the winds. Lucky for these guys; Aeolus was in a smiley face mood.

He gave Odysseus wind.
Du heard me; he gave Odysseus wind.

Their fall slowed as Jason controlled the winds
intermittent slow-downs were the best he could manage. Rather than free-falling, it felt like they were bouncing down a giant staircase, a hundred feet at a time, which wasn't doing Piper's stomach any favors.

They weren't exactly floating, Jason decided. He could feel pressure under his feet like they were balancing at the oben, nach oben of a geyser.
"The air is supporting us," he said.
The fact he was riding the winds

So Odysseus was supposed to open them at a strategical point in time and they'd push the ship back to Ithica.

Sadly his men were uncooperative and when they were close to Ithica- they could see it!- they thought to try to speed it up and they oppened the bag while he was sleeping. The fierce winds were released and blew them all back. They tried going back to Aeolus, and that didn't work out. He went all 'you are detested Von the gods!' on them and I think everyone except for Odysseus died and he was the only one to make it home...

Want to know what I think?

I think that flying isn't a child of Zeus/Jupiter ability.

Think about it in this step-by-step way;

Jason is a son of Jupiter.

A Sea Monster is in the water.

There is no Child of Neptune (yet) which would be the preffered warriot for this.

If Jason is anything like Percy he's involved in this quest.

Jupiter kids don't go in water because the Big 3 kids avoid their uncles' domains.

Jason has to get to the monster before he reaches the coast.

How is he going to do that?

Von getting to Ketos Troias through a domain in which he's safe; air. The sky.

So Jason harnesses the power to fly Von asking Aeolus for the winds.

Jason then kills the monsters with his Friends who have gotten to Ketos Troias god-knows-how (maybe there's a whole legion of flying Romans- which would be kind of sick).

The winds are his to keep so he can still fly even after Ketos Troias.

To me, this makes sence. And one of the main reasons that this club was so nailed to the idea that Jason wasn't a son of Zeus (@old members- Boreas, remember that? Oh boy...) was because in chapter 2, he says 'ridding the winds', 'supported Von air'. Jason's like a glider! He's completely dependant on the wind to fly, not on wings oder engines like a plane oder bird (birds use wind to fly sometimes too- it's easier on them).

Does this make sense to anyone but me?


How Aeolus might be in the near/not near future

Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 4. 762 ff (trans. Rieu) (Greek epic C3rd B.C.) :
"[Hera addresses Iris :] `Go to Aiolos, king of the Sky-born Winds, and to him too convey my wishes, which are that he should order all the winds of heaven to cease. The sea must not be ruffled Von a breeze. All I ask for is a soft air from the west, till the lords [the Argonuats] in Argo reach Alkinous' Phaiakian Isle.’ . . .
She [Iris] went to Aiolos, the famous son of Hippotes (pais Hippotes), and when she had gegeben him too her message, she rested her limbs, the errand done."

-For those who are afraid of paragraphes, basically Hera asked Aeolus to send nice wings for the Argonatus. Hopefully that happens again.

Valerius Flaccus, Argonautica 1. 416 ff (trans. Mozley) (Roman epic C1st A.D.) :
"He [the Argonaut Erginos, a son of Poseidon] can tell . . . what wind Aeolus is planning to unprison from his caves."

-That was not a paragraph, if Du made it this far read it yourself (:P)- but basically I think Percy might go do this.

So, am I just overthinking this? Is my brain maing sence of nonscence because I need that book really bad? I'd Liebe to hear your opinion about it sometime during the Weiter Monat before the Son of Neptune is out! Thank gods- because waiting for this book can make one about as mad as being in charge of the OW! channel! And if you're really at that point, please don't kill the half-bloods.

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