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Die Fanauswahl: Breeanne(IsabellaMCullen)
Breeann- e(Is- abellaMC- ullen)
Alexyss(A- lexyss_ Cullen)
Die Fanauswahl: A whole day? Bree Can't even use the same Icon for 5mns !:p
Die Fanauswahl: YAY!!!GO MOM!!*Happy dance*
Die Fanauswahl: Whooohooo !!CONGRAT TO US !!Let's KICK IT and GET Mehr Fans !!
I&# 39; m Gaga over Gaga
P! nk, P! nk!
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1 Fan Hat diese Frage beantwortet
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IsabellaMCullen sagte …
Anyways if anyone wants to talk kik is probably the easiest way. My Nutzername is Kelebek2412. (: gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
halloula Kommentiert…
i don't have one ..:/ ihope u're back soon :( Vor mehr als einem Jahr
IsabellaMCullen sagte …
I miss our fam terribly. ♡♡ Not a Tag goes Von that your girls aren't on my mind. I just want Du all to know that! So hopefully at least some of Du will see this message. I feel like I neglected this site for sooo long due to some really rough patches in my life. But Du guys will always be in my heart. I was always wondering about Du and wishing Du all the best. How is everyone doing? Do any of Du still check Fanpop every once in a while? I hope so. Message me anytime.♡♡♡ gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
IsabellaMCullen Kommentiert…
I was hoping to have us all get together for a family reunion of sorts to catch each other up on our crazy lives ♡ Vor mehr als einem Jahr
halloula Kommentiert…
i'm losing hope about this .. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Alexyss_Cullen sagte …
Soo..I gepostet a ridiculously large article. Sorry about that, I have no idea where the heck all that crap came from. But it is exciting news that I just felt this urge to share with Du guys, out of nowhere.

` I miss Du guys and all the late talks. But I feel like there should be a tumbleweed going across my screen oder some slow song playing right now. I honestly don't think I agree with this feeling. How is everyone? I wish I'd get on Mehr often but I'm Ms.Busy-body anymore. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
halloula Kommentiert…
Oh I just miss all of Du <3 , Fanpop became a freaking ghost twon :3 what's your tumblr bb ? and could Du pass me Bree's tumblr's link? I'm dying here ._. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
halloula Kommentiert…
town* Vor mehr als einem Jahr
Alexyss_Cullen Kommentiert…
Boo I don't have a tumblr haha. and if i do I seem to have forgotten. Idk about Bree;s either you've probably heard from her Mehr recently than I have. I texted Lex a little last Monat but that's about as far as my contacts went with Fp peeps. I miss Du too Du sweet, woman, you. Vor mehr als einem Jahr
halloula Kommentiert…
Oh too bad .. i have one i just don't remember it's name :p ps : i'm really glad to hear from you! :* Vor mehr als einem Jahr