Fernsehen /x3/ My Favorit character / couple / cast fanvids - Which is your favorite? [41-60] |Links in comments.|

Pick one:
Tony;Effy || The wonder of it all is you, see me through.
brooke/lucas & sawyer/kate // always,all for YOU.
Brooke&Lucas, Jake&Peyton - I never told you*
(eelg) - high school never ends
Sawyer and Kate // Secrets
Hot temptations, sweet sensations | Sawyer/Kate
Brooke/Lucas: 3x17 Manip 'Rescue Me'
Mark/Callie - What are Du waiting for?
Multifandom | Say I Am Wonderful
Jake/Peyton [Only Human]
Leyton/Brucas - For Blue Skies
Brooke/Lucas: Need Du Now
One baum hügel Girls {They Can Get It}
Funny little feeling | Damon Salvatore
it's not going to stop / schlittschuh, schlittschuh, skate
Damon&Elena - Pieces
Made for this (Jack/Kate/Sawyer AU)
Bitch, I'm the Bomb | Kurt, Dean & Joker
Nathan & Haley - Missing Du
Cappie / Casey / Evan - Two Princes
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