Whenever I see The Exorcist,I just feel so happy and scared. The Exorcist is one of the best Filme in the world.

When I am at school,I turn my head slowly when someone is calling me and look at them in a Regan look. They get scared. I just start laughing. My best friend laughs when I say,"YOUR MOTHER SUCKS COCKS IN HELL,KARRAS,YOU FAITHLESS SLIME!"in a devil voice. I made her throat hurt last Friday.

Father Karras is one of the best actors.He was handsome and kind in The Exorcist. He died in 2001 of a herz attack.I felt really bad. I wish I could meet, him in real life. I just dreamed of him once. I have decided to make a club for him.His real name is Jason Anthony Miller. If Du would be so kind to join,please join.

The plot of The Exorcist is told in a proper story. Regan is a very nice person when not posessed. I really Liebe the scene where she distracts her mother and grabs a cookie! Also,when they got the Ouiga board and asked Captain Howdy if her mom is pretty. Father Karras looks a bit scary when he gets posessed. I didn't want him to jump off the window.

My Favorit quote is,"The power of christ compels you!".

This is my opinion of The Exorcist.