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Die Fanauswahl: 2x16 - Blood Must Have Blood (Part II)
Die Fanauswahl: 2x15 - Blood Must Have Blood (Part I)
Die Fanauswahl: 3x14 - Red Sky At Morning
Die Fanauswahl: 2x13 - Resurrection
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sarabeara sagte …
Okay, y'all. How have these hormonal teens gone 4 seasons with zero birth control and had zero babies? I definitely don't want a pregnancy plotline, but yeesh. I'm surprised this plot point hasn't been explained yet. gepostet vor 5 Monaten
Sakkara98 Kommentiert…
Ahah, true ! vor 3 Monaten
Rayefire Kommentiert…
I do remember in season three (I think) Jackson mentioned to Abby that there were women waiting to get their birth control implants removed. oder something like that. But yes, it is strange. vor 4 Tagen
SherlockStark sagte …
I thought this Zeigen was over-hyped, but I just finished season 1 and it is so good!! gepostet vor 8 Monaten
SherlockStark Kommentiert…
Ugh, and then it got bad. What is up with S3?? vor 8 Monaten
sarabeara Kommentiert…
I like to pretend s3 never happened. It was the worst. S4 seems promising so far though! vor 8 Monaten
SherlockStark Kommentiert…
I agree, I'm liking the Mt. Weather parallels. vor 7 Monaten
ILoveBellamy Kommentiert…
yeah season 1 was amazing, season 2 was awesome, season 3 stunk, and season 4 is good vor 3 Monaten
gem2016 sagte …
i want finn to return to the 100 im devistated he has died they shouldnt have killed him off alot of them have killed grounders and got away for it he was in Liebe with clarke Liebe can drive u to do really bad things and i felt sorry for him. gepostet Vor mehr als einem Jahr
MariLena16 Kommentiert…
I so agree with you. I really liked Finn! Vor mehr als einem Jahr