Fernsehen /x1/ My Favorit character / couple / cast fanvids - Which is your favorite? [1-20]

Pick one:
Damon & Elena | The scars of all I'll ever k n o w
Multifandom - I never told Du
Female Characters: Fallen
Quinn Fabray & Sue Sylvester "B.I.T.C.H"
Sawyer & Kate | One Liebe To Give
vindicated (damon&elena)
Brooke and Peyton - Judas
peyton sawyer ; pieces
(brooke&lucas) / Du can sit beside me
BrookeღLucas {Meet Me Half Way}
forevermore (chloe/clark)
confused blonds in pieces
James Cook & Freddie Mclair | All Fall Down
Emily and Naomi // Naomi's Confession [ "Really... I'd Die For You..." ]
All this time Damon/Elena
Airplanes & The Night Sky
on feuer [james cook; elisabeth stonem]
Why God gave us Jack O'Connell
Everybody loves Chris & Cook
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